Top Picks From The Nordstrom Sale For Men

Have you guys been loving the Nordstrom Sale as much as I have!?!?! I know I know … I said I wouldn’t bombard you TOO much and I’ve been trying my best not to. There are just so many great deals on fall staples that I’m loving … like this jacket that I just picked up for myself … and these booties!!! But enough about ME and lets talk about the men in our life.

I always find that sale shopping is the BEST for the guys … especially in this sale. There are such great savings on so many great items. Since most men don’t shop as much as us ladies … their items seem to be extra good and stay in stock longer!! Depending on whether your guy likes to dress up, travel, work out, or relax … I’ve rounded up something for all of them. Over the years I’ve learned to always buy Justin something during sales since he NEVER buys anything for himself. Most of the time I save it for the next holiday and give it to him as surprise. Which is another reason why now is the perfect time to start thinking ahead to Christmas and gifts … which I’ll get into more on Saturday. But for now … check out my top picks with major deals for all the men in our lives ….

1. Boots | 2. Duffle Bag | 3. Watch | 4. Tie | 5. Sunglasses | 6. Dress Shirt | 7. Beard Lube | 8. Belt | 9. Bow Tie | 10. Hat | 11. Sneakers

What other items do you like to shop for in sales?? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I will dedicate you a round up …





Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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