My Top 5 Accessories

As most of you probably know….I’m ALL about accessories. You can make or break any outfit simply because of your accessories. SO I’ve broken it down for you…..and suggested my TOP 5 go to accessories that will MAKE any outfit!!

  1. STAPLE purse – something that you can use every day that will match with all of your outfits
  2. Good pair of sunglasses – I like to go with a simple yet flattering black pair to wear daily…BUT I buy a cheap trendy pair to wear once in a while!
  3. Hat – We all have bad hair days…or don’t have enough time to do our hair…this is the perfect and cute fix
  4. Classic Watch – I change it up between my Michael Kors and Daniel Wellington watches…They are both simple and classic and easy to wear with all of my outfits, day or night.
  5. Blanket Scarf – You need one that doubles as a blanket whether you’re cold at work or on the plane. This scarf can even double as a makeshift umbrella in the rain and keep you warm while you’re at it.
Jillian Harris in Calgary2

Purse | Sunglasses | Hat | Watch | Blanket Scarf | Sweater | Plaid | Jeans | Boots

What are some of your go to accessories!?




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