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The Perfect Lipstick For Spring

I don’t know about you but when I find the PERFECT lipstick and lip colour … I can’t live without it. This one in particular… it’s called Strike It Up … which I do love the name…. But, the pigment is nice and rich and it has a mattifying finish so it stays on ALL DAY!!

MORE IMPORTANTLY … I have been doing my best with sticking to my New Years resolution of only using products that I know where they come from … and this lipstick is one of them!!! It’s 85% organic and nourishes those lips so that they’re plump and juicy!!!! With it being natural and organic, one of my favourite perks is that when I get it on my clothing, on my purse, on anything really (…because I’m always in a rush lol) it instantly washes out!!!!

Make sure to check out all of the other AMAZING and organic products that Eco Diva Beauty has to offer while you’re at it!!!!

eco diva2015-03-26 Jillian Harris Robson St-070 2015-03-26 Jillian Harris Robson St-075 2015-03-26 Jillian Harris Robson St-072 2015-03-26 Jillian Harris Robson St-068

Jacket | Tee Shirt | Jeans | Heels | Purse | Ilia Lipstick

photos: Kristin Sarna 
makeup: Kaitlin Hargreaves

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more pictures and outfits from my week spent on Robson Street!!





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  1. Loving this lipstick, Jillian! Mattifying is huge for me this summer since my skin can get so oily; and I feel that finish would help provide an extra put together look for my lips too! Thanks for this great find!

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