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15 Home Decor Finds Under $100 That I am Obsessed With!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I was SO excited to write this blog as I often get a lot of questions from you about design, decor, and where certain pieces in our home are from. If you didn’t know, you can find all of my faves over on our shop page (it’s new, improved, and fully stocked with my favourite items!). But today, I am rounding up my favourite pieces in our home under $100, that I am obsessed with.

Let’s get right to it!

Living Room

1. Blanket or Throw

This may seem simple, but I LOVE having blankets and throws in every room. Not only are they functional, but they can add texture and a pop of colour to any space!

2. Prayer Beads

If you have followed me for a while, I’m sure you saw this one coming! LOL! I love my prayer beads from the cross, so much so we even included them in the Spring 2020 Jilly Box. The prayer beads are affordable and make the perfect addition to a coffee table, side table or nightstand.

Jillian Harris Your Virtual Spring 2020 Jilly Box Unboxing Is Here!

3. Pillows

I think I have a slight obsession with collecting pillows. 🤪 What I love about them is that when adding them to a couch, chair or bed they can completely change the vibe or the mood of your space. I love changing them out seasonally and for certain celebrations, like Christmas!

Jillian Harris Favourite Pillows

4. Table Lamps

Table lamps instantly turn any room into a cozy space! I love adding matching table lamps to the nightstands in our bedroom and even on a wood end table in the living room.

5. A Faux Plant

I picked a faux plant instead of a real one because we all know I can keep an indoor plant alive to save my life 🤪 Also, if you have pets, some indoor plants can be quite toxic so this is a win-win if you ask me!

6. Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book looks amazing in the living room or even on an entryway table. I love that they add some height to the surface, you can stack a few high or even add a vase on top.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room

7. Cloches

I personally think that cloches don’t get the attention that they deserve! The cloches we have in our bedroom, I love to place candles under them. And the ones that I have by the front entryway I love to switch up what we have displayed by season. You can never have too many cloches if you ask me!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Master Bedroom

8. Rugs

While, I know rugs can be expensive they can add a lot of texture and coziness to your front entryway, living room, kitchen or any room for that matter. There are a few places that I like to shop for affordable rugs, this rug I currently have in our entryway from Urban Outfitters, but I always hit up Wayfair for some good affordable finds!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways

9. Baskets

There are few things that you can never have enough of, and baskets are one of them! I love adding them to our built-ins in the living room to store anything that doesn’t look “pretty” or too cluttered on the shelves.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Living Room


10. Vase

I love vases of all shapes and sizes! One of my all-time favourite places to add a rustic oversized vase and a nice bouquet of flowers is on our kitchen island!

Jillian Harris How to Pick the Perfect Countertop

11. Charcuterie Board

I have quite the collection of charcuterie boards and one of my all-time favourite places to get them from is Crawford Creek Designs. Another item that you can never have too many of! LOL!

Jillian Harris Fraiche Kitchen x The Cross

12. Cake Stand

While, we don’t have cakes in the house very often, whenever we do I love to display them on a cake stand. Don’t let the name limit your creativity, you can display seasonal desserts on it as well, like a gingerbread house!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

13. Glass Jars

In our pantry, I love displaying flour, sugar and grains in big glass jars. I love the look and the functionality of big able to grab whatever ingredient you need.

Jillian Harris Pantry Organization


14. Bath Caddy

A bath caddy is so underrated but totally necessary to level-up your self-care routine! Not only is it the perfect place to add some candle, your favourite book and a glass of wine or cup of tea, but it doubles as an awesome decor piece.

Jillian Harris Your Virtual Spring 2020 Jilly Box Unboxing Is Here!

15. Bath Mat

Last but not least is a bath mat! If you have a big ensuite I love the look of a “rug” bath mat, and in a smaller space or in front of the tub I love adding a cheeky saying 😉

Well, there you have it! My top 15 decor pieces under $100 that add a decor element to our space and can be quite functional as well.

Happy designing!



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  1. Hi! I’ve also been in LOVE with the mirror you used to have where the current anthro mirror is (tons of love for that one too!). You can see it in the background of the baskets photo. Do you happen to have a link for it?!

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