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My Thoughts on Last Night’s Premiere of The Bachelorette!

Alright, how many of you watched the premiere of Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette last night?! I was ready and waiting for it with a plate of vegan jalapeno poppers in one hand and a chilled glass (or should I say bottle?? LOL!) of white wine in hand … I’m not kidding you, it was really a bottle … those damn poppers have some heat to them!!

Jillian Harris - Bachelorette Recapphoto credit

I’m just going to kick this off and tell you JUST how much I freaking LOVE Rachel Lindsay!! Not only is she ridiculously smart but she’s also very genuine, honest, playful and GORGEOUS!! These guys have something really special in front of them so I certainly expected the first meet and greets to be nothing short of awesome … these guys HAD to make a lasting impression and boy did they ever …

I mean … there was the Tickle Monster (yeah, that was his occupation title …) … Adam Junior (which was EFFING CREEPY) and Lucas, or should I say … the WHABOOM guy!! OMG. I actually wanted to jump through my TV and take him out at the knees every time he yelled WHAAAAAABOOM … frig. I wonder if I could arrange for Adam Junior to politely remove him … LOL!! Lucas would never see it coming!! These guys certainly made a lasting impression … so much so that Adam Junior was haunting my dreams last night. Just LOOK at the photo of him below … but don’t look for too long … he might see you … LOL!!! I really had all of the feels during last night’s episode … most of it being confusion.

Jillian Harris Bachelorette RecapJillian Harris Bachelorette Recap-2

I made a SUPER EARLY prediction over on Twitter last night while I was watching, if you were following along then you’ll already know what it is BUT if you weren’t, I’ll say it again, I think that Josiah will make it to the top three … the two of them are in the same line of work (which may or may not be a good thing) he seemed like a great, down to earth guy, I  loved his giggle and his story when I first saw him. However, AFTER I made my prediction he started getting a little cocky which was a bit of a turn-off but I’m still holding strong to my prediction … top 3.

I LOVED that some of the girls (or should I say Rachel’s squad!) from Nick’s recent season came back to offer up some quality advice before Rachel embarked on her journey! One of my favourite quotes came from Alexis (AKA Shark Girl … or Dolphin Girl, whatever she was … LOL) … Alexis said to Rachel “Don’t judge anybody if they come in a costume because they might be the most amazing person ever.” LOVED THAT but I also loved that it was relevant because we had a PENGUIN show up!! I actually almost died of laughter last night when one of my followers tweeted to me “I’m waiting for the penguin to insist he’s a puffin” … LOLLL!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette RecapJillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

I feel as though I’m just wrapping my head around all of these eligible men so it’s tough for me to list who I think will make top four but I’ll give it a shot … If I had to guess right now, I would say the following (in NO particular order) …

  • Josiah
  • Fred
  • Diggy
  • Alex

What do you think?? Which guys do you think will make it to the top 4?? Comment below!

I can’t wait to catch next week’s episode, make sure to follow me over on Twitter as I live tweet my thoughts throughout the show, starting at 9pm PST!!

Ps. The kickoff of The Bachelorette reminded me of JUST how close summer is … can you believe it?! Make sure to stop by the Shop section on my site to find all of my fave gear for summer from swimsuits to beach bags to sandals!! Here’s a sneak peek for you …



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  1. Same boat as you about Josiah!!! I wa alike dam this guy is def going far… and then he kind of blew it. Hopefully he redeems himself!! I have a sweet spot for Kenny…. even though his wrestling gimmick is eh… he seems like a sweet guy who I’m rooting for!

    The guy she kissed.. trouble guy. Don’t remember his name but I liked him. And the guy she want to school with. I’m terribleness with the names!!

  2. Same here, I liked Josiah during the intro videos but during the night he seemed to get so cocky. It also seemed like he spent his time telling her all the reasons they have so much in common, how far he has come and trying to force a connection instead of letting the conversation flow and let these topics come up naturally. He just seemed to verbal vomit all over her why he is “perfect” for her. I also loved Bryan until the kiss! He really went for it and not in a good way, I had to cover my eyes!

  3. What a bunch of weirdos Rachel has got in this edition of The Bachelorette! I mean, most of them will be perfect to star in Bachelors In Paradise next summer.

    At this stage, I do not know who is suitable for Rachel. Good luck to the one who stole her heart!

  4. I thought Kenny, the wrestler was the absolute sweetest guy! Yes, its a bit strange that he has a career as a professional wrestler… but when he talks about his daughter… swoon!

    Also, the Wahboom nut job… they made her keep him on the shower for ratings right? RIGHT?!

  5. I felt really bad for what seemed like normal sweet guys get rejected over Whaboom. Really??? What is she thinking?

  6. It was great. Tickle monster and Whaboom have to go. And soon! Josiah or Bryan for the win. It’s a wild card beyond that.

    1. Peter

      FYI I’ve read in some interview rachel did that she doesn’t like to date lawyers that’s the main reason I left Josiah out and she also has said she doesn’t like a cocky guy which I agree with you towards the end of the episode he was actually that way.

      1. Lucas/Whaboom is basically Jim Carey’s character from The Mask. Replace “Whaboom” with “All righty then.” He is sooo annoying, lol!! I am loving Josiah though, minus his little hiccup on the first night.

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