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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Laila & Dan

This is SUCH a cool episode of Love It Or List It Vancouver for a couple of reasons … for starters, it’s our 100TH EPISODE!!! Eeeepppp!! Secondly, after this episode wrapped, Laila had a beautiful little boy named Sebastian! How FREAKIN exciting is that?! She was literally ready to pop when we were filming which REALLY put the pressure on! LOL!

When Laila and Dan first purchased their 103-year-old character home it felt HUGE for the two of them … then came along their first baby, then twins and then Laila found out she was pregnant with their fourth! Needless to say, this family was starting to quickly outgrow their beloved home!

Laila REALLY wants to stay here in their cozy home because it’s already filled with so many amazing memories! I mean, Laila and Dan were married in this home and they brought their first born home right here in this house!! I can TOTALLY see where she is coming from here! But Dan, on the other hand, wants a bigger more modern home for their family!!  Soooo … in order for them to stay, I have to maximize the main floor space, renovate the living room and kitchen, create a mudroom complete with storage, repair and refresh their main bathroom and create a nursery. No biggie … right?? LOL!

Ps. If you want to see how the whole episode unfolds, you can watch this episode of Love It or List It Vancouver, here! Or, check out more photos of this space, here! Plus you can cruise the shopping guide for all products used in this reno, here!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

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Welp. As expected with such an old home we ran into a few “little bumps” such as the roof … which needed to be replaced along with their ancient duct work, pipe and old wiring!! GULP!! Not only are these pricey to replace but they also really affected what I could accomplish in the home. We ended up having to remove the refresh of their bathroom AND the nursery off of their list … and the nursery is a BIG DEAL!!! Now they have to figure out where their fourth child is going to stay … OMG … this is not something I wanted to put on them!! She teared up at this news which then made ME tear up … it was hormone central!!

Anyway, even with the few issues, Kenny and his team worked their asses off and did SUCH an amazing job with this reno!! Even though the news about the roof was a downer, I have to say it looks SO MUCH BETTER with the new roof, we even gave them a new beautiful door and massive window on the exterior of the house and it looked AMAZING!! Such a nice way to welcome Laila and Dan to their newly renovated home!!

Inside we completely changed things up! We added the most perfect mudroom in the entrance complete with little hooks for each childs’ jacket, cubbies for the kids and LOTS of storage!! PLUS heated floors … ohhhh yeahhh!!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

We were able to give Laila the open concept kitchen and living room she had been dreaming of! We completely removed their old fireplace which not only opened up the area but it also gave the illusion of more square footage within the home!

In the kitchen I made sure to take the cabinets as high as I could to maximize storage space, we added a big brand new window (thanks to Westeck Windows) above their dreamy farmhouse sink and installed nice new cement coloured countertops and a stunning hex backsplash from Julian Tile!

In their living room they now have a beautiful custom couch from Sofaworks made from stain resistant fabric and built-in storage for all of the kid’s toys … two really important features for this family of 6!!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It VancouverJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver

I was so disappointed that the budget wouldn’t allow for me to give Laila and Dan the nursery they needed for little Sebastian but I REALLY think I was able to pull this reno off even with the mishaps that came along the way. A huge shout out goes out to the fine folks at Powell Painting and Metrie for really tieing this space together!!

What would you have done if you were in their situation?? Would you have loved it or would you have listed it??

THANK YOU to Janis Nicolay for the photos!! Plus, be sure to follow Love it or List It Vancouver on Facebook for episode updates and more fun behind-the-scene photos.

Same time next week?!



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  1. It was gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!! Hopefully they can save some money and have you come back and do the bathroom and extra little bedroom one day!!! Thanks for updating us on the birth. I was hoping it would show at the end Of the episode when he was born and his name

  2. Love this!! Where are the wicker baskets and wire baskets from in the mud room? I’m looking for some good ones !

  3. Jillian, you are the MASTER! I’m looking to buy a home in the Washington, DC area and I saved the images of this kitchen so I can apply elements of it to my new house. (I thought it would be rude to say straight up steal the design. :P) The color palettes and materials…to die for!

  4. Loved the tri seated stroller that you presented them with….that will really help with getting out and about. You really did an awesome job, Jillian and company…Oh…did I mention, I just love the show!

  5. I LOVED the mud room you gave them!!! so functional yet stunning, bright & spacious!

    And of course the kitchn…stun-ning!!!! love the colours, the cabinets, light, back splash…just…awww worthy!!

  6. Love all of this! just wondering where the baskets are from in the mudroom? I need to buy some 🙂

  7. Congrats on the 100th episode!! Love every single episode!!
    I’m so in love with the coffee in this last episode (Laila & Dan). Can you pls tell me where I can find it?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Love this home makeover! We would love to be on your show, we have a home with a lot of character but needs some major updating to stay… but we might also want more property…hummm?! How do we apply for love it or list it Vancouver? Xo

  9. Beautiful Design! In love with the kitchen color so much.
    What was the color used in the kitchen cabinets?
    We just got a new place and planning to repaint our kitchen cabinets the same way:)

  10. I would really love to know the color of the kitchen cabinets as well or some colors you think are simialar bc I absolutely love the color!!

  11. I know this is an old post, but any chance someone can tell me the type of floors and name of the flooring?

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