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The Fall 2021 Jilly Box Add-Ons Revealed!

Can you believe another season of The Jilly Box is right around the corner? Soon we’ll be saying “goodbye” to those warm, lazy summer days and “hello” to a fresh new season with the Fall 2021 Jilly Box! Not to mention, we’ve got some incredible add ons for this upcoming box that you do not want to miss out on!

This season we’re offering THREE stylish add ons that are sure to add some extra spice to any outfit. Whether it be a day at the office, a weekend at the market, or a night out on the town, we have an add on for you! Tomorrow, Wednesday July 14th, Jilly Box subscribers will have the opportunity to add these add-on items to their Fall 2021 Jilly Box purchase. 

As a Jilly Box Insiders Club member, make sure to keep an eye out for an email from us on Thursday, July 22nd (emails will be sent throughout the day!) in case you are lucky enough to be selected to purchase a one-time Jilly Box (in the amount of $199.00 CAD). Our Insiders also get exclusive access to promo codes from almost all of our Summer Jilly Box vendors, so if you want in on some sweet deals and the opportunity to make a one-time Jilly Box purchase, make sure you are signed up before Thursday, July 22nd!

The Jilly Award Fall 2021 Jilly Box Donation

Before we dive into all the spicy details of our Fall 2021 Jilly Box add ons, we are so excited to share something very special with you that we are working on over here at Team Jilly Box. 

Each quarter we donate a portion of our proceeds from The Jilly Box sales to a charitable organization. This fall, The Jilly Box is happy to present The Jilly Box Award for Black, Indigenous and Students of Colour in partnership with the Okanagan College Foundation. The Jilly Box is passionate about helping to create a more equitable and fair society, this award fund aims to provide financial and opportunities for mentorship support to under represented and marginalized students in pursuit of academic success. The award will be open to Black and Indigenous and Students of Colour at Okanagan College.

With the goal of reaching $50,000 by the end of the Fall 2021 semester, The Jilly Box is making an initial donation of $15,000 and will match all donations up to a maximum of $10,000, enhancing the impact of each donor’s gift. If together we can build a fund of $50,000, twenty underrepresented students will receive bursaries of $2,500, helping them achieve their dreams through education. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. I look forward to making a difference with you. If you have the means to donate, please do so through the link below. 

Now, let’s dive into the Fall 2021 Jilly Box Add Ons shall we?

Anupaya Fedora Custom Jilly Hat


Custom Jilly Fedora

$139 CAD *Includes shipping. Please note, this add on will ship in advance of your Jilly Box.

There’s no denying I’m a sucker for a beautiful hat! I love this Canadian brand, and their blush pink fedora is one of my fall go to’s. This 100% Canadian-made wool Fedora is hand made in Montreal, Quebec. Using old milliner equipment from the 1940s, this old school, handcrafted hat making tradition ensures  that each hat is made with care and intention and that each Fedora is truly unique. When selecting your perfect size,  please measure your head where you would like the hat to sit! Typically, across the brow or tilted back like a halo. If you find yourself in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Take a peek at our size chart below to find your perfect fit!

Anuypaya Custom Jilly Fedora Add-On Size Chart

Rosie Joan Collective Inc.

14K Gold-filled Beaded Rose Quartz Heart

$80 CAD *valued at $120

I have been a huge fan of this Woman-Owned, Canadian Company since I discovered their stacking bracelet set a few years back. This 14k gold-filled bracelet set is adorned with a natural rose quartz heart stone. Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of love – representing the spread of inclusivity, kindness, compassion and love. Love connects us all during difficult times which is representative of the heart. Dress up any outfit with this beautifully crafted, stacking bracelet set. 

Bracelet size: 7.0″.

Material: 14K gold-filled, Natural Rose Quartz

Rosie Joan Collective Bracelet Set Gold Filled
Melanie Auld Goddess Necklace

Melanie Auld Goddess Necklace

14K Vermeil Goddess Pendant on a 14K Vermeil Chain

$69 CAD *valued at $95

For those who haven’t managed to snag one yet, I’m bringing back The Goddess Necklace from Melanie Auld at a great price! I mean, who doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry to add to their collection? This stunning piece from Melanie Auld Jewelry is a beautiful 14k vermeil goddess pendant on a 14k vermeil chain! Vermeil is a material with a sterling silver base, plated with layers of 14kt gold. Wear your Goddess Pendant as a constant reminder of your innate strength and beauty, Unleash your inner goddess.  

Don’t forget, we have a limited quantity of our add on items available and they are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you have your eye on something, run, don’t walk! 

As always, thank you for the love and support!



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