Throwback Thursday: What Have You Learned From Mom?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mother’s Day, and I thought it would be fitting to share a throwback post of what I have learned from my Mom, and what we have learned from each other.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned from my Mom:

Never to say “Hate.”
That it’s O.K. to cry.
That I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it.
To paint.
To be footloose, fancy free and adventurous.

And here’s my Mom!

The things that I am so proud of my daughter for!

Jillian always has such a positive outlook and really strives for reaching her goals and not only does she do that for herself, but she is constantly on the look out for those around her that she can help to achieve what she believes will bring them happiness! If you look up “go-getter” in the dictionary, a picture of Jillian will be there!

Oh, I am sure there are many other go-getter’s out there but I am proud to say Jillian will be among them. When she decides what she wants or what she wants to accomplish she has this innate ability to make it happen.

I admire her sense of style, not only the way that she can transform herself from going from a casual look of jogging pants and sloppy shirt to this dynamite, fashionista who really shines in her photo shoots!

I continue to clip those beautiful articles out of all the magazines and I continue to be wowed by her style and beauty inside and out! Not to mention her natural talent to transform rooms like she has been designing for a hundred years. Not only does she have a lovely little soul, she has an old soul as well. Jillian has always been wise beyond her years!

Jillian has a resiliency that amazes me! In her life she has encountered, as many of us will, hardships, struggles, painful situations that take strength and determination to rebound from and Jillian does it with an attitude of “there isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with forging forward with the right steps” She really believes that nothing can’t be overcome!

What started off as a little talk really became a great conversation about mothers and daughters! I would love to hear what you’ve learned from your Mom, or, if you’re a mother, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from your child! These kind of personal things never get old!


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  1. Ahhhh, this made me tear up and I am not even pregnant lol. You ladies are so amazing and just look at Jillian’s face in the photo, one word – ok maybe two, “total admiration”. Happy mom’s day you two xo

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