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The Jilly Academy

The Jilly Academy is now entering into SUMMER MODE!

When we first launched The Jilly Academy earlier this Spring, we didn’t really know what to expect … but we are absolutely overwhelmed by the feedback that has been rolling in and are SO proud of this community! It’s been amazing watching each Alumni member’s journey unfold and seeing how they’re implementing their learnings right off the bat! If you want to learn more about the courses and get inspired by some of our Alumni members click here!

However, there’s no denying this past year has been one of the most challenging years to date. It’s been filled with lots of learning and unlearning, it’s forced us to pivot, shift gears and refocus. While it certainly has pushed us outside of our comfort zones more times than we can count, we are so grateful for everything that this past year has taught us and we’re sure that most of you have been feeling the same way!

Jillian Harris' laptop and coffee in her bed working on The Jilly Academy in the summer.

With summer finally here and with restrictions being lifted throughout the country, it got us thinking about our summer goals as a team and what we wanted for our community. We know EVERYONE deserves a break and to take time to rest, relax, recharge, and ultimately RECONNECT to those around you! Some of you haven’t been able to see your loved ones in person for a long time and definitely need some space for lots of self care too! 


So, what does that mean for The Jilly Academy?! Well, we are practicing what we preach and are excited to announce that SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! That’s right – we are entering summer mode from July 6th – August 31st, where the Alumni are going to get the time and space to implement their learnings and nurture the relationships in their lives!

Let’s reimagine what summer learning is all about – take your device and set up your office poolside, at a campfire, in a local park or cafe, or wherever your happy place is! This is YOUR opportunity to work at your own pace, reflect on how far you’ve come and prepare for the greatness that is ahead of you! This is going to be no ordinary summer, we can promise you that! We have big plans in the works and can’t wait to truly connect with this community!

Jillian Harris working on The Jilly Academy at home at her children's playground over the summer.

BUT DON’T WORRY! Team Jilly is not going anywhere. Customer service will still be available whenever needed and we’ll still be on our social platforms! For those of you who have already purchased the course you will NOT lose access! You have access to these courses FOREVER and can complete them when it works best in YOUR schedule! 

Have you been thinking about wanting to enroll in all THREE Jilly Academy courses; The Brand Strategy, The Content Creator and The Growth Accelerator? NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO!! The Jilly Academy will be closing up shop for new Alumni members from July 6th-August 31st. Make sure you make your purchase BEFORE July 6th if you were thinking about taking that leap of faith and investing in yourself this summer! You can purchase any of the courses individually or get The Jilly Academy Bundle for $599 CAD saving you $268 CAD! These courses are all on-demand so you can dive into the content from wherever and whenever.

Already purchased one of the courses and looking to UPGRADE your purchase to all three courses; The Brand Strategy, The Content Creator, and The Growth Accelerator? Then head over to your Academy account and you’ll see a secret link! AND you are still able to choose from the one-time payment or the 3 monthly payments options!

Get ready for a summer filled with growth, implementing your learnings, relaxing, recharging and of course FUN!



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