Welcome Back!

Its been a few months of figuring out how things should look and where they should go – I mean, I’m used to being able to crack open a can of paint and working it… technology isn’t quite as instant as paint, so l’ve learned!!!  But here we are with a brand new site and even a new logo!

The logo was my favourite part of this whole process… I wanted to make sure that it brought out my own personal style of how I design… It’s simple and elegant with enough character to have a splashes of my personality!  And we can’t leave out the absolute obvious, of course it has a heart!!  That’s something I definitely want to start to incorporate in all of my designs… Even if it’s in the most subtle place:)

Grab a cup of java and cruise the new site!  You’ll find all of your old fav’s, some new blogs and if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter… Do that too!

I’ve worked closely with Pulse Group over the last few months and we’re really excited to show off the new look so we hope you like it!

Jilly xoxo

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