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Want To Find Out What Absolutely DISGUSTS Me About This Season Of The Bachelorette?

HOWDY HOE TUESDAY AFTERNOON!!!!! Sorry I have been SO sick this weekend which explains my late blog and my disappearance from Snapchat and Instagram.

WOOOOOOOO what a WEIRRRRDD episode of The Bachelorette last night! WHOLY H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS BACHELOR FRANCHISE!!!! HOW in the helllllll did you pull this one off???? JJ and CLINT!?!?!?? Really!?!?? Did anyone else REALLY scratch their head at this one? I’m still wondering … are they ACTUALLY in love? Or did they just edit it to look that way? Did they cast for two guys with gay tendencies and then match them up? Or was this truly a coincidence? I mean … I am all for love in ALL sexes, shapes, and sizes … I am pro same sex love and marriage … it’s just …. well this was a tad out of place here and certainly unexpected. I can’t help but think … will there be a bachelor bachelor wedding?!?!!? Will there be a whole new franchise for same sex couples? I mean the possibilities are endless. And if this is true love for JJ and CLINT, then I am happy for them … I just feel really bad for Kaitlyn because they are are TWO people that took the place of two other potential soul mates for her … it’s too bad really 🙁 I honesty really truly want to hear everyones opinion on this one…
Ok off to less interesting but still entertaining topics … OMFG I love Tony. I mean, he is NOT suited for Kaitlin but he will definitely be ONE positive ‘soccer coachin’ super duper dad one day!  He reminds me of Ned Flanders … and we all know Ned is a VERY good husband, but just for ladies like Maude. You know, a part of me was like yea … WHY DON’T they go to the zoo!!?!?!? I totally empathized with Tony… but, the reality is, more than this being a journey to find love … it is first, and foremost, a TV SHOW and a business (sorry folks). And what sells has been analyized, scrutenized, number crunched and researched…. a little drama and physical adrenaline is what sells, it’s what we as viewers want … and so therefore, is why these kinds of dates usually makes their way into formula. Plus, who doesn’t want to see a bunch of hunky guys in sumo panties?!?!?! HUBBA HUBBA!
tony praying maude and kaitlyn
I’m a huge fan of Ben Z at this point, and still Shawn … they are neck and neck for me now, I see a lot of connection with both! I mean they are both HOT and seem to be extremely interested in Kaitlyn … does it get any better than that!?!? But Ben Z’s date took the cake … I can’t believe how caring and loving he was under those crazy Chris Harrison circumstances. Problem solving and overcoming fears are major factors in a relationship and I think that date proved to Kaitlyn that he can handle that!!!

Ok. So those are my thoughts on last nights episode… but Can I address something here? …
I mean I assume if you are reading MY blog, you are a positive loving non judgemental person, because I’m hoping those are the kinds of people I’ve attracted here … so I’m probably talking to the wrong crowd … but I am absolutely APPALLED AND DISGUSTED with the way some humans think it is ok to talk to Kaitlyn on her social media channels. I feel absolutely sick and sorry for not only Kaitlyn, but those who feel the need to say such horrible, judgmental things to someone they have never met and truly only means good.  I have heard a few times on my own pages “well if you can’t take the heat don’t be a public personality” well pardon my langugae that is a SHIT excuse for being allowed to be a bully. Just because someone took a risk and shared it with the world then they should be subject to verbal abuse???  NO ONE deserves to be talked to like that and treated like that. Miss Bristowe, is a REAL human being with a REAL heart and feelings. If you are one of those people … this message is for you: If you have those opinions, talk shit to your friends and heck even on your own social media platforms …  but please for the sake of at least your own dignity keep that crap to yourself.  If you think someone is a slut … like actually… do you think calling them a slut is a good thing? Do you think it will help? How about putting forth love, support or guidance? If you think someone is ugly, why in frick sakes do you feel it necessary to tell them that? Do you know that she reads those things? That they hurt just the same as if I were to tell YOU those things? Please please people … there is enough hurt and sadness going on in this world, lets try to keep it clean, positive, friendly and full of love! PLEASE!!!!  … there …  there is a little “Tony” inspired guidance for any of you nasty internet trolls. LE SIGHHHHHH…
For the rest of you LOVELY humans who so wonefulfully support my site and have been so amazing … keep the love coming! I am proud of the community that is here, that is open minded, unjudgmetnal, loving and kind. Whether its Kaitylin, Kim Kardashian, or Cassandra in Marketing who you just can’t stand … everyone needs a little love 🙂  Thank you all so much for bringing that love and positivity here!
See you all next week for more juicy info on this season of The Bachelorette!!

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  1. Great post! Kaitlyn is authentic and it is really refreshing to see. Good for her to staying true to who she is!

  2. Jillian I totally agree! I see the posts on Twitter and I have gotten pretty p.o.ed at some of the comments on her page. I went through reporting them all last night. People like them shouldn’t even be allowed on social media. Kaitlyn is clearly a genuine, hilarious and kind hearted person. Not much else really matters. People need to keep their rotten opinions to themselves. Internet trolls are the worst.

    Love your blog, your show, your designs and you as the bachelorette!

    Thanks for saying what all of us feel!

  3. I completely agree with the bullying, it’s so ugly.. I just posted about this yesterday. I am not sure what’s happening to the franchise, but these dates just aren’t a lot of entertaining to me, at least. Fighting is not in my top 10 things to want to see on a dating show. I think I agree with Tony, I’d rather hug my bonsai’s than fight.. I feel very sorry for Kaitlyn, As far as I can see, she has maybe a handful of men who are there for her.. Shawn, Ben Z and Tanner. The JJ/Clint love affair.. IS for a different show and very unfair to Kaitlyn.. I think the past couple of seasons have been low budget and it’s very upsetting for me as I have watched every episode since the show started. Good Luck Kaitlyn.

  4. I’m with you, Jillian! My mind was blown with the recent JJ and Clint development, not for any other reason than this not really being the platform for them. It’s kind of about Kaitlyn. Shawn is totally my top contender and the one I want to see standing at the very end!!!! Go Shawn!!!

  5. Regarding JJ & Clint perhaps it’s just the show trying to stir things up…just a little acting/drama to keep things alive?? I’m all for Ben Z. I loved the way he handled her through the scary part. I think they make a good couple 🙂

  6. Way to go Jilly…love how you always speak the truth and keep it real…feel better soon. Look forward to next weeks post xoxox

  7. And that’s why I enjoy keeping up with all of your endeavors– they are always positive and inspiring 🙂

  8. I must say, I am not a fan of Kaitlyn, but I would never dream of writing such hateful things to her. I don’t understand what people get out of that…how would they feel if they found out she was at home crying about the comments she was reading…i see our world has come such a far way accepting those like Caitlin jenner…yet we can’t accept everyone else??

  9. I totally love what you are doing here Jill….. as Ellen says “be kind to one another ” and well, mean people suck… now about the bachelorette, i was also confused about the bromance, do we know if that’s for real? Or just strategically placed clips for a ratings boost. .hmm

  10. Well I am not surprised at the haters comments cause haters will be haters and jealousy won’t get them anywhere! I am stunned at the bromance on the show and don’t think it’s belongs on the Bachelorette! I see that Kaitlyn is a bit of a tomboy and that’s fine but at the same time I have not seen a match for her, hopefully the show will take her to new heights within herself and she can become more open by then end of it all. Just my thoughts. Obviously only based on what the program wants to share with its viewers..

  11. i could not agree w/ you more Jilly on everything you just stated but that is not a surprise 🙂 one thing you did not mention however was the sex ed which i thought was the most inappropriate of all!! i am so liberal, as you know, but please do not involve young children, actors or not, w/ Bach contestants for sex ed!!!!! that is borderline perverted to me!!!!! that was crazy!! love you!! xoxo <3

  12. You and kailtyn are amazing! So proud you’re both Canadian and from Vancouver! Negative people are only negative because they aren’t happy and missing something!!!! Totally love Ben Z after last night!
    I’m hoping the Clint Jj thing is just editing. We will see, if they have found love cheers to them, but be honest with Kaitlyn!!

  13. I highly doubt JJ and Clint are gay and I’m 99.9% positive that was just edited for ratings. The last 2 weeks have been a bit boring and they need something to hook us. C’mon, you know how this works better than most of us! I can’t wait for next week when Nick shows up!!

    I sincerely hope the bully’s read your blog and take it to heart, but I doubt they will. I don’t understand why people think they can say horrible things to others and it makes me beyond grateful I grew up in the 90’s!

  14. awesome blog! people can be brutal and I cant begin to understand why people want to hurt someone they don’t even know!? Be KIND…….. always!!!

  15. Not sure about the sudden change from JJ fighting hard for Kaitlin then getting all up and personal to Clint…it must be the real thing. Hey if its only just mates getting along or something more then i guess they have to figure it out. I don’t see them being dishonest at all. Things change. Thats life.

  16. I love your take on everything Jillian. I will NEVER understand how people can be so cruel. I was always taught to treat people the way you would want to be treated. How can people make judgements on individuals and situations when they don’t even know that person? This is one reason I believe social media fails. I guarantee most of these haters would never say these cruel things to a person’s face. Instead they hurt people and hide behind a phone or computer screen. It really is a sad state of affairs. Let’s all be positive!

  17. Great read and well said. I personally am not a fan of this season and have been an avid watcher since the beginning. That being said i would never ever think of expressing my thoughts that are not positive to any form of social media. Be kind, have your own opinions…but if you have nothing nice to say..don’t say anything at all!

  18. Jillian I just Love what you wrote. Thank you for putting it out there. But I do have a comment about last nights show so here is my vent …I know they edit for ratings but I was a bit sad last night as I really want Kaitlyn to find her true love but to see the 2 “boy-friends” commenting and behaving the way they did is really disappointing. I hope she is really able to find out what these 2 have been up to and what they have been saying. Now if they truly did find a relationship that did not include an interest in Kaitlyn then I would hope that we see them remove themselves from the show in a respectable manner. But it does worry me to see the interview clips with Clint and how he was presented. I think that Kaitlyn is an awesome 21st century woman and I am looking forward to seeing her find love.

  19. I agree, bullying is wrong regardless of any situation. People seem to not think about the effects that their words have on people. It is really sad that people feel the need to bring other people down. I mean no one is perfect, but that’s how we learn a lot of valuable life lessons…by messing up the first time.

    In regards to the episode, I read that the bromance between JJ and Clint was completely staged. I’m a big fan of Ben Z right now. He is one hunk of man! I also really like Jared. He seems to be such a sweet guy, and I love his honesty. And Kaitlyn seems to impress me more with each episode. She seems to be a pretty good judge of character and isn’t going to stand for anyone that isn’t there for the right reason and I like that about her. I’m excited to see what comes next.

  20. JJ and Clint were purposely satirizing/mocking the show. Probably for screen time! And so we would talk about them.

  21. I’m finding this season sort of painful to watch. It all feels contrived, scripted, much less “real” than previous shows. And I really don’t like that they’ve ditched the rose ceremony from the end of the show. I mean, that’s sort of the pay off for watching it all the way through. But, hey, I’m hooked on Ben, so I have to watch to see what will happen with him. But, I’m not sure my interest will last. It’s definitely on the wane.

  22. The show is becoming desperate for ratings and it’s very obvious. That’s too bad though…makes me much less interested in the show. Last night’s episode made me nauseated. There was nothing romantic or cozy about this episode.Everything from JJ and Clint, to sex ed (I was appalled…I have kids and I would be furious if they received such inappropriate lessons) to the horror chamber they had to endure. This show is supposedly about finding love and romance…so I was very disappointed with last night’s episode. I do like Kaiytlin and it seems like she has a few really good guys…so I wish her the best!

    1. The show is still number one on its night and is killing it in the key demo of 18-49 women, so they aren’t desperate. With ANY TV franchise (Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race) you are bound to see changes….some for the better and sons for the worst. Not sure what viewers expect. Trust this, if they scaled back the crazy, there would also be as many complaints that the show has lost its fun.

  23. Ben z is only 26, not sure he’s a good match for a 29 yr old woman looking to get married and have kids in a few years (her own words). Also hes a sweetheart but doesn’t strike me as Kaitlyns mental equal. These things matter more so than his yummy body.

  24. Well said Jillian!!! It annoys me when people follow certain people and they say awful things about them! If they really annoy you that much then stop following them! I don’t get some people.

    Take care!

  25. Totally agree with everything you said in your post. People just need to back the eff off and learn to worry about themselves. On an other note….I’m totally in love with the Bachelor/Bachelorette and have been a faithful watcher since day one….one thing I have always wondered is who comes up with the ideas of the dates? Because seriously, they are pretty damn good! Much love Jillian!!

  26. Totally with ya regarding Clint and JJ!!! There’s talk going around that Clint was just “joking” during the interview…who knows. All I know is that in watching all of that, I couldn’t take it. For the same reason you mentioned. Ugh! And Clint going back to kiss up (figuratively AND literally) just to stay in the house to be with JJ… Wrong… Just wrong… Stop hogging a spot that could be for someone who IS there for Kaitlyn!

  27. Hi Jillian! You probably don’t remember this at all, but some years ago after the Michigan State and Iowa football game in East Lansing I saw you and Ed. I said Hi to you and your response was “not now.” I wasn’t looking to get a picture with you or anything like that. I was just simply saying Hi. I love that you are preaching about kindness and positivity, but a kind response when someone says Hi is to say Hi back.

  28. judging by next week previews I feel like perhaps this “love” between clint and jj is more of a “bromance” for jj and a LOVE for clint…. or so it seems!! we shall soon find out!!! love reading your blog on the show Jillian!!

  29. Thank you for posting this! The comments I’ve seen on so many people from this show’s social media accounts are UNREAL. I use to always want to apply to be on the show but the past few years seeing the how judgmental people are and just plain MEAN on social media made me change my mind. Good luck to Kaitlyn on her journey to find love!!!

  30. Can’t stand Tony!!! I don’t know why he came on the show in the first place. Everyone knows this is a competitive environment and he was just so annoying to listen and even came off a little crazy to me! I can’t wait for next episode, but i DO NOT want Nick to join the show! Ugh! I did not like Nick at all before on Andy’s season and I do not want him coming into this one. But oh well, we’ll see what happens! …..

  31. Jillian I totally agree! Just because you don’t agree with someone’s actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. does not give you the right to publicly crucify that person! If it’s something you don’t agree with then DON’T WATCH! Remove yourself it! I will never understand why people feel the need to comment on something they “hate”, focus on things you like! What a sad life they must lead. Also, I am totally all about the benjamins, baby. #BenZ #BenH #Shawnishottoo

  32. Jillian I totally agree. And frankly I think what Kaitlyn is doing is important. Obviously I don’t know what if about to hit, but she’s being honest and real about sex in her 20s. We are all having sex and for the most part, we aren’t married, we have one night stand, we date multiple men at the same time and have sex and guess what?! We are safe, we used protection and we don’t get pregnant or have a million STDs. We have real careers and real friendships and having casual sex doesn’t change that at all. You Jillian will always be my favorite Bachelorette because of how real and positive you were and because you were honest about being a career wan. However, even though the road Kaitlyn is choosing is hard, it’s a really important one. Someone has to help change the dialogue and make a more sex postive culture. Good luck #bachelorette. Love you Jillian for you!

  33. Kaitlyn is an uneducated, immoral, heartless BITCH who showed our kids it’s okay to have sex on a first date!! She is total trash!!! She SHOULD be publicly shamed, ridiculed and beaten down!! We need to break her spirit so that our kids can see that whoring behavior isn’t rewarded!! I can’t
    believe she’s getting support!! Get this Canadian piece of shit off our TV screens and send her back to Canada!!! I can’t wait to see Kaitlyn cry like a little BITCH at the Men Tell All!!!!! There should be NO SYMPATHY for Kaitlyn!!! She’s a dirty WHORE who treats people like
    SHIT!! #SLUT

    1. I feel real sympathy for you, that you are going through life with such hate in your heart. What a way to live. I genuinely hope that, one day, you are able to let go of this anger and be a more positive, open-minded, contributing member of society. Good luck.

    2. Oh Vinny. So the Bachelorette is an educational tool now? How about you talk to your kids personally about safe sex instead of just sitting them in front of an ADULT show and then blaming the world for how they might behave. I truly feel sorry if you have a wife and/or daughter(s).

    3. We’ve all made mistakes and no one is perfect, that doesn’t make someone a horrible person who deserves the things you are proposing. I understand you’re worried about your kids learning “bad” behavior, but the bachelor or bachelorette shouldn’t be a show they are allowed to watch if you’re concerned about that. Seeing as how your kids did watch this episode, this could be a great teaching opportunity for you as a parent to educate them on your expectations and hopes for them and their dating lives. I am saddened by your hateful attitude towards another human being who sure, has probably made some mistakes a long the way, but haven’t we all? This whole message really struck me, if you want a good example for your kids, it starts with you. Publicly writing something like you just, saying the horrible things and words you did about Kaitlyn, does not set a good example for your kids on how they should treat others, it’s extremely hurtful and you publicly hating on someone like this is just as “Bad” as the mistakes your kids have been seeing Kaitlyn make on the bachelorette. She deserves forgiveness and compassion, no matter the mistake.

    4. Wow! I’m not really a kaitlyn super fan or anything but I find your comments so disgusting and offensive and not to mention hipocritocal. You say she is immoral and uneducated for teaching children that it is ok to have sex blah blah blah. If you have ever attended elementary school, you would surely recall that Sex Ed is a mandatory subject set forth by the ministry of education. All students that age will learn about sexuality, reproduction, love etc. I find you rather uneducated to conclude that Kaitlyn was trying to teach young people to have sex. I find you even more immoral and disgusting by insulting her in such a nasty manner ,calling her names that I would rather not read, and saying that it is ok to have her “beaten down”. What would any child learn from this comment of yours? That violence is acceptable? That it is ok to break people’s spirit because they make decisions you disagree with? I feel no sympathy for you and the fact that you are so small in mind and heart.

    5. Jillian Harris said it perfectly. If you don’t like living in modern times then don’t watch the bachelor. Kaitlyn is a woman of the modern world and has nothing to feel sorry about. Nothing but love for you Kaitlyn. #teamkaitlyn

    6. I don’t get it. Why are you so mad… it’s the weirdest thing to get so mad over a television show.

      ps are you screaming the words in caps? calm your heart rate.

    7. if she wants to have sex, she can do it however, whenever and with whoever she wants. she is a grown ass woman. sex isn’t shameful. being a total asshole is, though. thanks for coming out!

    8. You are probably a hypocritical over the top crazy religious person who thinks you are doing the right thing by saying such horrible things. You are the NASTY one Vinny! WWJD? He would not act the way you are acting.

    9. Why are your kids watching the show? This is more geared for ADULTS to begin with! Any show that has any type of adult situations in it is aimed for adult viewing, not children. You need to calm yourself and get a grip. Just because she hsas sex on a first date doesn’t make her a whore or a slut…things happen, one thing leads to another and before you know, it’s done and over with. And saying she needs beaten down? For what? you have got to be out of your mind for that statement. If you feel this strongly about Kaitlyn, might I suggest that you not watch the show or read anything about it…it might help you to not blow a gasket and raise your blood pressure.

  34. JH you are amazing – keep telling it how it is!! Bully was the right word. Super sad for those out there that can’t seem to enjoy life and make it a better one.

  35. I agree with all you said Jillian, people have much courage sitting anonymously behind a screen, and the fabric of humanity is really being tested and exposed through social media. Those same people are probably the type who are cowards in life!
    This season is shaping up to be a big disappointment for me though. For the very first time in bachelor history this may be the only one I’m unable to finish. Thought the sex-ed date was way over the line, actors or not, those kids were still kids, very uncomfortable to watch, plus, I will add, in any OTHER forum would not be acceptable and I’m shocked that the Bachelor franchise went there. I didn’t find the sumo date appealing either. Watching a bunch of blurred out butts and balls was just, well, gross.
    I want to watch a love story, not a trashy novel, for that, we can watch the kardashians.

  36. I forgot to ask… I should like your opinion, and everyone else, what do you think of the rose ceremonies being put off to the next episode? I understand trying different things, but it was always so fun to watch in anticipation of the rose ceremony! I don’t like this and hope it’s not going to be an ongoing thing!

  37. Jillian, do you not get that the JJ and Clint thing is totally fake??? For someone who’s been on the show for two seasons, you must understand how much the show is EDITED.

    1. I’m honestly TORN on the whole JJ and Clint thing…. but I do believe it is edited to portray more connection then there really is…. don’t you!?

      1. I really think Clint is hamming it up for the cameras! You can tell just by looking at his twitter page, he loves the attention

  38. Amen!!! It really is quite shocking the things people feel they have a right to say behind their computer screens.

  39. I take this show as it is… is the type of reality TV that is like the Kardashians…not much different. That said–hopefully she finds what she is looking for on the TV whether it is love, fun, fame etc. I will say that I do find everything a little to the extreme this season…i can’t imagine anyone really thinking watching people fight is romantic or adventurous. Producers are doing a good job at making it crazy and funny.

  40. Agreed. They are key board warriors hiding behind a screen. I find when you get people like that face-to-face they are cowards that are miraculously lost for words. I feel sorry for people like that going through life with so much anger and hate. Not a way to live. Love your work Jillian 🙂

  41. I think Clint is really interested in JJ. I think JJ hadn’t realized how interested Clint is yet. They are both narcissistic though, so whatever.

  42. Seriously, someone always gets hurt and ends up in the hospital when they have fighting/challenging dates. That seems like all Kaitlin wants to do. This isn’t American Ninja Warrior… and Kaitlin’s not the one getting beat up.

    1. Kaitlyn has zero to do with what the group dates are. The producers plan 100% of everything and she and the guys just show up. Please don’t lay blame on her for the nature of the dates.

      1. Im pretty sure they didnt plan the SEX in the show to be brought out OR maybe they did, you know its all about RATINGS…. it was wrong for her to do this to the other contestants. I just cant watch the show anymore, I thought Juan Pablo was bad but this beat him hands down. HISS OKAYYYY..

  43. I agree; I adore Tony as well. He’s a fish out of water on the Bachelorette, so most people won’t “get” him. He’s complicated, but that also makes him interesting. I think he’s kind of a gem.
    Interesting wins over shallow, any day of the week.
    He’s taken a pretty brutal beating in social media – by people who wouldn’t know a bonsai tree if it bit them on the a**. But that’s okay Tony, look around you. If some of these people don’t get you, that may be a good thing….wrong tribe, much?

      1. The Oracle of Delphi had nothing on “Jillian” and her musings; excellent point. You should consider getting in touch with Kaitlyn as I am sure you would have a lot in common.

        1. You think you ‘know’ someone based on the most heavily edited and producer manipulated show on TV? Oh wait, it’s called “reality TV” so it must be true! I have some land to sell you…

  44. This season of the bacherlorette is the worst one i have ever seen. I liked her at one time. Now not so much. What happened to the rose cerimonies. She sends every one home instead..She is a douche. And all the men that are left have already stepped out of their comfort zone already. All her group dates suck. Lots of her contenders have been no prize. I no this season will juat get worse. She is a piece of work and for the few good men that might be there good luck.

    1. Did you even read what Jillian said? Even if you don’t like Kaitlyn calling her a ‘douche’ solves nothing, is downright MEAN, and just makes YOU look bad. Keep your hateful opinions to yourself. You aren’t helping anyone by stating them.

      1. AMEN SISTA!! People are so rude and quick to judge. We are all human we have all the same needs and feelings and saying all this hurtful stuff on here will never change anything. Good grief!!! its exhausting.

  45. I’m trying to stay positive with Ms Kaitlyn, but me thinks she’s her own worst enemy.. If I were one of the bachelors I’d be concerned about the drama that seems to surround her.. Drama only shows up where it’s welcome..

  46. Doesn’t anyone else think Ben H. is hot? He’s my fav so far great personality maybe he will be next bachelor…

  47. Anytime anyone ever asks who has been my favorite bachelorette – I’m always team Jilly. I’ll never forget the hot pink pumps she wore with the skirt on the back of the motorcycle/vespa date. I was a fashion major in college – can’t help it! I always (and still do) admire her design and style aesthetic. Rock on girlfriend.

  48. I’ve watched the Bachelor /Bachelorette since it started, I just can’t wrap my mind around how unfair it is to have someone from a past show come on after it has already started. Everyone can see the feelings she already has with Nick, and I truly believe for the one’s who came on from the beginning and are still there for the right reason it’s not right they are wasting their time, energy, and most of all maybe their heart to someone who I believe is going more for the sexual attraction than anything else. They should of got her off the show to find out if there was any chance with Nick and started the show fresh with someone else for fairness to all reasons!

    1. I Absolutely Agree, How Dare She Bring On Nick The PRICK , She Planned It Herself, Sge Had Been Texting Him, Fb, Or Talking, She Told Him Where She Was Going And He Followed. She Is Not Innocent. The Wring Bachelorette Stayed. The ONe With A Sweet Heart Was Let Go, Guys You Messed Up!!! I Am Disgusted And Im No Saint Check Out The Way She Walks, Katlin Walks Like She Just Got rammed

  49. They should send Kaitlylin home, I would not want my son bringing her home for dinner. She acted like a dog in heat, we even had to listen to the groaning, in last nights episode. Stop all the drama, your future children will see all this when they grow up, what a poor example you have shown to millions of viewers. I have never written about anyone before, but I am so angry with the way you are behaving. The guy from Princeton was right on. Grow up, this is not a movie and you really aren’t that interesting. Every time you pucker up those lips and roll your eyes like you can’t believe someone would see right through you, makes me want to vomit. Your 15 minutes of fame will be over soon. I’m glad your not my daughter, behaving on national T.V. as if you’ve done nothing wrong. If you ask why I watch, because I can’t believe a person could act the way you do in front of millions. And Nick belongs with you, he should have never been asked to stay on the show. Your the perfect couple. The other men should walk off the show, that will get everyone to watch what the men really think, episode. Hope you change because you are on the wrong track…………………….I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to help you. Grow up, you’ve taken this to far, and its gone over the line It’s not like your looking for husband, but having a last fling at your bachelor party, if you should ever be lucky to find a man who will have you.

  50. Shut up you stupid cunt. Both you and Kristen Kaitlyn whatever the fuck her name is are both WHORES and if I was related to either one of you I’d be embarrassed. Kaitlyn’s a slut and so are you.

    1. Absolutely correct! Sluts like this moron Kaitlyn do a disservice to the entire female population. For all of the idiots who prattle on about double standards, you might want to consider the fact that there is no double standard when the subject upon which a standard is imposed is different from another upon which a different standard is imposed. Such is the case with males and females; there is no double standard but rather a different standard and that is because the fundamental attributes which are deemed desirable in men and women are different. Fidelity and loyalty are much more valued in a female than a male and a female who lacks these attributes will inevitably attract criticism and even ridicule. Such reactions are by no means restricted to men but often are most vociferously voiced by other females. Pseudo-intellectual, self-styled social commentators are out of touch with the reality of the human condition. If these keyboard sages wish to have any real staying power or credibility they would do well to acquaint themselves with reality.

    2. WOW Audrey how about you get a clue and actually read what Jillian just said!!! If you do not agree with what she says do you think calling her a c*nt is going to change her mind? Probably not. And second why are you even on here? Just to bash Kaitlyn? Bash Jillian? Well stay the eff off here. No one deserves to be spoken to that way. Karma is a bee so you get what is coming to you. Bye FELICIA

    3. You do a disservice to our gender by using the word “cunt”. If I was related to you, I would be embarrassed.

  51. This was the wrist bachelorette ever and she used Nick. The way she conducted herself on this wasnt right.

  52. The superficiality of this show, and the focus on the external body is misogynistic, I actually watched this season and was embarrassed as a human being. People, stop watching this crap!

  53. As a woman, I am humiliated that in this point in history, we are still allowing ourselves to be portrayed as idiots. Does anybody agree or am I on an only planet?

  54. Don’t even engage in this discussion about the sluts, yada, yada-this is what makes them money and advertisement. If you want to promote women being treated like this, go ahead. I wish everybody well.

  55. 1. JJ and Clint may have come on the show looking for a female partner, and found a male partner. We know now that it was a joke they were playing, but don’t say you’re supportive of same-sex relationships when you’re acting like they’re less legitimate than hetero ones. they didn’t intend to fall in love, it just happened, as love tends to do.
    2. C’mon, spell check is free. It makes reading frustrating and feels disrespectful to your readers.

    Having said all of that, you have always been my favorite bachelorette. Power to ya girl

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