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The Best Bathrooms From Love It Or List It Vancouver

After kitchens, bathrooms are our most popular request on Love it or List it Vancouver – and we do love to make them over! Bathrooms and powder rooms, are a great place to use some more daring products – tile, lighting and wall paper as examples – that you may think too bold to use elsewhere. Take a look at these examples for ideas where to have some fun for your own bathroom renovation.

Emily & Gary – they love the color yellow and hex tiles so we gave them a bright yellow vintage vanity and large-format floor hex tiles in black and white – we “scattered” the black tiles to give it a modern feel.

July 16, 2014 EP 2041
The bright yolk yellow of the vanity can’t help but cheer you up on a gloomy rainy morning and the spaciousness of this bathroom – complete with a stunning free-standing cast iron tub and wall niche – make this bathroom fun and functional.
July 16, 2014 EP 2041
Wallpaper – go for it! We love turning powder rooms into something extra special, we selected a tone on tone flamingo wall paper for Eleanor & Dave’s powder room to give this little efficient space something to talk about:
LOLV EP2043 - Powder Room 1.jpg
With Liza & Shawn’s powder room we selected a wall covering that was both modern and classic, a soft geometric pattern in grey on grey, to give the room the elegance that the rest of the 100 year-old home has.
LOLV EP2050 - Powder Room 1
Powder rooms are a great place to really show off some character – all your guests are going to see it and it’s a small space so even if you want to do something a little more expensive, like in the following example where we used some glass mosaic tile from World Mosaic Tile, it won’t cost too much to cover a small wall.
LOLV EP2045 - Bathroom 1
As a side note – gold fixtures (faucets and lighting) are really popular now but it may be too much to take on to redo your kitchen with this finish so take it on for your powder room – it’s an easy switch out of fixtures and it makes quite the impression! With this stunning gold and white glass mosaic tile, the gold fixtures and lighting warm the space up and make it feel like there’s a sun lit window somewhere… but there isn’t!
Moving on to tile… we love tile… and World Mosaic Tile have supported us and supplied us with some of the most beautiful tile we have had the pleasure of using, my favourite might just be what we did with Melissa & Josh – their new light-filled family bathroom takes on a cottage and spa-like feel thanks to the natural tile used on the walls and floor.
LOLV EP2046 - Bathroom 2
The detail in the tile work is to die for: off-set brick patterned walls capped with a profiled moulding turns this room into a stylish cottage spa bathroom!
LOLV EP2046 - Detail 2
The master ensuite we did for Gina & Jeff is grand and also spa like and when you walk in you can’t help but say “hello tile!” – gorgeous glass mosaic, again from World Mosaic Tile, fills the entire back wall with soft yellow and greys. Whereas you might not want this much tile anywhere else in your home, you can get away with it in your bathroom – so do it, go big!
LOLV EP2044 - Master Ensuite 1LOLV EP2044 - Detail 7
With Barb & Ted we went with a subtler but still impressive tile:  a stamped porcelain in the prettiest soft mint green from World Mosaic Tile – it’s like being surrounded by a pistachio macaron!
LOLV EP2048 - Master Ensuite 2LOLV EP2048 - Detail 9
And in the bathroom for their two daughters we used another stylish tile from World Mosaic Tile, a painted terra cotta hex on the floor.
LOLV EP2048 - Detail 3

In the case of an emergency restoration needed for your bathroom, we recommend the pros at Flood Pro of Florida, LLC.

Whatever you select for tile, have a bit of fun with it but try to keep to using one “stand-out” tile, pair a fancy floor with a calmer shower wall or vice versa so as to not overwhelm the space.

Special thanks to bathroom remodeling Cleveland for their contributions to this blog post.

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit the W Network for more of our favourite Love It Or List It Vancouver bathrooms from this season or click here!!!!

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  1. Hello,

    I love, love, LOVE the color of the vanity from Episode 26: Stephanie & Stephen. Could you please share the color used.

  2. I’m loving the Melissa & Josh bathroom, it’s so light and roomy and the colours work amazingly well with the touches of green from the ferns and the plant life outside. Definitely taking some inspiration from this for our upcoming bathroom remodel. Though my husband needs to do some ventilation work up in the loft beforehand, I’ve already started looking at influences and ideas, and you have some stunning ones here that’s for sure, well done!

  3. I love the flamingo wallpaper, can you tell me where you got it or the name of the company that
    makes it please and thank you.

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