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18 of Our Favourite Women-Owned Brands to Support During Women’s History Month!

Hello, everyone! Team Jilly here. We’re doing a little takeover of the blog today in celebration of Women’s History Month! In honour of this month, we wanted to share a list of some of our favourite women-owned businesses! Between the Jilly Box, brands Jillian has partnered with over the years and entrepreneurs we’ve met through The Jilly Academy at the Farm, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some pretty incredible women entrepreneurs who are CRUSHING IT in their respective industries. So, today we are rounding up some of our favourite women-founded and owned businesses you should support this month (and every other month, for that matter!). But, just a reminder, this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Some Phenomenal Women-Owned Brands That I Love

Tori Wesszer Home Reveal women-owned brand

Fraiche Table

Of course, we had to kick off this list with Jillian’s cousin-turned-best friend and sister, Tori. In addition to co-creating a cookbook with Jilly (and a second one on the way this year!), she also launched Fraiche Table. Fraiche Table is an all-in-one meal planning platform that helps take the stress out of mealtime. Let us just say, these recipes are not only nutritious, but they’re also delicious and are meals even your kids will enjoy!

Fraiche Food Full Hearts

Speaking of Tori, we just HAD to plug Jillian & Tori’s cookbook here! The two of them poured so much love into this cookbook—and it shows!—because these recipes really are so delicious. They are recipes we keep making and remaking and remaking! (Yes, they’re that good!)

Women-owned brand Jillian Harris cookbook

Snooze Fest Smash + Tess Jillian Harris women-owned brand

Smash + Tess

Founded by mother-daughter duo Ashley & Teresa, Smash + Tess has been leading the Romper revolution since 2014. Jillian has been so lucky to have collaborated with the ladies at Smash + Tess time and time again on the coziest lineup of Rompers. Recently, Jillian and Smash +Tess decided to do an extra special collection that is the ULTIMATE throwback for all of you 90s babes: The Snooze Fest Collection! We have been LOVING this collection and even wore it at our recent retreat for a team slumber-party-themed hangout!!

Confluence by Nimmo Bay

Confluence is a wonderful shop located in Nimmo Bay that includes a carefully curated assortment of locally-made items. They are a brand that is values-driven and make a big effort to include products from women-owned and minority-owned brands. So, if you are looking to discover some new women-owned brands made here in Canada, be sure to check out their website!

women-owned brand Confluence for Jillian Harris's blog

women-owned brand Peggy Harris Etsy Shop Jillian Harris blog

Peggy Harris Art & Design

In 2021 Jillian’s amazing mom launched her Etsy shop, where you can purchase digital prints of her oil paintings! Peggy has been an art enthusiast her entire life, so it has been very exciting to watch her little shop take flight!

The Cross Decor & Design

Jillian has been a fan of The Cross for YEARS, tracing all the way back to her pre-Bachelorette days when she was living in Vancouver. Whether looking for some big home items or just window shopping, you are sure to find so much inspiration from Stephanie’s carefully curated shop in Yaletown. When Jillian had the opportunity to collaborate on a full bedroom collection with The Cross for her NEW brown bedroom, it was such a full-circle moment!

women-owned brand The Cross Decor & Design Jillian Harris Collection

Cheekbone Beauty lipgloss. Indigenous and Women-Owned Brand to Support During Women's History Month

Cheekbone Beauty

Our team LOVES a vibrant lip colour. Whether you’re team lipgloss or lipstick, sometimes a swipe of a great lip colour is all it takes to pull an outfit together! One of our all-time FAVOURITE beauty brands for lip products is Cheekbone Beauty! Not only is Cheekbone Beauty women-owned, but also an Indigenous-owned company from St. Catherine’s, ON.

Melanie Auld

If you’ve been following Jillian for a while, we’re sure you’ve heard of Melaine Auld! They create the most stunning, timeless jewellery. Melaine (the founder!) is an absolute boss babe, and we just LOVE Jillian’s collaboration with her on their Adorned Collection!

Women-owned brand Melanie Auld for Jillian Harris's blog

Women-owned brand Go Simplified Jillian Harris blog

Go Simplified

By now, you have all heard Jillian RAVE about Megan and her company, Go Simplified, and for good reason!! Megan helped Jilly and her family declutter their home top to bottom and reorganize it so that everything (and we really mean everything!) had its place! If you’re looking for one-on-one assistance with your home OR looking for some room guides so you can do it yourself, be sure to check out their website.

The Life Delicious

For more than a decade, Catherine Roscoe Barr has been teaching wellness through private coaching practice, freelance writing work, corporate workshops, keynote speeches, and luxury wellness retreats. We were SO LUCKY to be able to attend her retreat, The Oak Bay Beach Hotel Wellness Weekend. This experience was life-changing for so many of us! If you’re interested in signing up for next year’s retreat, registration is now open!!

Women-owned brand The Life Delicious with Jillian Harris

Women-owned brand Hudson & Oak for The Jilly Box

Hudson and Oak

Hudson and Oak is a women-owned business located in Vancouver, BC. They design quality home goods that are functional and stylish. Our team loved their products so much that we just HAD to include this gorgeous planter of theirs in The Jilly Box—and, limited quantities are still available for purchase on The Jilly Market!


In an effort to reduce gift-wrapping waste, Lindsay founded this reusable gift-box company. Not only is this brand environmentally conscious, but its products are also so stylish! They are a great investment for giving gifts within the family, so you can hang onto the boxes for years to come.

Women-owned brand Nemylu Jillian Harris

Women-owned brand Tentree for The Jilly Box


Another brand we just HAVE to give a shoutout to in this list is Tentree. All of their products are created in fair, safe working conditions and made with sustainably sourced and recycled materials. And, for every purchase made their company plants TEN (that’s right, ten!) trees! How great is that?! You may recognize one of their products from The Jilly Box. We love their brand so much that we just had to include them!

Poppy & Peonies

Jillian discovered her love for Poppy & Peonies when their Blue Light Glasses were featured in the Fall 2021 Jilly Box! The founder, Natalie, has really done it all with her brand! From fulfilling orders in her basement to appearing on Dragon’s Den to expanding into new product categories… we can’t wait to see what Poppy & Peonies does next!

Women-owned brand Poppy & Peonies for The Jilly Box

Women-owned brand Estelle Colored Glassware for Jillian Harris blog

Estelle Colored Glasses

Our team discovered Estelle Colored Glass at the beginning of 2020, and are we ever happy we did! Not only are they the prettiest shade of pink, but they are seriously the most delicate and gorgeous stemware! They have quickly become a staple at Jillian’s house. If you follow her on Instagram, you will see them appear at girls’ nights and when having extended family over for a nice dinner! And, if pink isn’t your colour, they have lots of colours to pick from on their website!

The Jilly Academy

We had to take a moment to plug some of our favourite entrepreneur’s brands… starting with The Jilly Academy! Jillian has learned SO MUCH over the years about effective marketing and entrepreneurship that when she decided she wanted to impart that knowledge to her community, we were SO ON BOARD!!!!

The Jilly Academy is a 3-course business masterclass designed for small business owners, creatives, influencers and marketers! We cover brand strategy, influencer marketing, content creation, photography, digital storytelling, and so much more.

Women-owned brand The Jilly Academy Owner Jillian Harris

Women-Owned Brand Jilly Digital Wild At Heart Prints

Jilly Digital

If you’ve been wanting to refresh your decor for Spring, Jilly Digital is the place for you! One of our most loved products is our Wild At Heart prints! (Jillian has a bunch that she rotates through her house depending on the season!!) And guess what? We recently launched THREE new Wild At Heart prints in Carnation, Blush and Blossom.

The Jilly Box

Last but certainly not least, The Jilly Box! This past month we shipped out our Spring box! As always, it was such a thrill to see everyone’s videos rolling in of them opening up their boxes. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a box, make sure to sign up for the waitlist here! And if you’re looking to score some of the items from other boxes, click the link below!

Women-owned brand The Jilly Box owned Jillian Harris

There it is! Eighteen of our favourite women-owned brands to support this Women’s History Month! There are, of course, SO MANY more brands we would like to shout out. If you want to hear about more amazing women-owned brands, be sure to check out Jillian’s stories on Instagram (@Jillian.Harris), as she’s always referencing brands that she and our team love.

Happy Women’s History Month, everyone!


Team Jilly

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