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Jillian and Justin: Premiering Tonight!

OMG you guys … I CAN’T believe that Jillian & Justin is FINALLY premiering TONIGHT!!! Our life has been documented for the last year now and it’s really hard to believe that we are really going to share so many candid moments with EVERYONE!!

I have ALL the feels about this … from excitedness to nervousness to literally wanting to crap my pants terrified … many of you are going to see a side of me that I’ve never shared before. I can’t express just how real and raw these moments are … maybe even a little TOO real … when a camera crew follows you around like your shadow for 365 days you honestly start to FORGET they are there!!! I never used to believe this when people said that but I can tell you first hand, it’s friggin TRUE! LOL.

Jillian Harris Jillian and Justin Docuseries

While the docuseries is only 4 episodes long, we’ve managed to share the most precious, heart-wrenching moments of our lives with you … from camera crews being in our bedroom at 6 am some mornings to ultrasounds, my water breaking and adjusting to life as a new MOM & DAD … we’re not holding anything back and we REALLY hope you enjoy this docuseries because we are scared sh*tless to share it!!!

Jillian Harris Jillian and Justin Docuseries

So round up your friends, grab a few bottles of vino and some snacks and join us on this wild and crazy ride of ours, we’ll be together with friends and family watching the premier together so make sure to tune in TONIGHT (OMFG) on W Network at 10pm!!!!

Ps. I’ll be sharing a recap of EVERY episode with you the day after it airs so make sure to swing back to the blog tomorrow around 10am to read my VERY FIRST recap!! I CAN’T WAIT to hear what you guys think …


Jilly, Justin, Leo & Nacho

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  1. Jillian –
    Yay! So excited for you! Love keeping up with you guys and all of your adventures with little Leo. He is precious. Do you know if there will be a way to watch from the states? (I’ve even tried to watch some of the previews and I can’t — it says I’m not in the right “geographic location.”) Would love to watch if possible, even it it’s later on. Thanks and congratulations!!

  2. Are there options for viewing this in the states? Even the video clip on the W network page about the show says the content is not available?

  3. I’m super excited to watch this!
    Two questions! What time zone would this be?
    andddddddd Will this be view able online?

  4. I’ve been following you for so long now that it feels like I already “know” you! lol I consider you to already be very real and transparent so it will be fun to see the (even) more personal side of you. 😉
    Good luck on your new show…. if it’s anything like the rest of your endeavors it will be nothing short of awesome. xo

  5. Jillian! I’m such a big fan and honestly look up to you as a role model….now….how can we watch Jillian and Justin with you in the US?! Will this be aired later or on Netflix, Hulu, anything!?! Must watch, please help!!


  6. So excited! I can’t wait to come home from soccer and watch it! I’ve been looking forward to this day! ?

  7. Jillian, thank you for sharing your life and your love with us! You are a daily inspiration to me and you are so blessed with a beautiful family and team. Congratulations on your show and all you’ve accomplished with this wonderful life! Much love to you! ~Stephanie

  8. What a great show! Have watched you and love you on “Love it or List it”. It brought back so many memories of when our son was born almost 24 years ago. But OMG, what were you thinking, planning the renos around he same time as the birth. Just for the drama of TV? You and Justin will be great parents for little Leo!

  9. WOW what a captivating show Jillian! You and Justin are entertaining, real, funny and a joy to watch!

  10. Congratulations Jill and Justin! Wow! Now we’re going to be even more obsessed with your life haha!
    No seriously tho, you were a trooper for that labor!! Loved the show! Thanks for sharing with us! I have followed you since the Bachelor cause you were the cool Canadian chic and Im Canadian ?

  11. Jill and Justin!!!!!
    Watched and loved!!!! My fiancé and I found it so encouraging! Between our busy careers, planning a wedding and building a new home… we often feel like we’re failing at life and “doing it wrong” lol. After seeing a quick glimpse into your life, we can relate! And it makes us feel so much better knowing that the life struggle is real for everything, and not as perfect as our social media lives may lead you to believe! Thanks again! Can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes! And that house!!!! Holy moly!!! Xoxo

  12. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to see it yet ( I live in the states) but I can honestly say I can’t wait til it appears here. I follow (and am addicted to) all your Instastories so this sounds so awesome to me. Maybe you will make it a full-time series?

  13. I truly loved your show last night, you guys are amazing… Love you in Love it and List it Vancouver and love you in this. Thanks for sharing your journey with your fans.

    I have 2 boxes and love you see yours in the show too.

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