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11 Little Day to Day Changes I’m Making

I feel as though we’ve been making some amazing little changes in our home lately and I thought it would be fun to share 11 of them with you today!! These are little things that I have started doing regularly that not only make me feel good but that also help our the environment and our local community as well!

These are little changes that I’ve been toying around with for a while and finally just felt confident enough to share them with everyone! It takes time to make the changes but once you do you feel SO good about it!

Let’s dig right in!!

1. Bring My Own Bags Grocery Shopping

I started “attempting” to bring my own reusable bags to grocery stores and markets years ago … but I failed so many times. Im happy to say as of about 4 months ago Im doing good! I’d say I have a good 80% success rate at remembering and always feel SO proud of myself when I put my own bags up at the till lol … who’s with me?!?! If I happen to forget my bags I opt for paper bags and use them in our little compost (more about this in a bit!)!!

Jillian Harris 11 Small Day to Day Changes I'm Making

2. No More Plastic Produce Bags

I stopped using the little plastic bags for veggies and fruit in the produce section, you have to wash it anyway and there’s really no point in using these. Plus, there are cute little Market Bags out now which come in so handy, not only are they cute but they’re reusable too!!

3. Use Compostable & Biodegradable Bags

Not only have I started buying compostable and/or biodegradable garbage AND Ziploc bags but I have officially started WASHING my Ziploc bags too!! Yup … that happened. LOL!!  Next up I want to try that “wax” paper instead of cellophane … anyone tried it yet??

Jillian Harris 11 Small Day to Day Changes I'm Making

4. Reducing Bottled Water

I use my big Starbucks cup for water and take it with me everywhere I go!! I’m trying my best to reduce the number of water bottles I go through on the daily, even on set!  We also have a no water bottle rule when filming big projects at the house. Production has to bring their own reusable bottles, I’m such a badass! LOL …

5. Composting

Yes!!! We have finally started composting!! We have a countertop composter and have started putting our scraps in here which will then eventually make its way out into our garden!!  The goal is to put as little into the garbage as possible and also reintroduce nutrients into the soil!

6. Dryer Balls

I’ve just recently started using Saje’s dryer ball and essential oil set in replace of dryer sheets! They’re better for the environment and totally reusable!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet sheets scent more than any sheet of downy so its a triple win!

7. Being Mindful of Single-Use Plastic

Im trying my very best with this one but when I can I will eliminate single-use plastics … however, I still use balloons for Leo’s birthday’s so I know Im being a bit of a hypocrite here but it’s a work in progress!! But I find myself thinking twice when buying something … looking at the bottom to see if it’s recyclable or asking myself if there is a “package” free version I can get! I even brought my own bread bag to the market (because bread does stay more fresh in plastic) but I saved the bag from my last loaf of bread and brought it with me to save on that extra bag!

8. Buying Local

I have been going to the local markets SO MUCH this summer and Im absolutely loving it!!!! It feels so good to know where your produce is coming from and also knowing that you’re helping a local business. In fact, the other day I was in the grocery store and I asked the produce gal where the potatoes from Canada were and she said they didn’t have any … I thought that was CRAZY since it’s the dead of summer here in the Okanagan, so I left without buying any and decided to wait until I went to the market!!

I try to make it to our market at least once a week for local produce!! Buying local is SO IMPORTANT as it doesn’t have any travel time, it doesn’t have to come here on boats and cuts down on the environmental harm!!  Check your produce sticker when you buy and see if you can find “local” alternatives … other than items like bananas, pineapple, and kiwi you should be able to get your hands on most local produce you need during the summer!

Jillian Harris 11 Small Day to Day Changes I'm Making

9. We Have Our Own Garden

We planted our very first garden this year and we are so obsessed with it!! It’s been such a cool activity to do with Leo and while we planted it late in the season it’s still doing pretty darn good!! We’ve had an issue with aphids so our crop isn’t as fruitful as I imagined but its a great learning lesson and when we DO get a juicy tomato or radish you can bet we appreciate every last bite!

10. Continuing to Reduce Our Animal Consumption

While we aren’t fully vegan, we are still trying our very best to continue to reduce our amount of animal consumption. It’s been a work in progress over the last few years but I would say we are still about 90% plant-based. We decided to go more plant-based for a few reasons, we opened our eyes to animal cruelty that happens in most/many factory farms … we have been more conscious about where our food comes from and lastly, eating meat is actually bad for the environment. Check out a few eye-opening stats on this, here!!

Jillian Harris 11 Small Day to Day Changes I'm Making Jillian Harris 11 Small Day to Day Changes I'm Making

11. Used Over New!

I haven’t COMPLETELY mastered this one yet but we’ve been starting to love used stuff way more especially with toys and clothing for Leo (and baby #2!). The next best option is also shopping locally … and being mindful of what his clothing (and our clothing!) is made from and where it was made!! A classic example, Leo got TONS of wonderful very thoughtful new gifts for his birthday which of course he loves … but his favourite of all? A set of old hand me down HotWheels from our old neighbors. I love that this missed the landfill and went back into little Leo’s hands … I also love that this meant no packaging to throw out from this gift!

There you have it!! I hope some of these have inspired you to make little changes in your day to day lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to comment below and share some of your little changes with us!!



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  1. Is there a box store that you can buy the sage dryer balls at. I live on Vancouver Island and didnt really want to order online, just not sure what stores carry the Saje brand

    1. I think they’re only available at the Saje store but I know Nellie’s has some too which might be easier for you to find??? xo

  2. Love, love, love your ideas. Thank you for sharing. The grocery bags is a big one for me and a big “win” for me when I remember… I’m also trying to make lists on my phone and print less to save on paper…it’s a slow change but so is creating new habits…pregnancy looks good on you.

  3. Love your top in the first picture! I’m pregnant as well and am having a hard time finding cute pullover type tops like that. Would you mind sharing where it’s from? Thanks!

  4. Use Abeego wax wrap instead of saran! So amazingggg! Keeps food so fresh and it is so easy to wash and store.

  5. I love this post! Defiantly things that are in the back of my mind daily!

    Off topic I see you’ve been wearing a lot of cream shirts & sweaters ect. Can you please share the where’s of these beauties!

  6. Love it! Good idea on reducing plastic bags when shopping produce!

    Still trying to work on the plant-based eating. Kids and husband are not totally sold on the idea but make two plant-based meals a week and hopefully adding a third or fourth day soon!

  7. This is an awesome post. I too am trying to make little changes to make a difference. I started composting last year and also planted my first garden last year. Being my second summer with a garden it is doing sooo much better than last year. Next year to keep aphids away you can try planting little marigold plants along the edges of your garden. I have mine planted every 3-4 feet or so and don’t have any aphids!

  8. What compostable/biodegradable ziplock bags have you found/use? I have been washing my ziplock bags for years….all my friends and hubby make fun of me but I hate that they end up in the landfill. Thanks!

  9. Love this post! Great ideas on how to make small everyday changes with big impacts. Side question – where did you get the white sweater in the first picture? It is adorable!

  10. I need this countertop food composter…do you leave it in there until it’s ready to be put into the garden? I’d love to learn more

  11. Thank you for posting this!! It’s motivating me to make some more changes! I think you’re doing a fantastic job at all the changes you have been making 🙂 I also had such a hard time remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags haha now I just leave them in my trunk permanently and that has worked for me. I also changed all my light bulbs to the more energy efficient ones! Anyway, thanks again for sharing!! I absolutely love all your IG stories and posts 🙂

  12. This is amazing! We do these things as well and it just becomes second nature after a while. Lovely post, I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos 🙂

  13. Great post! In addition to the ones you mentioned , a few years back we mostly stopped using paper towel. It’s so easy to grab paper towel to dry your hands, wipe a spill etc. and before you know it the roll is gone! We keep a roll on hand for patting off meat when necessary but I now have about a dozen microfibre cloths from Canadian Tire that I use for spills, wiping the counter, cleaning etc.

  14. The beeswax paper in place of plastic wrap is fantastic. Great for covering bowls, wrapping half an avocado in and smells pretty great too. Easy to wash and reuse.

  15. Great changes here! I too try to follow some of these same changes. Curious for the recipe of that burger?? I imagine it’s a breaded cauliflower of some sort? Looks sooo delicious!

  16. I’ve definitely been working on eating more plant based and lowering my plastic impact… boy, it can be hard! I’m 20 and live with my parents who do not wish to eat plant based (specifically my dad), and no matter how hard we all try to lower our plastic impact, the recycling bag just keeps growing! Also, it gets expensive. I work full time during the summer when I’m not in Uni, but my mom has cancer and cannot work. Therefore, it’s my dad and I that take care of bills/shopping, and I can’t afford to pay for the (sadly) high prices that benefit the environment, and my dad (even more sadly) doesn’t really care. It’s tough, but I won’t give up!

    Jill- could you pretty please post where you buy compostable/biodegradable garbage and zip-lock bags? Or shoot me an email? I live in right outside of Vancouver and would love to get in touch with you!

  17. You’ve been inspiring me to do what I can too. I even bought meatless meatballs. I wasn’t crazy about them haha! So I’ll try another brand. The little bit that I do will hopefully make a difference.

  18. Hi Jillian. In my purse I carry a metal straw and a few mesh veggie bags(they also get used for me to filter out the pulp for my cashew mylk). In Victoria most people are really good about bringing their reusable bags. Friends and family from Peace River always comment on how Green thinking the people are on Vancouver Island.

  19. Eeek! Thanks for sharing. Being more environmentally conscious has really be weighing on me recently, thinking about all of the plastic in the oceans. Thank you for sharing some practical ways that I can implement in our home to be kinder to this earth. No one is perfect so we all can take (baby) steps toward being better.

  20. I love all the tips! I started putting a small bag for compost in the freezer so I’m more inclined to use it, and it doesn’t smell!

  21. These are all great things, will have to try those dryer balls from Saje! Just out of curiosity, do they not require you to compost in BC? In Halifax, Nova Scotia we have to put out compost that is collected on our garbage day.

    1. No, it’s not required but I wish it was!!!! LOVE that they make you put it out with your garbage!!!

    2. In Yellowknife, the city provides one bin for garbage and one bin for composting. We have garbage pick up one week and compost the next week. It’s awesome!

  22. Hi Jill! Great post, I especially loved the last one. Being a stay at home mom of 4 and a one income family I buy a lot of second hand or previously loved clothing for my kids and for myself. I know you mentioned in a post, some time ago, about being open to shopping second hand. I thought that was really great that you would!
    I also love that when buying second hand the majority of the chemicals have been washed out of the clothes making them safer on our children’s delicate skin. But my favourite reason for shopping second hand (depending on the store) is that the money they make is put back into the community through charity. There are a lot of great second hand shops in the surrounding areas where we live where the employees are volunteers and the money goes back to the community. Love that!

    I love you blog and watching your journey! Congratulations on your baby #2. You have a beautiful family!

  23. Re: cellophane – I have been using a product called Abeego for the last 6 months and am loving it! It is a local (Victoria, BC) company and they make a beeswax reusable food wrap. Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing single use plastics, it keeps the food fresh WAY longer than cellophane.

  24. Great post! Helps remind everyone of things we all can do. Instead of even buying zip locks you can eliminate those all together with the purchase of glass containers with lids. You can store and keep items fresh and also go right to the microwave if needed. I also just came across these in a tiny kitchen a tore but haven’t tried them yet. Hope to with the kiddos lunches in a few weeks.
    Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wrap, Eco Friendly, Reusable, and Sustainable Plastic Free Food Storage for Wrapping Sandwiches – Honeycomb Print

  25. Love this post.
    I also use my rain barrels religiously so I don’t waste water for my flowers!
    I try very hard to not waste food by eating and serving leftovers to my family.
    I never throw out clothes, furniture or toys, I donate everything.
    I keep about 50 bags in my car so I never forget to reuse them at the grocery store.
    I’m terrible with the water bottles. I buy them, my family uses them.
    I quietly talk about becoming a vegetarian family and you suggested some accounts to follow who post great meal ideas using no meat. I’m going to start focusing more on this.
    Lastly, I worship the ground my dog walks on. I feel horrible eating meat and I wonder how those animals feel about humans. I think about my dog, an animal. As humans we can do better. I hope a no- meat movement really takes hold of the world.

  26. LOVE following you!!! You’re so inspiring! I have been working on several of these changes too and it feels good knowing you’re doing your part. Now if only more people could help do theirs!
    Btw, we have the same bee house as you guys. It freaked me out when i saw tgat picture lol. How’s yours doung? We have over a dozen tubes filled so it looks like the bees have approved ??

  27. I think your doing great please just do what you think is best for you and your family, and I just love to watch and take what I think would be good for me and everyone should thank you for all the resourch, that saves our time doing it, please continue to be that wonderful person that you are. God Bless your family, and all of us. ?

  28. Loving this! We’ve also been making many changes like those around the house, and we are teaching the kids how and why we can change the world by making small changes.
    You should definitely check out the company Dans Le Sac ( They are from Montreal, and their products are amazing! I use my bulk bags for my kids’ toys! Lol!

  29. Good for you! I saw your stories and I agree, all you can do is try your best. People always seem to find a way to put others down but we’re all only human!

    Xo Jess

  30. Hi Jillian and team,

    Where did you find that composter in the picture? I love it! I don’t have a garden but soon our city will be imposing composting. As I live in a condo and don’t have much room i’d at least like it if my composter looked nice.
    Thank you!

  31. This summer we have done a lot of shopping at the farmers market here in Waterloo. I am now using all of sajes cleaning products next are the dryer balls for me. I have had to do the switch cause of allergies. I have stopped using ziplock bags all together in my sons luck and use Rubbermaid containers in his lunch. I am not slowing starting to eat less meat and go more plant based. I just have to work on remembering my reusable bags when I go to the store but when I go to the market I bring my grocery cart with me. You have made me really change the ways I do things in my home.

  32. I just recently found out that Crayola does a recycling program for markers! Any brand! My kids love to colour and I kept thinking what a waste but if there’s an option to recycle them I think that’s great! For schools too!

  33. I love what you do and who you are. I wish you wouldn’t worry about what everyone thinks. There will always be someone to say ugly negative things because you can’t please everyone.

  34. Thank you! You have inspired me to be more conscious, too. Many of the changes you have made are changes I have recently made too. One person at a time! As a mama of a 4 year old and 8 month old I am more am more committed than ever to reducing my and my family’s impact on the environment. Another thin I recently did was purchase a zero waste box fro. They recycle un recyclable or hard to recycle items. Between that and composting the amount of trash we are generating has lessened significantly!!! Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for all you do!

  35. A hint regarding the aphids. 1) try watering the ground around your plants instead of the plant itself. Wet leaves will draw aphids according to my mother-in-law. 2) I researched regarding my roses and you can use a spray bottle with a little dishwashing soap to spray the under side of the leaves and it will get rid of aphids. No need to buy a special spray at your local hardware store. Cheers!

  36. I am so excited someone else is on the stop using produce bags band wagon
    I work in a grocery it is SO SAD how many of these we throw away because of people leaving them all over the store.
    I can’t count the number I pick up off the floor, that are left in carts. It angers me each one I pick up

  37. Hi Jillian!! You will love this eco friendly company called Ungalli! They are a small Thunder Bay, Ontario company (Melanie Auld’s hometown) all of their shirts are made from recycled water bottles! They’re two bad ass ladies who work so hard and their shirts are not only eco-friendly but super comfy and soft too. Check ‘em out!!

  38. Fort McMurray banned plastic grocery bags when we moved here about 5 years ago. You learn quickly to remember your cloth bags when there is no alternative!

  39. I love these changes and I’ve been trying to do the same. I bought dryer balls a few weeks ago and love them. I compost, I garden, I buy second hand clothes, furniture and other things.
    Would love to find veggie and fruit reusable bags at a lessor price.
    Great job Jillian, you should be proud of what you are doing!!

  40. Have you thought of using Tupperware? It is all hospital grade plastics no chemicals and it keeps your fruits and veggies fresh and your breads and dry goods! It has been around for 70 years and is all Lifetime Warranty!
    I would love to send you a package!

  41. Jillian how do you find the essential oil dryer balls in regards to static control? Any tips?

    Besides home I’m looking at ways to change cleaning aspects at my business.

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

  42. I have tried the “wax” paper to start replacing celophane wrap and it works really well! I would highly recommend trying it 🙂

  43. Totally on the same path as you with trying to make smaller changes that make a difference. Our compost has been awesome and in turn has helped our garden grow. I’m trying hard to reduce the plastic bags and sometimes if I buy just a couple things at the store I just carry them out and skip the bag. I’m super interested in using reusable produce bags and reusable containers at the bulk Barn so thanks for the ideas!

  44. Hi Jillian.
    Great job! Not sure if you ever heard of stasher bags but check them out. They are reusable sealable plastic to replace ziplocs. They use to be only in states but are now in Canada at different retailers. I don’t sell for them they are just awesome. If you want to avoid buying ziploc. Just a thought. Maybe you’ve already heard of them. Have a great day!

  45. I am curious about the dryer balls.., do they help static? My son has eczema but surprisingly I can use bounce. What do you use with the dryer ball?

  46. In Nova Scotia at any store if you don’t bring your own cloth bags, you get charged 10 cents per plastic bag. At Loblaws (Superstore and No Frills) they will take a worn out or broken bag to be recycled into a new bag and give you a brand new one for it.
    The wax cloths are amazing, I have bread bags too and snack bags with snaps on them. I found them on Instagram locally made all organic products including lip balms, bug spray & after shower oil. All natural and organic on instagram it’s
    Also, composting has been a by-laws here for at least 15 years.

  47. Hi,
    Love all your tips, we just talked about washing our ziploc bags and reusing them too! My Oma used to wash all her plastic bags and hang them to dry on her clothesline when I was growing up.
    Just switched to IKEA reusable plastic straws (I like them better than the metal ones) I throw a couple into my purse to bring to Booster juice etc.
    We also bought Tupperware water bottles and I fill them up and have them ready to grab just as you would a store bought bottle. I bought small ones for the kids.
    We have also planted a garden and are enjoying watching our sweet little grandbabies checking out to see what’s ready!
    We’ve been composting for a few years here on Vancouver Island.
    When camping we pack up all our plastic and refundables to recycle once home.
    No single use cutlery or cups.
    Cloth napkins instead of paper most of the time.
    We are also getting really good at bringing our own bags for groceries and any other shopping.
    Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is we are definitely making a conscience effort.
    Love that you share your ideas:)
    Thanks Jillian!

  48. I love the fact that you are in it & doing it ! Just know every little bit you do helps and from someone whose been doing it for a couple years . It gets easier as you go . We do all of them except the animal as we are ranchers .

  49. I appreciate your so much. You make trying to be a better and more kind citizen of this world approachable and make it feel okay to try even if it’s not going to be perfect right off the bat so thank you lots and lots

  50. You have to try Abeego!! It’s beeswax wrap that replaces ziplocks and plastic wraps. When it’s worn out in a year or so you can throw it in your compost! I know you’re family is working toward becoming vegan, however, it’s something for you to look into given that bee farming is one of the most important industries for our environment and of course no harm comes to the bees.

    Also I love that your thinking about Leo and Baby #2 in these changes. I actually own a children’s clothing line sizes 2T-11/12Y that is made in Canada with organic, sustainable, and ethically source materials(in fact our soy fabric can actually be composted). If you’re interested in more information about our process and impact on the environment please feel free to contact me!

  51. A helpful way to save water for when it comes to watering your garden/flowers is to have a rain barrel! (But maybe you already have one lol)

  52. This is awesome Jillian! Thanks for the tips, I heard you say on your instastories yesterday that you were afraid to promote this blog and I am still thinking about how sad I think that is.
    It’s a shame that you can’t endorse your environmental and lifestyle tips without the haters chiming in to say how your efforts aren’t good enough. Just wanted to say that they are the 1% and any steps are steps in the right direction and you are doing better than a lot of us and guiding us to do better as well.
    I think it says a lot about those people that they would continue to follow you and read your blogs/posts just to comment hurtful messages, if I don’t like someones opinion, its a simple “unfollow” and bam – I don’t have to view it anymore.
    As a longer follower/reader of yours, I know you do your research before posting and if you’re posting something than you have confidence in it. That means a lot! So I just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing because there are people reading and learning!

  53. This post is a perfect example of why I love following you. You use your platform to promote realness and positivity. These “small” changes become huge when you have such a large following because you inspire so many others to do the same. I think these changes are a great step in the right direction, thank you for posting them!

  54. Reusable beeswax wrap is the best! I made mine and it took one (messy) afternoon, but I have enough for years now. Have you tried reusable zip style bags? There are tons of Canadian brands like Colibri and Nuggles, but my favorite are Evergreen and Mustard (on Etsy) from Altima, ON ? Love this post!

  55. I make my own material bags to wrap Christmas presents. You can buy the fabric in many different colours and even kids prints. They get passed around the family and reused each year. Start with just a few and add each year to expand your fabric selection. Buy after Christmas for good discounts. Super easy way to learn how to sew too!

  56. Great post ! I’m a teacher and have been emphasizing sustainable practices more and more. All practical suggestions here and ones I’ve shared with my students as well — love the emphasis that this is a process but everyone can make small changes that are easy, which are so important. Thanks for sharing !

  57. Hi Jillian, can you tell me how the dryer balls and essential oils do combatting static in clothing and blankets?

  58. Fantastic Jillian, I am from New Zealand and our house has zero waste now and no plastic due to changes like above. My kids have grown up in op shop clothes, we are vegetarian, and we live pretty basic but we are all very happy and love life. I think we need to think how we look after our world and bodies just like we keep our houses clean and tidy. After all we want our beautiful babies to be able to bring their children into a world where we have enough drinking water, forests and other animals have the right to live on the plant too. Anyway I could go on…..but well done to you.

  59. Great post and simple changes that everyone can make. I recently started using Abeego wrap instead of cellophane. It is awesome and actually works better, especially for bigger items like Covering half a cantalope.

  60. Last year my mom made dryer balls for us. They are all we use now in the dryer for a family of 4. (Bed Bath & Beyond sell the wool ones too.) I can’t imagine ever going back to dryer sheets. Long ago I always noticed my Oma re-use plastic bread and bun bags…I do it now too. Lol…our grandparents were great at recycling and reusing.

  61. Jillian,
    I love that you are trying all of these things but most of all that you are honest and open about not being perfect with all of it. I try to do lots of little things as well but I know I fail at it often. The point is the awareness and effort because every little success helps. Plus this means you are passing on these awesome habits to Leo! I love watching your stories and really appreciate your transparency!

    I was recently in CA, my fiancé is Canadian, for a wedding. I am for sure a meat eater but was very intrigued by your posts on A&W’s new meatless burger. I got one and it is really good! We don’t have any A&W’s near where I live in the US but next time we stop at one driving to my in-laws, I will have the beyond meat burger!

    We also have the same last name 🙂

  62. I just love your blog! Not only is it beautiful but it’s informative too! Look forward to reading your posts every day! Makes me feel happy no matter how my day is going.

  63. I too have started thinking more on what footprint we are leaving. I was the same with the bag thing – Then the supermarkets here bought in the no plastic, although they are still giving out reusable plastic atm. But I try and keep mine in my handbag and if I’ve left them in the car I put everything back in the trolley and pack them at the car. I also bought reusable cloth bags for fruit and veg. I wanted to use the wax cloth, so I made my own – super easy and you can make whatever size you want. I also hang all my washing out (probably easier here in Australia for that with the weather) . Saying no to plastic straws is another good thing for the environment. It’s funny how good you feel about a few simple little things that are making a bit of a difference. Your list has inspired me to change more though. Thanks for sharing.

  64. I love this! No one is perfect, but we can all do something. I’ve made a lot of the same changes you have, but it sometimes feels like not enough. It’s nice to know there’s other imperfect people who give a darn! ?

  65. Jillian, I LOVE this! I think it’s really courageous to share both your successes and your struggles, which makes it so relatable and accessible for everyone. I’m working on all of these things too and it’s definitely a process! xoxox

  66. These are all great tips! As a family we have mastered about half of your list. I like the idea of having a capsule wardrobe each season, I like peices that can all go with one another. Keep sharing, I love hearing your thoughts!

  67. Congratulations on #2…as a Mom of a Girl(who attends UBCO) and a Boy(Grade 12) it has been a fun of each! If possible, and may I ask if I could send you my 4 Aviation kids books called Violet the Pilot? Have you heard of them either at my site or a few years ago live theatrical shows in Toronto and Ottawa(used the Trademark name)…Travel books for boys and girls…they take place in Canada/Hawaii/France and the Arctic…animals/kids/adventures take place. Where will Violet fly next? Blue Skies, Bettina Bathe

  68. Great post, my family is trying to do the same. My friend Marisa just started her own eco company making beeswax wraps, they are super cute and work amazingly well, I bought in 3 sizes and don’t use plastic wrap anymore. Her Instagram is gorgeous, #ecohachiliving

  69. With the Saje oil/dryer balls. My concern is that the oil will rub off and stain clothing? Has that happened? Oil is very hard to get out once it stains. Can you soothe my nerves on this one? LOL

  70. These are such wonderful, relatively easy changes that everybody should be doing! I just keep my grocery bags in the car so I never forget them! I have been using them and reusable produce bags every time for over a decade and it just makes so much sense to me. The little mesh bags wash easily in the sink with your dishes and they dry really fast. I just bought a set of plastic wrap alternative sheets made of organic cotton and beeswax and so far I love them! They are made in Squamish by Westerly Creations, and they have super cute patterns on them! Lastly, I have been loving our local kids’/baby buy and sell Facebook group. I have bought and sold tons of stuff on there over the past few years! I love buying new as well, but it is certainly satisfying to give an item a new life!

  71. Thanks very much for this Jillian. I keep pop-out pouched bags in my purse (like this one from Ikea – so I don’t have to remember each time I shop to bring the bags. It’s easy to remember to put them back in my purse after use, they don’t take up a lot of space, and are surprisingly durable for holding heavy groceries. Also great for clothing, or trips to any store really. Thanks again for sharing your changes to help the Earth 🙂

  72. Have you heard of Norwex. It has been life changing for me and I think you would love it! Reusable produce bags, less chemicals and less throwaways. Check it out! ?

  73. I absolutely agree with all of the above and I have been applying exactly the same changes for the last couple of years myself. I know prefer to buy products that are packaged either in paper boxes or glass bottles that could be reused or recycled. I even opted out from buying plastic wine glasses for our backyard and use in the hot tub. I figured if the glass one breaks so be it, I will go back and buy another glass one and change up the style a bit, but I will not add another plastic cup to the landfill. Also, in regards to straws I have a box of plastic ones for years, way before I started to be conscious about the effect on the environment, so I am unfortunately stuck with them, but instead of trowing them away, I actually do rewash them and reuse them, so I think I will have them for ever 🙂 … only struggle I have is with buying a deli stuff. We are meat eaters and my husband prefers deli sandwiches for lunches and every store will package it in those plastic, cellophane sheets. It drives me nuts. I remember back in the days (80s) they used be wrap them in paper and we survived. So I hope we can go back to that again.

  74. I also made the decision to be more conscious about using my reusable grocery bags this year. I was so happy when we ran out of plastic bags and stayed out, cause it meant we were no longer taking them from the stores. We also switched to compostable bags for cat litter, so we didn’t even need them. Winning!

  75. Hi, I left GB in 1982. They charged for bags then. We grow up with taking bags. Now in Australia it costs money to get a bag at the shops. Only the veggie bags are free. Great reasons for those who do not want to save this amazing planet we live on, to bring their bags.
    I have had a slight change of thought about composting rather than bin for the veggie scraps. What do you think ? I was thinking that the veggie scraps in the bin will help all the rubbish brake down at the tip and help it to go to soil faster. I don’t know what do you think ?
    Regards from down under at 3am in th e morning feeding my premmy new born while trying not to wake up my first born, Helen.

  76. Do you have any suggestions/brands that we can use to get away from plastic cups for the littles? We’ve moved off the plates but the cups still get thrown around a lot. Thanks!

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