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The Jilly Box

The Summer 2024 Jilly Box Revealed!

Things are HEATING UP in the Okanagan (and no, I don’t mean THAT kind of heating up, LOL!). The days are getting longer, and the temperature is climbing, which means dips in the lake, patio dinners and pool parties are right around the corner! Until then, we’ve got a little something to rev up the excitement for the months ahead: The Summer 2024 Jilly Box! 

In this blog, I’m excited to FINALLY reveal the contents of The Summer 2024 Jilly Box, which includes seven in-box items—five of which are custom! Not to mention, eight of the brands this season are Canadian-owned, and eight are women-owned!

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the theme of this season’s box, here’s a quick overview: 

The Summer 2024 Jilly Box is about capturing that quintessential coastal summer vacation and bringing it to you! Salty air, beach waves, hot days that stretch into the night… Think Taylor Swift’s 1989 album! (And, yes, the team and I played that album on REPEAT while shooting in California. Ha! I’ve entered my Swiftie Era, and now I’m dragging the rest of the team into it.)

All in all, The Summer 2024 Jilly Box is filled with timeless neutral pieces curated and designed to make your next summer vacation, the travel to your destination or even your backyard pool party effortlessly beautiful.

I really loved creating this Jilly Box, and I hope you love it as much as I do! Thank you so much for your love and support, not only this season but every season. We couldn’t do it without you!

Now, without further ado… let’s get to know the incredible products included inside! 

The Summer 2024 Jilly Box Revealed

Included in Your Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Monaco Passport Wallet


Have you ever felt like some of the bags and purses out there just aren’t made with real people in mind? The straps aren’t comfortable, there aren’t enough or the right size pockets for what you need to bring… I could go on and on! That’s where Canadian and women-owned brand Gray Haus comes in. 

Gray Haus is on a mission to design handbags for ALL bodies!! Can I get a heck yeah?!

Our team was researching possible brands for The Jilly Box when they came across Gray Haus and decided to reach out! I mean… how could they not?! Their handbags are beautiful, and they are designed from such a purpose-driven place. As it turns out,  the timing could not have been better because Gray Haus was ready for a big marketing leap to get them out to more North American customers! Hence, being included in The Jilly Box was the perfect fit.

Shay and I had the idea of creating an oyster-coloured passport holder with elegant scalloped edges, and—lucky for us—Gray Haus delivered! Get ready to elevate your airport look with this travel essential. You will love the timeless light gold metal hardware and the many functional pockets and enclosures included in the design!

Oh, and guess what? You can now purchase passport wallets for each of your besties! Available only on The Jilly Box Market!

Cream passport holder for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Sandy Sundown Eau de Parfum


Meet Piper & Perro, a luxury unisex fragrance brand created by Tom Jansen. Tom was trained in France at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery and has applied his expert talent to address a previous gap in the market: scents that are genderless at an attainable price point! 

I had an idea for a scent to include in this box that was airy and hopeful… with the slightest gleam of reckless decisions. 

Tom was a brilliant collaborator who helped me bring my dream to life! You will adore the hints of orange blossom, smoked vanilla, and magnolia bottled up in this travel-size perfume roller. (Some of my favourite fragrance notes!)

If you loved this scent, more bottles are now available on The Jilly Box Market!

Perfume for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Vitamin A Booster Blue Clay Mask


You may recognize this Peta-certified and cruelty-free brand from being in countless magazines! Some time ago, Mudmasky sent us some products to sample, and Shay LOVED this Vitamin A Booster Blue Clay Mask so much she got us all hooked! 

This fragrance-free blue clay mask contains flowers, fruits and grade 1 clays. The clays used are considered the purest and highest quality available. It refines and tightens the pores and provides your skin with a high dose of natural vitamin A. What makes Mudmasky stand out in the industry is their commitment to non-harmful ingredients. With pH-balanced products, they promise not to show impossible results and provide openness about ingredients and their purpose!

I know that PAMPERING YOURSELF is a big reason why we all love The Jilly Box. It’s a chance to purchase something just for you and feel spoiled! That’s why I’m so excited for you all to experience this product. Pampering at its finest!

Stock up while they last!

Blue Clay Mask for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Scalloped Marble Frame


You asked for more home decor, and we heard you! Meet the Marble Frame from Creative Co-op! I am always on the lookout for decor pieces to add to our space and to gift to friends! And when I first saw this Marble Frame, it was love at first sight! The real marble and scalloped edges are just DIVINE. It is such a sophisticated piece to have on your bedside table or in the living room. I adore the neutral, light-toned marble. You can position it vertically or horizontally, so any 5 x 7“ photo will work! 

Please note: due to the natural veining of the real marble, there will be variances from frame to frame. 

More frames are available on The Jilly Box Market! Woohoo!

Marble frame for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Bardot Wireless Headphones


Everyone needs a sleek pair of headphones for travelling! These wireless Bardot Headphones come in two stunning custom colours: Sky Blue and Sand! (And for box recipients, the colour they received was a surprise!.) 

These headphones include volume/playback controls, a 3+ hour battery life, a built-in microphone and a cable for the option of using them as wired headphones on the plane! (Love the versatility!)

I was motivated to have headphones in this box because it was important to me to offer a product that made the travel to your dream destination enjoyable! And why not make headphones a fashion statement, right? 

*Please note: sizing is one size fits all!

Order a set for your kids and partner here!

Headphones for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Custom Baroque Pearl Necklace


You Jilly Box sleuths, you! I noticed some of you called this next one. Your detective skills are seriously top-notch, LOL.

Yep, I’ve been sporting this gorgeous baroque pearl necklace on my Instagram Stories for a while now! (I just couldn’t resist wearing it!) This necklace has a gold vermeil chain, and the baroque pearl is genuine, measuring (approximately) 7mm in length. I love the asymmetry of the baroque pearl that gives it a modern look. Baroque pearls, of course, being known for their unique, one-of-a-kind shape. These necklaces are also made in Canada (with domestic and imported materials that are SMETA-certified.)

If you are looking for a classic, simple necklace that has a bit of a modern twist, this is it. The asymmetrical look is very IN right now, but sticking to a simple pearl and yellow gold-appearing necklace is still classic enough that you can wear this always.

I love to wear it casually every day, but I also think it could look SO GOOD on a date night out! Can’t wait to see how you all style it!

Treat someone special in your life to a necklace while they are available!

Pearl necklace for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box


Alexis Weekender Bag


Okay, the team has seriously been going CRAZY over this next product… 

Over a year ago, Louenhide North America sent me a bag to try, and I fell in love! We went through 10-15 drafts of the bag to get the design just right for this CUSTOM Alexis Weekender Bag (#perfectionists), and I am over the moon at the final result! 

I know we’ve got a lot of busy professionals and parents in our community, so I wanted this bag to strike that balance of being usable for a full day of activities and effortlessly cool. With the detachable strap and the ability to wear it crossbody, this bag is great for travel, school drop-off, if you have to transport a lot of things to and from the office… you name it! 

What I can’t get over is how insanely soft the vegan leather is. I seriously cannot stop petting my bag, LOL. Does anyone else understand me?

A huge shout-out goes to our amazing partner in design for this product, Louenhide North America, as well as our procurement team at The Jilly Box. We NAILED IT, team!! Woohoo!!!

A select number of Alexis Weekender Bags are now available on The Jilly Box Market! You know what to do!!

And, quick tip: You can easily clean the outside of your bag using a light surface spray, baby wipes, or a slightly damp cloth with warm water. To clean the inside lining, we recommend using baby wipes.

Duffel bag for the Summer 2024 Jilly Box

The Jilly Box Market is Refreshed!

The unboxing of a The Summer 2024 Jilly Box means… you guessed it… a refresh of The Jilly Market!! This is an opportunity for EVERYONE to shop beloved products from this season’s box.

And, as always, thank you for your love and support! The excitement for The Jilly Box each season never ceases to amaze me, and it fuels my excitement to keep creating beautiful boxes for you!



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