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10 Staples Every 30 Something-Year-Old Needs in Her Closet

Happy happy Monday to YOU!! With our recent move and being foced to pack and unpack my closet I started paying attention to what I considered my “staple” items these days. While my style has stayed pretty much the same over the years (I mean other than obvious fashion trends), there are a couple of new items in my closet which I didn’t think would be in there, like a one-piece swimsuit for example. I thought I ditched those when I was 5. Who would have thunk?! LOL!

Anyway, as I sorted through everything I thought to myself that this could be a fun blog to share with you all and low and behold that’s when the “10 Staples Every 30-Something-Year-Old Needs in Her Closet” was born. Right there, in my mess of dresses, shoes and flattened cardboard boxes. I should mention here that this blog DOES NOT only pertain to those of us who are in their 30’s, it pertains to ANYONE … I just so happen to be in the later years of my 30’s and felt it was an appropriate title … LOL!! Ok now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s dive in!

1. Midi Dress: The “Midi Dress” falls just below the knees but doesn’t go all the way down to the floor like a Maxi Dress. They’re a spring and summer STAPLE! I have a couple of midi dresses that I LOVE, both are from Urban Outfitters and they’re pictured below.

Jillian Harris Hair AccessoriesJillian Harris Fashion Staples

Drop Armhole Midi | Button Down Midi

2. Cute Nikes: If you were watching mine and Kaitlyn’s antics via Instagram Stories last Wednesday you would have heard my story from back in the day when I first met Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn would ALWAYS wear runners and I thought it was a total fashion faux pas. so … me being me … I told her not to wear them ALL THE TIME (LOL!!). I know, I’m an ass. LOL. BUT speaking of asses, karma came back and bit me in mine because it turns out she was ahead of the fashion curve all along … they’re now TOTALLY IN STYLE and I wear Nike sneakers all the time!! Sorry, Kaitlyn … you were right … I was wrong.

Jillian Harris Fashion Staples

Pink Nikes

3. One Piece Swimsuit: I used to ONLY love bikini’s and I thought it was SOOO FRICKIN WEIRD that people wore one piece swimsuits UNTIL I saw Shay wearing them (she ONLY wears one piece suits). She convinced me to purchase the striped one below and I thought for SURE I was going to hate it. Welp. Turns out I’m a one piece mega fan. Dammit. Foiled again.

Jillian Harris Fashion StaplesJillian Harris A Week In My Closet

Striped Suit | Ruffle Off the Shoulder Suit

4. Ruffle Tops/Dresses: Not only are these little ruffle tops and dresses soooo effing cute (and stylish) BUT they also hide those little lumps and bumps (you know what I’m talkin’ about) … dual purpose. WIN WIN.

Jillian Harris Coconut Lemonade RecipeJillian Harris Fashion Favourites

Eyelet Ruffle Tank | Peplum Shift Dress

5. Comfy Chunky Heels: It’s no lie … I’m a girl that loooooves her heels but if one thing has changed over the years and after having Leo it’s the size of the heels and comfort takes priority! I know some of you are probably looking at the bottom photo and thinking “Like HELL I’m wearing heels and pushing a stroller” but heyyyy, while I’m a huge sneakers fan I also like to get dressed up and hit the town with my main man, which is WHY I’m so picky with my heels now!

Jillian Harris - Fave Heels-2Jillian Harris - Fave Heels-4

Pink Heels | Black Heels | Oatmeal Heels

6. Cute Hat: Well this is just a no-brainer hats are amazing for beach days, bad hair days or those mornings when you’re just running behind!! Just toss on a cute ball cap, floppy hat or a fedora and you’re good to go, sister!!

jillian-harris-maui-recap-travelling-with-leo-3Jillian Harris Fashion Staples

Sun Hat | Felt Hat

7. A Big Clutch: I love me a BIG clutch… and yes, size matters here ladies. The bigger the clutch I can get my hands on, the better! When I’m out and about I like to have a clutch big enough to throw all of my things it in and forget about them!

Jillian Harris wearing a summer dress and sandals from Nordstrom.

Pink Clutch (similar)

8. Little Black Dress: The LBD!! My absolutely FAVE little black dress is from Aritzia (pictured below), I love it for the fact that I can wear it to all of my events or “fancy” nights and all I really need to do to dress it up or down is switch up my accessories!

Jillian Harris Fashion Staples

Black Dress

9. Overalls: I’ve ONLY shared these overalls about 100 times with you already but I’m SO EXCITED to have finally found the perfect pair of overalls!! They fit so go, they don’t make you look frumpy AND they’re only $45. SOLD.

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet-4


10. Jean Jacket: A jean jacket is so perfect for those chilly Fall, Spring AND Summer days … I think we ALL have a jean jacket or two in our closets … and if you don’t … what in the hell are you waiting for?? They’re the best!

Jillian Harris and Justin PassutoJillian Harris Fashion Staples

Jean Jacket

What do you consider some of your closet staples?? Share away below!!



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  1. A staple for me is a black form fitted tshirt, black almost but not quite leggings, a pair of black flats and a black jean jacket.
    Could you guess my favourite colour?

  2. Love so many of these things! Although i’m a 20-something in university, my must haves are a denim jacket ( I have one bleached oversized, 1 cropped and fitted), a good leather jacket, a black maxi dress that goes with everything, a couple pairs of short boots to go with my favorite ripped skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, my one staple pair of black heels, a comfy pair of black leggings, some flannel plaid shirts and long tanktops!

  3. Oversized sweaters and tees (GREAT for breastfeeding mamas ;)), black leather ankle boots, leather jacket, crossbody bag AND a pencil skirt or two (I’ve got a white and black one).

  4. Hey Jillian! My recent summer staple is the high-waisted short, specifically with a bow-style tie. My go-to staples over the last view years have been long-sleeve denim shirt dresses, tissue cotton v-neck t-shirts and flat-heeled booties. In terms of colors, I actually have brown hair and super pale skin, so I try to avoid black. I turn to brown, navy and white…maybe a little too much. Thanks for sharing this adorable post. 🙂

  5. Hiya! Love your style! Ive just ordered the 2 summer dresses! Can i ask where you got the blue hair tie, the brown boots and the black boots from please?? Also Ive seen you in a cute little fedora type hat with the black grossgrain bow. Where can I get this from or are you able to tell me the name of it please. thanks! Mels

  6. It’s all about a good variety of summer dresses for me! Depending on how i’m feeling it;s either a short, mid or maxi. I could live in dresses! Thanks for the links!

      1. A recent staple for me is a beautifully soft pair of ripped jeans. I believe that anyone can carry this look successfullly. I am 42 and I feel perfect in these.

        1. Jillian, I love your style. It is unpretentious and easy. And, I love that you shop at the same stores as I do!

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