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You have a deadline looming, so you start typing. When you look up you’re almost shocked to by what’s on your computer screen. “Facebook?!” You scold yourself in disappointment… “ I don’t even remember typing that — I’m supposed to be working!”. Again, procrastination has silently struck and the creativity you need to jumpstart your work is nowhere to be found. What do you do? Short of wishing for a time machine, here’s 5 ways to improve your workspace with desk items that can help you get your creativity back and the job done! For those of you starting school again next week … take note!!!13574_03_1_1

1. Headphones:
This may seem super basic, but a good pair of headphones can be a game-changer productivity wise. It’s impossible to get any work done if you’re constantly getting distracted. We’re lusting after these Frends x Bauble Bar collaboration, noise cancelling headphones. Sometimes you just need to block everything (and everyone) else out to be able to really concentrate, but for those of you chronic conference callers there’s a microphone line you can plug in for talking on your phone.

photo credit: stephanie sterjovski 

2. An Inspirational Word or Phrase:
Stick with me, I know this sounds almost unbearably cheesy. I did this one time during a team bonding at a very corporate company and yes, I rolled my eyes, but now I secretly love my word. Here’s what to do — think about the one characteristic you wish you had or the way you hope others see you. My word was BOLD, I chose it because to me, it signifies being brave, taking chances and acting from my heart, not my head. I can be a really rational thinker and sometimes it can get me down, so when I see the word bold on my desk it reminds me that I don’t need anyone’s permission to act that way. Your word could be specifically geared toward how you want to feel about yourself, or maybe it’s your daughter’s name or something you’re working toward. Imagine if you’re saving up for a new car and everytime you want to complain about working you instead saw that word and remembered why you showed up. Sometimes we all just need a little ‘Work it, girl!’ in our lives. Who says we can’t be our own cheerleader?

photo credit: monika hibbs

3. Candle
Besides looking good on your desk, a candle can do wonders for your work. Finding the right time to do your work, especially if you work freelance or are your own boss can be difficult. You can make a million excuses or follow Nike’s lead and Just Do It. Famed author, Jack Kerouac, said he had a ritual of lighting a candle when he needed to start writing and blowing out when he was done. I can understand that. It’s like a very subtle reminder that you started something and you need to follow through and finish it; blowing the candle out before you’re done would be a shortcut that couldn’t be ignored. Here are a few beautiful candles that will make your workspace smell amazing and keep your mind in the right place.


4. To-Do List
Any to-do list will do. Really, you could write it on a scrap of paper but we’re fans of keeping organized. These individual note pads from Anthropologie are still a personal fav. You can have some fun by dividing up your lists and writing more personalized notes. There’s just something I LOVE about writing love notes!!! Whatever type of a to-do list you gravitate toward, devoting a few minutes a day to it can save you hours later on.


5. Pillow
Never underestimate the power of comfort. Have you ever tried to work at a coffee shop, but the chair is so un-freaking-comfortable that it ends up being the only thing on your mind? Whether you’re at home or at the office, a pillow can make a world of difference in the number of hours you’re able to put in at your desk without being distracted. Don’t get it twisted though — I’m not suggesting you bring your pillow from your bed to work (although that would make for some interesting office gossip), decorative pillows are what you’ll want to look for.

desk top essentials

1. Logiix Speaker | 2. Pencils | 3. Calendar | 4. Voluspa Candle | 5. USB Charger | 6. Wire Baskets | 7. Scissors | 8. Desk | 9. Love Notes

What do you keep at your desk to help motivate you throughout your day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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