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Holiday Gift Guide

The Top Gifts For The Kiddos in Your Life This Holiday Season!

Next up on the holiday gift guide series are gifts for the kiddos on your list! Typically, every year we share a combined gift guide for both Annie and Leo, but now that they are getting older, and their wishlists are growing we’ve made separate ones for them this year! I don’t know about you, but as the kids are getting older I’m finding they are getting more and more difficult to shop for and not to mention challenging to keep up with the hot new toys of the year. So, I had a little help from Annie and Leo this year and I’m sharing all of their faves below!

If you missed it make sure to check out my gift guide and Justin’s gift guide! Let’s get right into it!

1. Os and Oakes Dress | 2. JH x Joe Fresh Mini Harris Jacket | 3. JH x Joe Fresh PJs | 4. Hello Dough Set | 5. Boots | 6. Baby Doll Pram | 7. Backback | 8. Cardigan | 9. Dollhouse | 10. Jelly Cat Bunny | 11. Book | 12. Socks | 13. JH x Joe Fresh House Coat | 14. Music Box

1. Jacket | 2. Nintendo Switch OLED model | 3. Micro Kickboard Scooter | 4. Pokemon Shining Pearl | 5. Mouse in a box | 6. Socks | 7. Os and Oakes Pants | 8. Hello Dough Sensory Rice Kit | 9. Tool Kit | 10. JH x Joe Fresh PJs | 11. Campfire S’more Play Set | 12. Baby Yoda | 13. Ocean Adventures Book | 14. JH x Smash + Tess Romper | 15. Wooden Toy Workbench


When it comes to Leo and Annie’s toy preferences, they could not be more opposite! Annie loves anything to do with dolls, dollhouses, princesses, and babies. So, on her wishlist, she has included this gorgeous wicker baby doll pram, this absolutely stunning dollhouse from Primerose Lifestyle, and her all-time favourite Jelly Cat Bunny!

Now, on Leo’s wishlist he has this fun Campfire S’mores Play Set, a scooter, a Nintendo Switch (of, course!), and even this sensory rice kit from Hello Dough!


I like to think of kid’s clothing gifts as a win-win for both parents and kiddos! Annie and Leo are growing like weeds, and I am needing to replace their clothing must-haves more frequently! One of my favourite pieces from my recent collaboration with Joe Fresh has to be the matching PJ sets, Leo and Annie love how soft they are, and I love how cute they turned out. Speaking of buttery soft clothing, Annie and Leo are both big fans of anything from Os and Oakes, specifically the bamboo dress and bamboo leggings! And you simply can’t go wrong with a Romper from Smash + Tess, they are perfect for layering during the cold winters months, road trips, or even traveling!


Every night before Leo and Annie go to bed we have to read them at least one book and sometimes the same book over and over again! LOL! So, every holiday season I like to gift them at least one new book each, this year I can’t wait to read them Dream Big, Little One, and Atlas of Ocean Adventures.

Leo & Annie's Book Club: Bedtime Favourites


Last but not least, you can never go wrong with accessories! I LOVE these boots from Joe Fresh for both Annie and Leo, they look like UGGs but are a quarter of the price and easy for them to slide on and off in the winter. Another essential gift you can never go wrong with is a pair of socks, my favourites for the kids are from Q is for Quinn!

Well, there you have it! 3 gift guides down and one more to go, make sure to pop back tomorrow for a list of products that give back to local charities and organizations in need. Plus, if you’re looking for a few more gifts for those kiddos on your list, make sure to check out our shop pages!



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  1. I love all those gift ideas. Especially Leos gift guide, I find boys are harder to shop for compared to shopping for girls. Thank you that gives me a great starting off point.
    Could I also please ask you for information on the coat that Jillian is wearing in this post? I have been looking for a warm winter coat that I can wear when I have playground duty at recess time. That one looks perfect. 😏💙🤩

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