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The Ruffle Tee

I have loved drop waist ruffle tees for a few seasons now. They are perfect to pair with jeans or leggings and make a great basic necessity in your closet. The little ruffle detail adds just that little bit of extra oomph to the classic tee so that you can be casual but still very on trend. If you’re self-conscious about anything above the waist (even though you shouldn’t be) not to worry, the drop waist will hide it!! Bye bye baby belly lol!!! And can we talk about khaki green for a second??? This is definitely my favourite colour this season … with mustard yellow of course!!!

If you want to score this baby on sale make sure you head to Goodnight Macaroon to grab it before it’s gone!

ruffle-tee-goodnight-macaroon goodnight-macaroon-ruffle-teegoodnight-macaroon-ruffle tee

Drop Waist Tee | Faux Fur Vest | Jeans | Booties


Once you go ruffle you never go back …






Thank you Goodnight Macaroon for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Love the blog and the items you promote but as a fellow Canadian, I would love if you promoted Canadian items and companies. US prices and shipping can get tricky!

  2. Have you ever had any issues with Goodnight Macaroon – more along the lines of quality and shipping/returns? I have read mixed reviews online and I notice that they ship from Hong Kong. Some of their items are very cute but would like to get your honest opinion on it…Thanks Jill!

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you had any issues with Goodnight Macaroon? I bought a top from them last October 14 and haven’t heard about shipping until now. They gave me a tracking number to use for USPS but when I checked it online it says “Status is not available”. I’m really worried that I won’t receive my item and lose my money. Really hope you can take time to reply. Thank You!

  4. I ordered this top from GM and I ordered a small. It’s HUGE! It’s soooooooo wide, do you really wear this, Jillian? I feel like I look silly in it, wondering if they have XS. The shipping took over 2 weeks because it’s from Hong Kong but the quality of the shirt is good.

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