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Top 5 Patio Essentials This Season

If you didn’t grab a copy of the shelves or were busy enjoying the sunshine outside … my backyard patio was featured in Style At Home at the beginning of the summer. It truly show cased the beauty and simplicity of what putting some love into your patio looks like. It can transform just a regular outdoor cement space into the place where you’ll want to spend every day this summer. I wanted to showcase it to you here and share with you my top 5 patio essentials for this season. For me patios aren’t just for the summer months … I love spending time out there in the Fall and Spring and have realized the easy transition is as simple as patio blankets & rugs, I didn’t include the Alumawood patio covers in San Diego in my favorites but that’s just because I feel that they are more of a necessary, you can get them here at Who doesn’t love sitting outside with loved ones while enjoying not only a good glass of wine but also some fresh air?!

Top 5 Patio Essentials:

1. Outdoor Pillows, Blankets & Rugs
Adding in either pillows, blankets, rugs or all of the above instantly makes the space warm. This is where you want to add in your pops of colour and bold patterns. Depending on the season you can go for anything from bright pinks and teals to warm oranges and greens. Nothing beats snuggling up in a cozy blanket at night when the weather starts to dip. Designate a few blankets to keep outside and store in a chest, in a basket or in a bin.

2. Patio String Lights 
The first thing I notice on someone’s patio is always the lights. Whether it be candles, torches, lantern or my new favourite … string lights!!! These add that special touch of uniqueness and instantly transform a space. Either drape them over top of the main patio table or even hang them along the bushes and throughout the trees. Wherever you put them they will look great.

3. Platters
Platters, platters, platters. You can never have too many platters. I like to vary them in shape, size and texture. I typically lean towards wooden planks, marble slabs and vintage silver trays. If you layer these throughout the setting it gives the entire table a look of authenticity. I love a space that looks well travelled and eclectic in layers. Platters aren’t just about how they look … it’s mainly about what’s on them!!! Have you tried our How To Charcuterie board yet!?!?

4. Patio Table
This is where I like to keep things simple. I always lean towards a simple planked black, white or wooden table with not much detail to it. I add in the special touches with different chairs, stools, benches and ottomans … these are all easier to change in and out than  an entirely new patio set each season. You can get the fun colour and seasonal looks from my first tip … just add blankets, pillows & rugs. You don’t want to have too much going on otherwise the eye will get distracted and overwhelmed. Focus on a few feature pieces and keep the rest simple.

5. Sound System 
Good music on the patio is sometimes all you need. When in doubt and if you don’t want to spend to much on a fully loaded sound system I recommend a portable speaker. They are good for any outdoor activity not just the patio and are in expensive in comparison. I recently discovered the LOGiiX Air Chamber speaker and not only love the gold … but the sound and fact that you can receive calls on it is pretty awesome too!! I always suggest investing in a good sound system because what’s a party without some good dancing tunes!?!

Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

1. Striped Patio Rug | 2. Copper Ice Buckets | 3. Circular Jute Mirror | 4. String Lights | 5. Gingham Napkins | 6. Candle Lanterns | 7. Outdoor Pillow | 8. Cloche | 9. Goblet | 10. Antique Serving Platter | 11. Patio Table

What are your patio essentials in the transition into fall!?! I love hearing your tips!!!…



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  1. Lovely outdoor space! Mine is so simple and basic!! The bar and mirror idea is outstanding! And that Nacho steals the show!!

  2. I bought that one! I loooove the pics and what you can do outside! It inspired me to style my little, ok very little, patio! Thanks Jilly!

  3. I’m so curious about that perfect white tee too. It’s ridiculously hard to find good ones that aren’t a million dollars (because they don’t last forever, they are white!) And do you take the mirror down in between parties? I’m trying to figure out how it wouldn’t get beyond dirty outdoors all the time. Or do you gotta just always clean it? Cheers!

  4. Jillian- It looks wonderful!!! I love your style. I am visiting my in laws and was just talking about your style with my husband’s grandma. This is off topic, but I love Tori’s jeans. Do you know who makes them?

  5. Have to say, your dog is the cutest part of your patio! Love the warmth and inviting feeling your patio has to offer! I’m putting string lights out today on my patio!

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