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Jillian and Justin: Our Very First Episode

Holy crap wasn’t last night a crazy episode?? I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we shared SO much of our lives with you!!

I know I mentioned this before but I’ve had some questions from people wondering WHY we would want to open up and share so much … actually, I’ve even came across a comment on Facebook from a lady who said she wasn’t going to watch the show because it just seemed like the life THEY were living … but that’s the point!! LOL!! We wanted to share our candid moments with you to show you that we are a family just like everyone else. We have our ups and downs and moments in between and since my Bachelorette days, I’ve been wanting to share these parts of my life with you. I feel like I’ve been pretty open over the last few years and while there have been a few bullies here and there, most people really appreciate the behind the scenes glimpses of our life … even if it’s just the opportunity to laugh your ass off at our expense!! LOL!! We truly hope you enjoy these four episodes as I feel so lucky to have the ability to share our story with you.

Jillian Harris Recap on Jillian and Justin

Okay, back to the recap … oh man … where do I even begin?? Wait. LOL! Before I start typing at Mack 10 speed here, I should also mention that the purpose of these recap blogs is to share my thoughts with you and to elaborate a bit on what happened in the episode … PLUS it’s a chance for YOU to ask me any burning questions you may have!!

Alright, let’s start with my water breaking!!! So, remember when I shared my birth story blog (read the blog post here) a few months back and I hinted about the camera crew being there?? Well, we were filming for this show and we wrapped for the day and low and behold my water broke two hours after they left!! My first initial instinct was to get ready and head to the hospital with JUST Justin. Yes, I had imagined it being just the two of us. But then, Justin mentioned he thought it would be such a unique experience to capture this on camera and while I was hesitant at first, my personality took over and my “more the merrier” mentality kicked in. I was in labour and the WHOLE film crew was there!! LOL … not really what you expect when you’re having contractions! LOL!
Jillian Harris Recap on Jillian and JustinJillian Harris Recap on Jillian and JustinJillian Harris Recap on Jillian and Justin

Back up a bit to earlier in the episode to Justin’s accident … holy sh*t!!! That was one of the scariest moments of my life … especially being pregnant with Leo! I was absolutely horrified when I spoke to him and my mind was totally racing all over the place as you can well imagine. The reaction you saw last night was REAL … we were actually in the middle of filming for Love It Or List It Vancouver when I got his call. That was my actual reaction. Literally, when you see any drama unfold in these four episodes, it wasn’t an act, it just so happened that the camera was there to catch it!

Can we also just chat about the Vancouver baby shower quickly?! OMG … watching all of this on TV … and reliving the whole thing … I was speechless!! Everything was beyond beautiful and watching it all over again made my eyes swell up with tears of joy. If you don’t remember seeing it check out the blog post recap here. Monika Hibbs, Aly Armstrong and Shay planned and organized the WHOLE thing for me and my “bean” … aka soon to be Leo!!! I’m soooo grateful for it because it’s such a special memory that I always get to look back on!Jillian Harris Baby ShowerJillian Harris Baby ShowerJillian Harris Baby Shower

I KNOW I’m going to get this question so I’ll address it right now while I remember … for those of you who really want to watch the Jillian & Justin show but are located in the States, we are STILL working on a way to make these available to you!! At the moment you can only view them in Canada but we’re REALLY hoping and crossing our fingers that these four episodes are responded to well here so we can eventually make them available for you in the US!

I also want to quickly add that there is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton light fixture (at least I don’t THINK there is … lol) it was just a figurative comparison to the expensive light fixtures I purchased for the house! LOL!! Actually, speaking of the home … remember the asbestos issue we had?! The bill ended up coming in $10,000 HIGHER than our original quote … I almost fainted. Which leads me to my question for YOU … has ANYONE EVER had an asbestos bill that high?!?! I’ve never heard of an asbestos job that pricey before!!

Alright loves, that’s it for me … please, PLEASE, make sure to share your feedback and ANY QUESTIONS you may have about the episode below and I’ll try my absolute BEST to answer them all!!!

Make sure to tune into the second episode of Jillian and Justin next Wednesday at 10pm on W Network!! If you missed last night’s episode, you can catch it online here!

Until then …



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  1. Enjoyed watching the first episode. Beautiful scenery and beautiful family. My favourite part was watching you and your dad. The rocking chair scene brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the first episode! Totally down to earth, real, and refreshing! Loved the Tupperware joke. Will be watching next week πŸ™‚

  3. I watched half of it but had to get to bed. I recorded it though and I can’t wait to watch the rest tonight. I loved it. And died laughing at the Tupperware. So glad you have a drawer and issue like that too. Love your little family!

  4. Is there a way I can watch it online???? I’m dying to watch but don’t have cable! I live in Canada!

  5. Absolutely LOVED the first episode! What you said about showing that you guys are just living your lives.. I think it’s easy to believe that everyone lives a perfect life when you post the highlights on insta etc. and it was nice to see the behind the scenes of it all. It’s really brave of you to share your personal life with everyone and I’m excited to watch the next few episodes!

  6. I have been so excited for this to air since you announced it and I absolute LOVED watching these moments!! You are a gem and I look forward to your insta stories every day!!

  7. Loved last night’s episode SO much! It was everything I was anticipating and more! I cried and laughed my way through the whole hour πŸ™‚ Happy for you and your family! Can’t wait for next week!

  8. As I crawled into bed last night a little after 2am, I shamelessly laid there and flipped through my insta stories and literally HALF of them were of people who had also just watched the premier of Jillian & Justin. Holy smokes. It’s funny how you can be so proud of someone you don’t even know for being vulnerable and having so much local (and international) support its crazy!

    Congrats to you, Justin and Leo! Something to be proud of and the coolest memories you will have for a lifetime.

    Cheers Jill Xo

  9. Great show Jill! Have watched you on all the tv shows you have been on and follow Love it or list it every week! Love that we get to see the behind the scenes and the begining of your guy’s journey witg Leo! Is the house from your baby shower, a venue people can rent for parties? Or someones house cause that would be an awesome place for a wedding!

  10. Excited to watch it tonight – I pvred it. With a baby I cant stay up that late! He is an early riser. Love all your shows πŸ™‚

  11. Absolutely loved the show!!!! I laughed and cried.. thanks for letting us into your beautiful life for 4 episodes .. can’t wait until next week!

    Justin definitely forgot the name of your doc when you had your ultrasound, didn’t he? Hahaha it was totally something my husband would have done too!

  12. So, had you purchased the new house and we’re just planning on filming that remodel post Leo withou anything else to the show aside from the house? Still a little unclear about what you where filming when you decided to had the birth and all othe personal aspects.

    1. Hi Clara! Thanks for your question! The idea behind this was supposed to be a series documenting our renovation but it slowly turned into something much more personal as little Leo decided to make his arrival into the world shortly after the crew left our home … Justin wanted to catch it on camera even though we weren’t planning on sharing it with everyone but I’m so so happy we decided to! xo

  13. I am sure the series is awesome…you’re a lovely, fun woman! Your makeup last night for the party looked amazeballs btw!

  14. Really enjoyed the show Jillian,it was a refreshing reality show for a change,because it was real.

    Loved it when Leo arrival was imminent,and Justin said “Do you want to go to the hospital now,or wait a few months?”

  15. I’m seriously dying right now. Although the pix. are awesome, I want to hear, feel the vibe that you experienced. come on Canada, blow this show up so the States will have no choice but to air it. Damn States, what are they thinking. With the way the states are being ran now, well….. anyway, I want to see you. As Miranda says #WeShouldBeFriends xoxoxo

  16. I absolutely loved the show!! I wish it was longer than an hour, ha! Talk about a Stunning View, OMG. Your House is Amazing! You guys come off totally hilarious, cant wait for more episodes!

  17. What websites are we able to use to rewatch the episodes? I missed the premier last night and would like to watch it. I’m also in Canada πŸ™‚


  18. I absolutely loved the episode. Been following your show for a while and than came across your instagram and let’s just say I became a big fan of yours since!

    Loved the behind the scene shots. Couldn’t believe how much the asbestos quote was! plus 10,000 more! *fainted*

    The baby shower was out of a dream. Your girls did a fabulous job!
    Can’t wait to see more next week <3

  19. You are amazing and I loved it. Where scared to have all of Canada seeing you like this. I love watching you on tv. Btw I need designer help come back to Calgary please need advice….Melissa

  20. I’ve never left a comment before but felt compelled to after watching your show last night. It made me laugh, cry (bawl) and reminisce on my own birth story with my daughter just over a yr ago. Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are so inspiring, love your style and have such a beautiful little family P.S. my husband and I also were scared that our 2 dogs might eat our baby lol fast forward a year and a bit and they all get along so well :). Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

  21. We have asbestos in our house that needs to be removed when we start our renos here in Ucluelet and now I’m terrified- that’s insanity! I can’t even believe that!

  22. Hoping the episodes get tons of exposure so we can watch them in the US!! The anticipation is killing me!!!

  23. Unfortunately, I’m here in the states but I’ll be hoping to see the episodes eventually!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that I just think you’re the best and thank you for sharing so much! I love your story and how real you keep everything in ALL aspects of your life:) xo

  24. Loved the show! Had no clue there was an ” age difference ” between you? Would never guess and who cares ?… You are a perfect couple! So glad you ended up with Justin… Much better match than either of the ” Bachelor ” or ” Bachelorette ” fellows.
    The ” babysitting” part was hilarious! Good ” share”… And Kudos to Justin for doing the diaper change! AND the bath.
    The whole episode was great! Thank you for sharing this personal time with us. Your Mom & Dad are sweethearts. Living in Lethbridge? Feels like we are practically neighbors. ?

  25. I guess I am not too sure what I am supposed to do to post this. So I will try again hon. You rock Baby Girl!!! And I am so proud of you and very proud that I am related to you!!!! Love Aunty Jackie?????

  26. Hey Jillian , I am a designer who has been following you for quite a while. You are “Killing it girl “!!!! Congratulations.

    We are living and working in Qualicum Beach. My contractor who is one of the biggest ones out here just didn’t asbestos removal for over $45,000 and another one for over $90,000.!!!!!!!! I know right absolutely insane money just for that. Hopefully that’ll make you feel a little bit better. Regulations have changed so much over the last two years with the government and disposal centres it’s just jacking up the price to astronomical proportions. Hopefully you and I won’t run into that problem again as we too are renovating our Beachhouse and building a guesthouse and just went through it. Lucky for us we have no us Asbestos which was crazy because the house was built in 1990.

    1. Hi Heather!!! OMG thank you for letting me know that!! That makes me feel better about our asbestos issue!!!! XOXO

  27. I absolutely loved the show and look forward to the next one. Your baby shower was like a fairy tale with everyone wearing white and the amazing decorations. A lot of work and love went into making that day very special for you.
    My one question about your new home and finding the asbestos. Did you have someone come in to check out the house prior to purchase and if so how did they not know about the asbestos? It sure was an unexpected added expense but glad it has been dealt with so you are now living in a safe place.
    Thanks for opening up your doors for us to have a peek at your life. Glad Justin was not hurt in the accident. I love your little family and look forward to what’s next!
    All the best,

  28. Oh and I would love to know where your baby shower dress is from, I can’t seem to find it anywhere :)!

  29. Loved it! You guys are too cute and I loved how organic the whole thing was! I have a little guy as well and I found myself relating. Can’t wait until next week!

  30. I wanted to thank both you and Justin for sharing your lives with all of us. The first episode was magic and full of many tears. This will be so special for family to have and look back on. Much love to your little family ?

  31. I loved watching the show Jill! Can’t wait to watch the other 3. I’ve followed you and your family and blog for years. Keep doing you girl ! You inspire a lot of people xox

  32. I just loved the show and I could watch it every night .. better still id love to be a fly on your wall .. I have to admit that I have never been a reality show lover .. and I m sorry to say that I never watched the bachelor or bachelorette shows .. but I simply adore you on Love it or list it … you have such an amazing personality … your family (mom and dad are so loving ) and Justin is a gift !!! Leo .. of course is a blessing .. he is absolutely beautiful !!! I live in Kelowna so seeing my own city on tv was crazy I will watch all the episodes .. I’m dying to see how your house turns out .. you are my favorite decorator on TV.. I wish I could do my place in white !!!!! anyway .. thanks for sharing your life and thanks for introducing your parents and family .. have a great day Jilly xxxxx

  33. I loved the episode! I feel like I already “know” you from Instagram and Snap, so it was a bit like watching a friend on TV. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  34. Jillian, I love your new show!! And you of course! Your husband is a gem and wow that beautiful baby boy, how precious! So happy your family is in the show too. Looking forward to all the episodes.

  35. I enjoyed your show very much. I love to watch Love It or List it Vancouver too. I will stay tuned in.
    Best of luck and love to you both. πŸ™‚

  36. Loved the episode last night. Love love loved! Looking forward to the next three. Loved the behind the scenes of Love it or List it, loved the family scenes and love watching you and Justin.

  37. you put your beans in the girls pot at your shower! at that time did you think you were having a girl? or was it just a wild guess? loved the episode πŸ™‚

      1. Now you can live on your little Leo and get your girl fix with Sam’s little Hayden! Best of both worlds!

  38. Hi Jillian! I live in Ontario but don’t have cable/satellite. Can I watch your episode online somewhere?


    1. Hi Ashley, I got the link from Jill’s facebook page, you can watch it on the W network. I watched it on my iPad πŸ™‚

  39. I love LOVED the first episode. And unfortunately for my husband, it has now given me baby fever again haha
    I can’t wait for the next three episodes!

  40. I wish I had my kids birth day on video, for my own viewing pleasure not everyone else’s! Lol
    It brought back that day for me watching yours. Loved the show!

  41. Loved the first episode! You guys are so real and relatable and I just want to hang out with you lol!! My 2nd son is 2 weeks older than Leo so I was a bit of a puddle watching him come into the world ??
    Can’t wait for next weeks episode!

  42. Hi Jillian!
    I really enjoy watching you and Justin’s first episode! How real And truly raw everything was made it that much better! I am a new mom( babes 6 months now) and I followed your journey when you had Leo and now to see what all went on was truly amazing!! I had very very similar birth experience along with selling/renos and buying a new place plus animals!
    Can’t wait to watch the next 3 episodes!


  43. Thanks for was fun watching the behind the scenes of your life. Your family are delightful! Glad you are not signed on to do a reality series coz we know what happens to most who do that..eek..splitsville! And we certainly don’t want that to happen to the two of you. Also, you are a great plus for Tourism BC…love the Okanagan Valley and am fortunate enough to be headed there from NB for a visit in August. Keep smiling that gorgeous smile!!

  44. I remember watching your snapchat (pre-instastories I think?!?) of the swim in Okanagan lake before you went into labour and always thought how cool of a ‘last’ evening that was! I was pregnant as well and had a baby boy in the fall. We are still mid-renovation of our home and I love getting inspired by your style! Will you be returning to Love it or List it next season?

  45. Love you, your fam and loved the show!!! Been such a fan since I watched you on the Bachelorette. I also recently had a babe and not only love but appreciate your honesty in regards to all things parenting. Your instastories and blog posts were such a treat for me to catch during my little guys nap times when I was on Mat leave! Ughhh I miss those days!! Anyways, love it! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  46. Hey Jillian!!

    Were you surprised that Justin ended up being right about the sex? πŸ™‚ And thank you for opening up your lives to everyone! And we are all human, and all of us make mistakes, so there will be no judgment here :).

    Amanda Panda

  47. So happy for you !!!! Simply amazing what you have achieved! You should be so proud.. even better yoir from kelowna!!! Im so sad i dont have cable (also work alcoholic) lol so i havent seen the first episode.. my my called me 5 times during she was just loving it!!! Will you be able to watch it online at all?
    Keep being amazing! Your an inspiration to so many ?

  48. The first episode was awesome. You had me laughing, crying and wanting to watch so much more. Love you guys.

  49. This episode was so so great! Thank you for being real and raw and letting us cry and laugh with you. Jillian you’re a gem and hands down the best reality star out there. So much love to you and your little family.

  50. Heya! This was the first episode I happened upon and liked it! Just so happens I also live in Kelowna since 1999. Watching you and sweetie as the pregnant couple was adorable. I kept thinking “I hope they’ve got a great Dr like I do” then, during the delivery scenes….my Dr Krisitie! She’s the BEST! Enjoy the wild ride that is parenthood. Drink in every moment. Treasure the ups and downs. It goes by so fast. My son is 30?

  51. Ah loved the episode so much !!! Would you consider doing a full time reality show with Justin and Leo?!?!

  52. Loved the show, you guys are so real, so cute and very fun to watch and I thank you for sharing. Just stay real!

  53. Couldn’t help but have tears come to my eyes watching Leo come into the world !!

    Thank you for sharing all of these amazing moments – the good AND the bad. Can’t wait to see the other 3 episodes ! xx

  54. Jilly last night wa amzing! I loved everyminute of it. …as for you being so open on National TV well all I can say is that is YOU! When I met you at YVR and we shared that flight the one thing that struck me was how comfortably open you were and it refreshing. We tend to only see the polished on all social media. Folks just showing the good times and the happy moments and that is great keeping it positive but it isnt relatable. Real life is messy sometimes and we all have shit that hapens. Glad you kept it realy Jilly Love ya! SUre hope there is going to be more than just 4 shows would love to see more. Keep up the great work and COngratulations to you and Justin. Jill you work so DAMM Hard be proud you earned it!

  55. Jillian it was amazing to watch you and Justin actually kind of a breath of fresh air as I have a son who is now 4 and my partner and I have been together 10 years and we are not married. I got engaged when my son was 2 we had just bought our forever home. So kinda like you, how you want to get married but not sure when. I had my son at 27 weeks so when u said “I have been waiting all my life for a child not to lose him” was exactly what I felt when they took him from me before my partner could have lost me and the baby! Now he’s the most amazing, healthy 4 year old! I laughed and cried last night can’t wait till next week!

  56. Absolutely LOVED the show! Like the woman you mentioned above, when I watch your insta-stories, and this episode, I think, “Wow – we are so similar!”. (Except I set my PVR to watch it, unlike her). My now husband and I were together for a few years and I wasn’t getting any younger… so I became extremely sick of the question “When are you getting married?” because my response was also “You’re asking the wrong person!”. But you know what? When he did finally propose, I started planning a big wedding, but a couple of months in, it became about the wedding, not the relationship. So we both put a stop to the planning. We eloped with our immediate family only, and then had a more informal party at our house. It was the BEST thing ever! Such a fan of yours – keep sharing your life. The best part is, that it’s not perfect, so it makes it so much more relatable!

  57. Loved your first episode Jillian! You are so real it is refreshing. Leo is adorable. Did you end up having a C-section in the end when things got serious? Can’t wait to see the renos to your house. I absolutely love your style. Will you be doing any Love it or List it episodes here in Kelowna? Looking forward to next week’s episode. xxoo

  58. Hey Jill might be random and you might not reply. But I love you so much watched you all the way back in the first season of bachelor. I have watched you grown as a person and now a moma!!! I am a young mom to my one year old son! Graduating this year πŸ™‚ &&a I watched your show last night and loved it. Your such an amazing mom you really are. I was wondering where you get all of Leo’s adorable clothes from I love them so much.

  59. You are definitely one of my faves. But for some reason I have been blocked off your instagram. Can you please put me back on!

  60. How can we watch in the USA?! I’m dying to see the show but can’t find anywhere I can buy or watch the episodes.

  61. I’m with Justin on not understanding how one little human can have such a stinky diaper haha!
    Looking forward to the next few episodes!

  62. I have been looking all over for your show and didn’t know until reading this blog that it wasn’t available in the states, which is where I am. So bummed. We’re all missing out! Even if it’s not on TV, why can’t they put it online? Would love to see it!

  63. I was delightfully surprised how well it all turned out and just felt REAL! Helps you speak words that are how you feel even if some are swear words. Also felt so much better about Justin as he for the first bit I followed you did, he seemed he did not like all the social media photos and posts. But he totally is onboard and a ham!! Omg you two are so great together. Awesome parents and I am so in love with Leo ? Could he been any more adorable and cute. Finally heard him cry on Sammies Instagram. Was worried he was always perfect lol!! I am so proud of you and so happy you are ours in Canada. Got to watch it at 8 pm as I am in Edmonton. Also all your family and Justin’s are such a compliment to your real lives ?????

  64. Loved watching Julian and Justin. Always tape Love it or List it. Really enjoyed Laila and Dan. So glad to hear she had Sebastian so now they are a family complete.

  65. I loved the first episode. I felt a full gamut of emotions from hysterical laughter to sobbing. I have a daughter that is a few weeks older than Leo… the first episode was like going back to 11 months ago to all the emotions I was feeling. Raw, real, heartwarming. I can’t wait for the next episode. ??

  66. Jill I have to say it again….thanks for being you and letting us inside your world. You’re so refreshing and real! I love following you and your fam on Insta, I feel like I’m a part of your group. ( My kids make fun of me when I talk about Jill and what’s going on with you guys) Anyways, the show was great and looking forward to next week. Thanks again and don’t ever stop being you!??? Love from Ontario …Tracie

  67. I forgot to ask….in the one pic after the birth, was that J’s dad with his mom on FaceTime?? Was he here there from YYC?

  68. LOVED last nights episode, so real and raw and most of all, completely relatable!! You make me lol all the time on social media, so this was a real treat being able to hang out with you for 44 minutes!! Thank you for sharing your life with us, you are a gem!!! XO

  69. Only 4 episodes ? Will there be more maybe?? I really enjoyed the show (and our 2 beautiful cities) !! You were honest, open, funny and you two made me laugh (and almost cry when you said bye to Nacho when you went to the hospital!). Well done to all who put the show together. xoxo

  70. Love love loved the episode and the real ness you two have! Can’t wait to watch the other episodes! Also how do you keep your whites so white!! Haha

  71. This episode made me laugh and it made me cry…. well done! Only sad we only have three episodes left ?

  72. Jill!! You drove yourself to meet Justin after his accident THAT pregnant and a terrified mind! Giiirrrlll!

  73. I enjoyed the episode very much. I almost was hoping for more! It felt like only small snippets and left you with wanting to see and know more. Not to sound too intrusive, just that it was interesting and it’s nice to see how you navigate through your daily demands. How you went from leading a “normal” life to one that is of being a tv “star”.

  74. Seeing a glimpse of your Tupperware drawer with mix matched lids actually made me relieved….lol!! I love things to be organized and
    Beautiful but being a mama to a busy 2
    Year old that drawer is always chaos. It made me feel less stressed and more normal as ridiculous as that sounds!! It’s so hard
    To have it all together all the time! Loved the show and thank you for being you!

  75. Wish I could see the show Jill but unfortunately cant here in Australia. Hope it comes here one day. Hugs xxo

  76. I LOVED your episode. I had my son a month before Leo was born and watching the pain in your face during the contractions brought back so many feelings for me. Giving birth is the hardest most rewarding and selfless thing one can do, but it is also such a privilege. Thank you for being so real, loving, and fun to watch. I can not wait for the next episodes. I think all new moms watching your show will be laughing and crying right along with you!

  77. Hey Jillian,
    Thank you so much for choosing to share such a big part of your lives with all of us. I have followed your story since the the good old Bachelor days and I am so happy that you have found your happy ending. Everyone deserves great love and happiness ❀️ Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  78. I just love following you! I appreciate it so much that you put a real face forward and that you share wonderful and beautiful things but also your struggles. Thank you for being so open and hilarious and honest. And for always giving us sweet Leo tidbits! My son Wyatt is 15 months and Leo is a sweet reminder of where we just came from. Anyway, I am blabbing. I think your honesty/hilarity/curation of pretty things is what women/moms/people need. Also, I know you’re working on it but fee free let those of us in the states know who we need to annoy/gush to/sleep with (just kidding on that one…) to be able to see your show! xo

  79. Would love to be able to watch the episodes from Hong Kong some time. BC born and raised and living in China now…had my baby boy here last September and can’t help but assume our experiences were maybe a bit different! If you’re curious you can read about having a baby in Hong Kong on my blog πŸ™‚

  80. Already love it…wishing there was more than 4 eps. Guess it’ll be back to giggling at your Insta-stories πŸ™‚

  81. Loved the first episode ,you guys rock!
    Jillian, I am a huge fan since you were on the Bachelorrete, you are so real, humble, grateful, you have a great energy and you are so much fun to be around!
    Lots of love and blessings to you and your great family!

  82. Hey Jillian!
    My mom and I just got a chance to finally sit down and watch your show tonight (we recorded it)! We absolutely adore you, but let’s be honest who doesn’t? I have been watching you in Love it or List it since the show started and I honestly thought, wow I adore Jillian! She’s funny, real, genuine, and of course, STYLISH! But tonight after watching your show, I realize how much life and spirit you have! I can 101% say you are a huge romodel to me because of how happy, real, funny and caring you are! You are so brave to show the world your life, but that’s just what makes you even more amazing! I just recently had a baby myself and being able to relate and laugh my A$$ off was awesome!!! I can honestly say I probably had the exact same conversation about pooping during labor with my significant other!! I can’t wait to watch the next show and for anyone that tries to put you down, just remember there are more people who’s spirits your lifting up! ❀️❀️

  83. Loved watching last night. My due date is right around the same time as yours was with Leo, makes me so excited for my little bean to arrive! Wondering if you could tell me where you got your t shirt dress from that you wore to labour and delivery. Looks unbelievably comfy! Xo

  84. Loved the show! Realistic and raw. Was I dreaming or did you mention a “jewellery and clothing line”? In your show? When is that occurring!? As for the asbestos…. I think cost is wayyyyy too high! It’s not an apartment building!… it’s a home! From watching you in love list Vancouver and following you on your blog and now this you seem like someone I knew forever and a friend. Look forward to the other shows and think you should consider more shows!!!

    1. OMG I agree … I think it’s way too high as well!!! Thanks for your feedback, Barb! As for the clothing and jewelry line, I’ve done collaborations with Melanie Auld and Privilege Clothing! XOXO

  85. Congratulations on a successful first episode! Watch your Instagram feed every night before I hit the sack-love your life and how transparent you are! Hoping to spot you and your sweet boy (Nacho too!) in the Okanogan this summer!

    1. I DO have Snapchat but I’m really not on it much anymore!! I use Instagram stories about 99.9% of the time!! XOXO

  86. Absolutely loved watching the show last night with my husband! As someone who has lived in Lakeview Heights for close to 30 years, I just love to see all the familiar scenery. We just had our second child one week ago at KGH and seeing your labor & delivery scenes brought back all the still-fresh memories for us. Maybe it’s the hormones but the tears came out. Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  87. The show was awesome. Very real. My favourite thing was in a a preview where you are having a meltdown and saying to Justin, “Please just stop!” (as in, stop talking, now!). THAT is real life. We’ve all been there! LOL! I don’t know how you dealt with cameras during labour, but thanks for taking us on your journey.

  88. If it makes you feel any better about your asbestos bill, I’ll share a very brief version of the house building horror my husband and I went through. After living in a starter home for 8 years we decided it was time to design and build our dream home before starting a family. After almost two years of designing, building and major issues our builder went bankrupt, committed mortgage fraud, faking our signatures and fled the country to Poland. He overdraw his loan more than we had agreed to pay for the whole house. We lost our 265K deposit with no recourse, after having sold our house, while living back in my parents basement. We could no longer afford to buy and finish the house. Ironic enough two weeks earlier while on vacation in San Deigo my parents were in a major highway accident where a driver crossed a double yellow passing a semi and hit them, send them rolling. Luckily non life threatening. Anyway, people always say our story puts things into perspective! I absolutely love your show, blog and Love It or List It! Keep doing what your doing!

    1. OMG Jen!!!!! That is so terribe!! I feel for you! Ugh!! I hope everything is looking up for you now!! XOXO

  89. Jillian…..Loved the first episode! I laughed my a$# off and cried all in an hour. I swear like a trucker, I love that part of you lol. A real person, sharing her real feelings. You and Justin rock! Can wait until next week. Thanks for letting us in and sharing. Cheers until next time.

  90. I hope you tell us at the end of the last episode that you are pregnant again!
    You are, aren’t you?

  91. Your 1st episode was awesome !!! Too bad there’s just 4 episodes, it’s like a teaser !!!lol
    I had a baby boy a month later then little Leo, and it brought back so many memories .I had to give my little boy a squeeze, almost in tears by the end of the episode !!

  92. Jillian, my favorite part of the whole episode was when you were at your parent’s house looking at photos and just listening to your dad talk about you. I love seeing that relationship between you two–so heartwarming!!

  93. Looking forward to hopefully get to watch it in the states! Love everything about you and your little family. That Leo is absolutely precious!!!

    I am sure your show will go more into the reno experience, but I think on one your snaps you mentioned working with a designer. Considering you are a designer yourself, do you feel it releases some of the pressure of decorating an entire house?? I have only decorated small spaces in our apartment (all Jillan Harris-wannabe style of course :-)), but I found even one room to be overwhelming. Any specific inspo sites you use to create your perfect look, outside of pinterest?? Anywho, YOU ARE AMAZING! And I absolutely love following you! xoxo

  94. You guys are so adorable and so relatable. My husband loved the show too! Can’t wait for the next show!

  95. “Tupper-where-the-f#%!*s-the-lid” — you nailed it!! Too funny. I’m forever going to refer to mine w/ this name! LOVED the show and can’t wait for more! Must add, my mom’s a fan of you simply b/c you love your boxer so much! They really do think they’re humans, don’t they?!

  96. Jill, who took the pics of you and Justin and the pregnancy test? Was the film crew there??
    I LOVED the episode and seriously hope this becomes a regular series!!
    Biggest fan here! ~come visit in sooke BC xoxo

  97. Hi Jillian ! I really enjoyed watching the episode. I am 18 weeks pregnant so when I was watching the part where you were in labour and when you were with Leo, I just started crying like crazy! My boyfriend didn’t know what to think!! It was really moving and I can’t wait to watch the other episodes.

  98. LOVED it!

    Leo is so cute and it’s so crazy to be able to see how he has changed so much from then until now. You forget it wasn’t that long ago he was a little bean and he just gets cuter and cuter.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone! Congrats on the success of the show πŸ™‚ xo

  99. Loved the episode and the capturing of your everyday life. I’m so glad you found love and Justin seems like a great guy. Congratulations on your successes.

    Do you think the bill for the asbestos was that much higher because of the financial position you’re in? It seems that contractors pick their price depending on who’s paying. Hopefully that’s not the case here.

    1. I thought it was soooooo high!! Honestly, I’ve never heard of an asbestos bill that high!! GULP!!

  100. Thank you for sharing the raw emotion of your every day life. You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

  101. Hey, any chance to see this is Finland? ? We are late in everyting! Love it or list it vancouver season 3 just aired, hope we get to see more ?

  102. Hi Jillian,

    Been a huge fan since you were on the Bachelor. Loved your show so much – I had to watch it twice!!

    Kelowna looks great. Trying to convince my hubby to move there from the burbs of Vancouver now. So many people are leaving the lower mainland.

    You have probaby answered this a million times but did you and how early on did you try your “hot dog theory” on Justin? He seems like a great guy – good Dad and partner.

    I have teenage boys now and have always worked. I can tell you that you can do it all. It is a bit of a balance but my kids are great and normal. Looking forward to seeing more of you and your family.

  103. Just watched episode 1… FINALLY!! Love seeing you, Justin and baby Leo (and of course Nacho) being real and sharing such precious moments with us all! <3

  104. I love following you on Instagram and love your little family. I am dying to watch the show!!! Please share it with us in the states! πŸ™‚

  105. you guys are family goals lol!!! I have been such a fan of you since the bachelorette and I love how real and genuine you are.

    Can’t wait for the next three episodes! πŸ™‚

  106. Hi!

    I can not see the episode from Spain with your facebook link!! Is there any other website to see it?

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  107. It was incredible first episode!!! I love that this show doesn’t sugar coat anything and you’re so real! Love watching your show I can’t wait for next weeks episode! Xx

    1. Hi Carlota! At the moment it’s only available in Canada! I’ll make sure to let everyone know when it’s available everywhere else! XOXO

  108. Hey Jill!

    Have you had anyone else have issues with watching the episode using that link? I can’t seem to get it to work! :(( It won’t play!

    1. Yes, please let us know when it’s available in the US. I live in California and am DYING to watch but that link isn’t working :/

      Love you guys!!!

  109. What an amazing show!!! You’re truly inspiring, the relationship Justin and you have is incredible!!!!! I cant wait for more episodes!! Hurry up Wednesday!!!

  110. Hi Jill!
    Love that Canada can now see you on another tv show! Little Leo is so beautiful, and you three seem like such a real, joyful, down to earth family. Your struggle to find balance is truly inspirational and relatable. Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Keep rocking it girl!

  111. Jillian,
    I am totally loving your Instagram stories..little Leo is the absolute cutest! Will your show ever be available in the states?! I am dying over here in Arizona wanting to watch it!

  112. I would LOVE to watch this in the UK, the online link doesn’t seem to be working here either. Any hopes for it to be online and available in all countries?

    I follow your Insta stories every day and absolutely love having you a part of the day.

  113. Hey Jill!
    LOVED the first episode and cannot wait to watch it again this week! One question I have is did Justin end up catching Leo during birth!!?? I feel like it was talked about a lot but we never found out if he was brave enough to go down there LOL! XOXO

  114. Loved the scene with Justin looking for matching lids in the Tupperware drawer! lol something EVERYONE can relate to! #thestruggleisreal

    The first episode was amazing, gave me all the feels. Congratulations. Amazing job!

    1. So glad you posted link as I was so sad we didn’t get it in Texas!! I will watch tonight. Love you, Justin and little Leo. You are real folks — living real life!

  115. Hi Jillian,

    I was away so I had to wait until last night to watch. Thank goodness for PVR! I just wanted to say thanks so much. I think you are so brave for opening up your life like that. I saw your Instagram story of you when you were in tears talking about someone who posted something nasty. To do this with full knowledge of the criticism that will come your way is amazing to me.

    I loved watching you, Nacho and Justin in bed talking about how those moments are going to be rare. I remember having that same conversation with my hubby and our dog, a boston terrier named Rocco. Rocco would rest his head on my tummy. It took me right back to those precious quiet moments. It was so real.

    Best of luck with the show. I hope you soak up all the love coming your way and have the strength to ignore the haters. I’ll be watching!

  116. Just watched first episode. (7-8pm, jun26, Victoria) but can’t tell from W channel listings when each new episode first airs? Can you help me out? We want to tape them. Thanks!

  117. I have been trolling your website trying to find out where your baby shower dress is from.. can you share your knowledge? It’s absolutely adorable!
    I stumbled upon your show today and am in lovvveeee with you both and with what you have been able to do with your life and the internet.
    Keep it up pretty lady!

    1. Awww thank you, Hannah!! My dress was from the JH for Priv line but it’s not available anymore, unfortunately! XO

  118. MVA’s are so scary. That brought back memories of the couple who rolled their vehicle/trailer off the highway a few summers ago & we were both 1st on scene. Your heart was huge even before you had Leo. xo

  119. I absolutely loved the first episode, FINGERS CROSSED that this will become a regular series, I’d love to see more of Jillian and Justin, Leo and Nacho:)

  120. Hello from Airdrie,

    I am hooked up with your show every Wednesday’s!You touch our hearts and bring memories to people with your experiences. You are doing a great job!

  121. jillian

    what is the name of the restaurant in Kelowna on episode 2 before you had to go back to work in Vancouver . Tourism Kelowna must love the show with all the beautiful shots. Congrats on the new show and family. Brings back a lot of memories when our kids were born

  122. Hey – loving the show! I was a semi fan before from Bachelor and Bachelorette. But I am a big fan now – I like how you have new content on your website all the time, you really realize the importance of that. And your pics are so beautiful. Enjoying getting to know you outside of the shows!

  123. I haven’t been able to watch the Jillian and Justin documentary series. I am in Canada and would love to go back to see them but there are no links available to watch them! We don’t have cable in my house, but I really want to watch it online! Any suggestions?

  124. Displaced Canadian… just found out that this was airing!! Would love to be able to watch these stateside!! Please post an update if it becomes available. xxoolv

  125. Hey there
    really love you Justin and your little family and would love to watch the series Jillian and Justin. I can not seem to find it anywhere.We are in the UK and no link is working. Any ideas on where I can watch it? I cant even buy it on iTunes over here

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