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Wishing You the Happiest of Birthdays Jilly!

Good morning everyone!!! Do you know what day it is?!?! Well, besides the fact that it’s the day TEAM JILLY hacked the blog!! That’s right, today’s blog is coming directly from Shay, Mindy, and Mackenzie! You’re probably sitting there wondering why we could take over Jill’s blog today … well, it’s a VERY SPECIAL day over here today … it’s JILLIAN’S BIRTHDAY!!! So, while we have your attention … we would like to send a little birthday message out to our fearless leader!!

Happy Birthday Jillian Harris


First off, we absolutely LOVE YOU!! You are simply one of a kind … the mother of all mothers, the boss lady of all boss ladies … the list goes on!! Not only are you stunningly beautiful on the outside but you’re even more beautiful on the inside! It’s not often that you come across people with a fiery personality, a killer sense of humour and also the BIGGEST heart of gold. It’s even rarer that you can call one of these people not only your boss but one of your best friends too.

Jilly, it’s safe for us as a whole to say that you are more inspiring than you will ever know. You are driven, passionate, brave, kind, loving and generous and you work your ASS OFF. I don’t think you realize just how motivating you are to all of us girls, being able to work alongside you on the daily inspires us to be better in every way.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, we are so excited to see where this new year of adventures will take us and couldn’t be more thrilled to be on this journey by your side, whether it’s planting our bums in the sand somewhere tropical or sipping on some vino in your kitchen while catching up over copious amounts of tofu “chicken” tenders doused in Frank’s hot sauce.

Here’s to you, to your hard work and to your heart.

Happy Birthday Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Jillian HarrisIMG_0157 FullSizeRender 6



Shay, Mindy & Mackenzie


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  1. Happy Birthday Jillian. Thanks for always inspiring and entertaining. Wishing you health and happiness this year and always.

  2. Happy birthday Jillian! Wishing you and your lovely family (including Nacho Cilantro) a wonderful day and year going forward.

    I’m so thankful to the Bachelor franchise for introducing you to the world.

  3. Happy Birthday Jill! Not sure if you will see this or not. Just want to let you know that I’ve been following you since back on the Bachelorette. Your such an inspiration to women all around! I only hope one day to be able to find away to help and empower women in my area. I hope you have the BEST birthday ever! You so deserve it!

    One of your most loyal fans/ followers


  4. Happy birthday, Jillian! You amaze and inspire me! My wish for 2018 is that I can have your clone run my home! ♥️

  5. Happy birthday Jillian,

    You inspire and encourage many people. We thank you for all you do and we wish you nothing but the best! Have a fantastic year!!!

  6. Happy birthday Jillie

    Thx for all you do to keep us interested!! You’re doing a GREAT job!! Your team as well. I’m really sick so this will be very short.

    Have a fun day!!


  7. Jillian,

    I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I wish you all the best in the New Year, and I am looking forward to the long Insta stories, and daily posts. (As they keep me motivated too)

    Take care, ✨

  8. Happy Birthday Jillian. Wishing you the most wonderful day with your loved ones around you. I am so looking forward to seeing what you will surprise us with in the coming year.

  9. Happy Birthday Jillian! I hope you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends, you deserve it. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all who follow you..

  10. Happiest of Birthday’s to you Jillian! Keep doing you as you inspire all of us by your realness, honesty, and that smile! I hope you have a great birthday and 2018 as I will be doing more in 2018 and trying out some of the places, things, and foods that you have shared with us!

    Cheers to you! xo, Courtney

  11. Happy birthday! So grateful for all your hard work, this is the only blog I follow on a regular basis! Love all the inspiration, in all areas of life!!
    Enjoy your day and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!!

  12. Happy birthday pretty lady!! I hope this is your best yet and that you get spoiled by your wonderful friends and family. Love reading all your posts and stories because you are REAL and it is refreshing :). Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful year ahead ?, xo.

  13. Happy birthday Jillian! You are such a beautiful soul & are admired by so many people around the globe…wishing you a perfect day surrounded by those you love.

    1. Happy Birthday Jillian! Thanks for all your inspiration in the many faucets of life. I enjoy watching you, your family & team! Cheers to Canadian Girls giving it their all!

  14. Happiest Birthday Jill!!!!
    Hope you have the best day!!! You truly are such an inspiration in so many ways!!
    Thank you for letting us into your life one instastory at a time!! ❤️❤️

  15. Wishing you a very happy birthday!! Been a huge fan of yours since the Bachelorette. Your style, personality and cute little Leo have me watching your instastories daily. Keep being awesome!!

  16. Happy Birthday Jillian! Keep doing the the things that makes your heart happy! I love watching your stories on Instagram and watching Leo grow up. Your love for life, family and design is inspiring! Dont ever give up keeping us smilling! ?

  17. Happy Birthday Jillian! Keep doing the the things that makes your heart happy! I love watching your stories on Instagram and watching Leo grow up. Your love for life, family and design is inspiring! Dont ever give up keeping us smilling! ?

  18. Happy Birthday Jillian!!! I’m a huge fan! You are such an inspiring woman, amazing mom and freaking hilarious!! Hope you have an awesome day!!

    P.s Team Jilly seems like an awesome group of woman ??

  19. Happy Birthday Jillian! You are inspiring and so appreciated. Thank you for letting us in on your world. I especially enjoy your instastories. Have a wonderful day! xo

  20. Happy birthday Jillian!

    I just wanted to tell you, that I had a very hard time last six months. When the life was on darkest side, the only thing make me smile was watching you and Todd in Love it or list it. Now life is little bit lighter and I have made all my friends (in Finland) love your show too 🙂

  21. One classy woman. Have a spectacular Birthday. May 2018 be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity. Sto Lat Jillian!

  22. Happy Birthday Jillian!! Thanks for being such a bright spot in so many people’s days, especially mine! Keep shining your beautiful light from the inside!


  23. Happy Happy Birthday Jillian! My wish for you today is to be surrounded by the ones you love with laughter, dancing wine and of course CAKE! I may not know you personally but feel like we have a Canadian Connection, your instastories make me have all the feels in the regular! Here’s to another trip around the sun chicka!!!! HBD Amy J

  24. Happy Birthday!! Here’s to another year of fun adventures! Thanks for sharing your heart and life with us! I keep hoping I’ll just bump into you around town one of these days and hopefully I could keep it cool and not go all fan girl, but no promises. ?

  25. Happiest of Birthdays beautiful Jillian. Thanks for putting laughter into my day with your insta stories. All the best for a fab year ahead. God Bless.

  26. Happy Birthday ? Jillian hope you have an awesome day. Really miss you on love it or list. You were my piece of sunshine after a long day of work. Celebrate ???❤️

  27. Happiest of birthdays ? Jillian! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all. Even if we’ve never met, your passion for life, and your kindness towards others, is heartwarming and makes us all feel good. Your blogs and posts are always so uplifting and beautiful . May your birthday be extra special, and may you and your family and friends have a very happy and healthy New Year! ?

  28. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May you spend the day with family and friends who are celebrate what an amazing woman you are.

  29. Happy Birthday Jilly! You became one of my most favourite people back in your bachelorette days! You continue to inspire me and the rest of us on a daily basis!! Keep up the hard work and hope your boys spoil you rotten today!! And Happy New Year!!


  30. Happy Happy Birthday Jillian …You are just such a giving ,Joy filled person and I am so glad of your continued success!! In, life, love, and obviously wonderful friendships and turning what you love and are great at into a career..You continue to inspire us all and I wish you all good things..enjoy the journey!! Hopefully you will be taking some well deserved time to enjoy your birthday !! and that adorable baby AND adorable!!! ..husband of yours!! Cheers..

  31. Happy birthday greetings to a beautiful & generous lady! May you have a blessed year filled with love & laughter!! ??????????

  32. Happy birthday Jillian!!!! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter surrounded by the people you love. You deserve it! I look forward to your blogs and instastories everyday. You inspire me with your heart and generosity. I cut back on my Xmas shopping this year so I could adopt another family from my daughters school for Xmas this year. Instead of 1 family I did 2. It felt so good to do that. Thank you for inspiring me to give back. Have a fantastic day

  33. Happy birthday!hope you get 2 presents instead of one lol (I am a Xmas eve baby ) now let get serious, wishing you alll the best, health and happiness today and always.

  34. Happy Happy Birthday Jillian! I hope today is ALL about you! You deserve it for bringing us the best all the time! Thank you for being so real, inspiring, loving and generous!

  35. Happy Birthday Jill. Thank you for your endless inspiration, entertainment and teaching us about making the world a better place. Have the best day filled with your luvs. ❤️

  36. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. You always put a smile on my face each day as I read you blogs or insta, you should be so proud of what you have achieved. Enjoy every minute of your birthday with your beautiful family xo

  37. Happiest of birthday wishes you today Jillian! I hope you have a wonderful day today and all of your birthday wishes comes true! ???❤️

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLIAN!!! I’ve loved following you on IG. Your stories often crack me up, especially when I have a rough day. We’ve also gone through a whole house reno (while living in the house) over the past few years and I understand your struggles! Anywho, I wish you another wonderful year!

  39. Happy Birthday Jillian!!! I love following your Instagram page
    And blog for all of your content: Family, Fashion, Food and Design and I look forward to seeing the new brands you partner with that are local and more sustainable in the new year, or your fast fashion finds whatever you decide.

    You are awesome and I love your authenticity and your brand- keep being your awesome self!

    I am so glad you have such a fun team behind you who support your vision and care so much about you. All of you do such a great work and I wish you all the best in 2018!

  40. Happiest of birthdays to you Jillian! Hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for sharing all the snippets of your life with us! We enjoy every moment!

  41. Happy birthday Jillian, we share the same birthday. Nice to know someone Canadian that’s famous. Can’t wait till the show is back on.

  42. Wishing you A very Happy Birth day. Filled with pretty pink balloons, lots of hugs and filled with laughter.??????Burnaby B.C.

  43. Hi happy birthday beautiful is my wonderful step sons birthday. He is all so ful of joy.hard working special person

  44. Happy birthday Jillian! It’s so true what your friends have said about you. I’m inspired by you and what you do all the time. Thank you and enjoy your special day:)

  45. Love this, team Jilly! Happiest birthdays to an awesome, bad@$$ boss babe mama! Thanks for sharing your life, passion, work, and family with us! I love following your journey, no matter the topic you post!

    xoxo Laura from Columbia, SC

  46. First come to know you from the Bachelorette Canada. You continue to entertain women of this country. Love your current show and your lovely family. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from Grande Prairie, AB.

  47. Happy Wonderful Birthday to you Jillian ❣?
    Thank you for inspiring me to be the best amateur designer I can be on a budget and helping me taking the time to search for amazing finds to create the look I want to live and dream in. Thank you for your amazing creations and funny spirit that brings laughter to us all❣Please have a fun filled day?

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