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Toast 9 Ways

Toast has always been one of my daily staples. It’s great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and can even make a great appetizer for guests. It all depends on the way that you jazz it up. You can get as creative as you want and adjust anything depending on your taste buds. I have crafted up 9 of my favourite toasts, 9 different ways … there has to be at least ONE that you haven’t tried!!! Or are wanting to try?! Add any of the ingredients listed below in any order that suits you best and you won’t go wrong. Just make sure you toast the bread first, butter it and then you’ll be set!!! My all time fav is creamed peas on toast … what’s yours?

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 54 43 PM

Toast 1: Smoked Salmon
1) Spread toast with cream cheese
2) Add a few slices of smoked salmon
3) Sprinkle with capers and dill
4) Add a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of salt on top
(red onion optional)

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 50 23 PM

Toast 2: Cottage Cheese & Radish
1) Cover Toast in Cottage Cheese
2) Thinly slice radish and layer on top
3) Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Photo 2015-08-16, 5 25 32 PM (1)

Toast 3: Creamed Peas
1) In a pot, 1 cup of milk, whisk in 1 tsp of flour and simmer on medium until it starts to thicken.
2) Add one small handful of sharp cheddar (grated) and stir in until melted.
3) Add one can of peas, salt and lots of pepper
4) Serve on buttered toast

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 53 46 PM

Toast 4: Thyme Roasted Mushrooms
1) Butter toast
2) Sauté wild mushrooms in 1tsp of butter
3) Add 1/2 cup of butter milk with salt & a pinch of thyme
4) Garnish with thyme

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 49 22 PM

Toast 5: Avocado Smash
1) Butter toast
2) Smash avocado on toast with a fork until toast is covered
3) Add a squeeze of lime on top
4) Cover in cilantro (I use a lot because I love it!)
5) Sprinkle with chili flakes and jalapeño garnish

Photo 2015-08-16, 5 25 32 PM

Toast 6: Bumps On a Log
1) Spread toast in peanut butter
2) Add chopped celery and figs on top

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 52 47 PM

Toast 7: Peach Prosciutto
1) Layer toast with prosciutto
2) Layer thin slices of peach on top
3) Add a balsamic reduction on top
4) Sprinkle with Basil to garnish

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 56 02 PM

Toast 8: Coconut Nut Nutella
1) Spread toast in nutella
2) Sprinkle coconut flakes and chopped walnuts on top

Photo 2015-08-16, 5 32 20 PM

Toast 9: Strawberries & Ricotta
1) Spread toast with Ricotta (or other cheese spread like cottage cheese)
2) Add thin slices of strawberries on top
3) Sprinkle with basil and black pepper

Photo 2015-08-16, 5 32 20 PM

If you haven’t already noticed, almost every toast is buttered first and finished off with salt and pepper (this is the key!). What one are you going to try this weekend?? Better yet if you have any other toast ideas, share them in the comments below …

Happy Friday!


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  1. Ahhh creamed peas on toast. One of my favs. Nothing fancy – no adds – just as is. My granny showed me how to make it. 🙂 My hubby thinks it is just disgusting looking. :0

  2. When I was young, we would have toast with icing sugar. Sounds gross, and probably not very healthy, but it’s actually really a yummy indulgence! Just make sure to butter the bread and sprinkle the icing sugar on when it’s right out of the toaster!

      1. Yup, done the cinnamon/sugar too and it’s really good, but the icing/confectioner’s sugar is my fave!

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