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You Asked, We Listened: Justin’s Presets Are FINALLY Here!

You read that RIGHT, Justin’s presets are finalllyyy here! After we released our Love and Holiday Preset Collections I couldn’t believe how many of you requested we release Justin’s presets next. Well, folks, the day is here, and just in time for Father’s Day. Talk about an easy gift for dad without any shipping delays. 😉

The Backstory

If you’re wondering how Justin’s presets came to be, let me give you the backstory! After we launched our Holiday and Love collection, we brought Rachelle (our photographer) on board and in addition to helping our team she also started helping Justin edit all of his photos too. My feed was so bright and airy, naturally Justin wanted the opposite of that, something more moody and colorful. Funny enough I actually LOVED the preset Rachelle created, but always made a few small adjustments when I applied it to my photos, which is how Rosé Love was born.

Over the years, you may have seen my feed transform from a light, bright and airy vibe (which I still love) to now adding a little bit more contrast and warmth to my photos. Want to know the secret to achieve that look? I use Rosé Love AND Justin’s presets religiously on my feed. I use them interchangeably on all of my photos and I’ve been loving this new vibe.

So, without further ado, I am SO excited to share The Justin Collection with you!

The Justin Collection:

That’s right, we releasing not one, but THREE variations of Justin’s preset. Each preset will give you the same effect, but they are each meant for different lighting scenarios and conditions.


The shade preset is to be used on photos that are shot in the open shade. If your subject is outside but standing under the shade of a tree, this is the preset you’ll want to use. It’s going to give the photo a little bit of a punch and remove some of the green that is usually cast on your subject.


This preset is name as a nod to Justin’s slight obsession for golf, LOL. This variation of the preset is best used for any photos that are shot in the harsh sun. If your subject is front-lit or back-lit, this preset will even out the highlights and the shadows.


Lastly, the Rugged preset is best used for any photos shot indoors that are evenly lit. Whether you’re taking a photo of your home or flat lays this will be your go-to.

Is this preset collection right for me?

Are you looking to switch up your editing style and add a little more punch to your feed? Do you LOVE Justin’s feed? Then this preset collection is for you. These presets are VERY different from any of the other ones that we currently have available. They are going to make your feed feel a little more drastic, and add some more punch, and I have to say they are a fan favourite over here at Team Jilly.

Well, what are you waiting for? Add these presets into your roster, and you will be leveling up your Instagram game in NO time! PLUS, if you want to test one preset out, we have them for sale individually for only $15 or $30 for the full collection. Run don’t walk.



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