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28 Days to a New Glow

Morning loves!! I hope you’re waking up refreshed and glowing this morning! And if you’re not, I have a little trick up my sleeve that might just help with that! It’s called breakfast in bed and a strong mimosa. Lol! Just kidding!!

The team and I have been trying out Lancome’s new 2 in 1, 28-day Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel …  we were all pretty excited when they reached out to us and asked if we would give it a whirl, especially when they mentioned that you just put it on at night … have a glass of wine (ok, maybe they didn’t say this part …) go to sleep and wake up with fresh skin. Ummmm. Yup! Lol. We told them they had us at wine. I mean, sleep. I mean fresh skin!! Lol …

Jillian Harris Lancome

As it sits right now I’m halfway through the second step … I should probably tell you here that there are two steps to this product (that might be helpful for you! Lol!). For the first 14 days you apply Phase 1 before bed and then on the 15th day, you begin using Phace 2! Phase 1 helps to prepare your skin while eliminating dry dead skin then Phase 2 comes in and is the ass kicker (the good ass kicker that is!), it helps enhance and regenerate your skin while reducing the visibility of fine lines.

I noticed results within the first few days. How? Well, I knew I could tell something was happening when I was lying in bed doing my Insta stories (as I do!! Lol), I noticed my skin was flushed which meant the product was stimulating and exfoliating my skin. Personally, I like getting flushed when doing a peel because to me that means it’s doing its job. And Ps. If you’re worried about flushed skin, it’s at night so no one sees it. Well, other than your man or whoever else is in bed with you. LOL!!
Jillian Harris LancomeJillian Harris - LancomeJillian Harris LancomeJillian Harris LancomeJillian Harris LancomeJillian Harris - LancomeJillian Harris Lancome

I HAVE been in for a dermaplaning treatment recently as well which obviously works in my favour in addition to the peel but even prior to that with zero sleep and being sick I’ve been pretty floored with the results. For me, my skin has been flawless and I’ve had no imperfections. Other than the damn bags under my eyes, but that’s another story. Do they have sleep training for adults by chance?? LOL!

All in all my skin is plump and my fine lines are going away (hallelujah!!). I should say here as well that I don’t have sensitive skin and I haven’t had any reactions, blemishes or bumps. However, Shay and Mindy BOTH have sensitive skin and while they just started trying this out and aren’t as far into the process as I am, so far so good!!

Jillian Harris Lancomephoto credit

Have you heard of this product yet?? If so, have you tried it?? I want to hear how it’s been working for you so make sure to let us know below in the comment section!!



*In response to this product being tested on animals, we asked Lancome about this directly and they have confirmed that this product in particular is manufactured in Paris and does not test on animals. Thank you for your concerns.







Thank you Lancome for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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    1. Sorry for the mistake regarding the location for Skin Essence . I was surprised to see Skin Essence is a Toronto based company. I am not that far away from the city. Lol.

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