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What’s Inspiring Me: DIYs!

I often get asked where I find my inspiration for my designs – not an easy question to answer! I find my ideas and inspiration from anywhere from endless magazines and antique shopping to novels, movies, nature, architecture, and history. And of course, from other designers and homes, too! I love seeing the way another designer sees an object and how it can be refurbished, recreated, reused, and displayed. It gets those design wheels turning in my head!

One of my most beloved sources to get inspiration from other designers around the world isThe Interior Collective, a ongoing collective blog by designers for designers (both professional and aspiring). One of my favourite parts of this blog is the CREATIVITY section in which designers give their insider tricks for DIYs, displays, and doing things a little outside the box.

Right now, I’m super obsessed with DIYs. Perhaps it’s because the cold fall weather makes me want to cozy up inside and allow my creativity to flow in the comfort of my own home, but, regardless, the satisfaction of the creation is soooo so addicting.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite Interior Collective CREATIVITY posts from the past year to see if I can inspire you to take what you’ve already got and make it new again.

Happy DIYing!

xo Jilly


5 Tips to a Perfectly Styled Coffee Table 

Designer Brittany Watson Jepson’s tips are very simple and straightforward, showing you how to use items you have in your home already to create the perfect coffee table – such an art form! I definitely keep these concepts in mind in my home, when designing for others, and even in Charlie Ford Vintage photo shoots. Read Brittany’s tips here.


8 New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

This is another post I love my designer Brittany. Some may think that chalkboard paint only belongs in the classroom or perhaps in the room of your little ones, but it can be so beautifully unique in a grown-up form too!! Read Brittany’s ideas here.


3 DIY Projects Every Beginner Should Try

DIY blogger extraordinaire Mandi Gubler always comes up with the cutest way to restore and upgrade old or cheap pieces into stylish design delights. Being a vintage store junkie myself, I’m always on the lookout for pieces that may not look pretty when I get them, but with which I can create my own vision! Love love this blog – great simple ideas for beginners or veterans alike. Read Mandi’s DIY ideas here.

Photo credit: The Interior Collective


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