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The Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection: Your Questions Answered!

I am literally jumping up and down with EXCITEMENT over the upcoming launch of the Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection. Can you believe it?! It’s almost here! If you didn’t get a chance to read the latest blog, you can read the blog to get a sneak peek of the Christmas
collection here. In anticipation of launch day on Saturday, November 12th, I wanted to take a moment to answer your questions! So, let’s dig in.

The Sherpa Throw from The Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection

Where can I purchase the collection?

The Collection is available at every Canadian Tire retail location and online while quantities last​. That’s 507 locations carrying the collection across Canada! Click here to find the
Canadian Tire store closest to you!

Can the collection be purchased in Quebec?

The Collection is available at every Canadian Tire retail location, which means it will also be available at our Quebec locations! Fun fact: 90% of Canadians live within 15 minutes of a Canadian Tire store. 

Click here to find the Canadian Tire store closest to you. Please note that quantities do vary from store to store.

Can I purchase the collection if I am outside of Canada?

Sadly, for my amazing community members from abroad, this collection is available exclusively in Canada. But, if you have any friends or family members in Canada, you might be able to convince them to grab something for you! 

When can I purchase the collection?

The Jillian Harris + CANVAS Christmas Collection launches on November 12, 2022, in-store and online when your local store opens!

What is the price range of the items in the collection?

The collection ranges from $7.99 to $79.99 per product.

The Vintage Santa Mug and The Milk and Cookie Plate Set from The Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection

What was the inspiration for this collection?

We’ve been working on the design of this collection for over a year and as I’m sure you can tell from the blog roundup, I really wanted to play into the feeling of nostalgia. The inspiration came from Christmas décor pieces that I had growing up, along with some of my favourite holiday memories. My goal for this collection was to help inspire the feeling of warm memories and holiday magic for you and your loved ones!

Will the collection be available for purchase at the Canadian Tire location near me?

Every location will have items from the Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection, but inventory quantities vary from store to store​.

When will the collection be available online for purchase?

Items will be available online when your local store opens. Check the Canadian Tire store
locator for your local store hours.

What is the process for purchasing online?

When the items come online the morning of the launch, select your local store to see the available inventory at that location (online or in the Canadian Tire app). ​If you can’t find what you want, you can check inventory at another nearby location.​ If you see that the “add to cart” option isn’t available, this means that the item isn’t available for purchase at that store, but you can select other nearby locations​ to see if they have any in stock!

Please note: when you select your store, that is where you will pick up your order if you select in-store or curbside pick up​. ​

If you have any issues with your order, please contact Canadian Tire for assistance.

The Pre-Lit Christmas Village 3 Pack from The Jillian Harris x CANVAS Christmas Collection

I won’t be able to shop the collection on launch day. What are my chances of still being able to secure some pieces?

This is an exclusive collection and there are limited quantities​, which means it’s first come first serve. So, I highly recommend shopping for the collection sooner rather than later.

Will the collection be restocked when quantities run out?

This is an exclusive collection, which means that there are limited quantities​! Once items run out… that’s it! 

I have my heart set on a particular item from the collection. How can I have the best chance of securing that item?

The best way to attempt to secure the items you really want is to go to your local store on launch day (as online orders are fulfilled from the store you select​). So, pro tip: be sure to get there early for the first pick! 

I would also highly recommend taking a look at the blog post I wrote that gives an in-depth
overview of the collection so that you can go into your shopping experience with a wishlist in mind!

How would you describe the quality of the collection?

When designing the collection, something that was really important to me was the notion of longevity.  I wanted to build a collection that was timeless and would last for generations. I have ornaments from my grandmother’s collection that are incredibly special to me, so I wanted to create something I could pass down to my kids and with how beautifully the collection turned out, I believe these pieces will absolutely be passed down in my family.

I’m interested to know what a particular item is made from. Where can I find this information?

To learn more about what materials were used to make each product, head to this week’s blog which gives an in-depth look at the entire collection.

What steps have been taken to make this line as sustainable as possible? 

Staying true to our core values at Team Jilly, all textiles and soft décor in the collection are made from 100% recycled materials. (The word “textiles” includes the cushions, stockings, the Teddy Throw, Reversible Pom-Pom Tree Skirt, the Advent Calendar, Tea Towels, and Table Runner.) Additionally, the CANVAS packaging does not include Styrofoam. Instead, it is made up of recycled cardboard and egg cartons to protect breakable items. 

And, there you have it! I hope this blog answered all of your questions. If there are any questions I missed, feel free to comment below or reach out to us on Instagram @Jillian.Harris and @CanadianTire



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