3 Easy Ways to Rock Overalls This Summer

Overalls are the perfect summer staple for a cute and casual look! If you’ve been worried to try this look in the past, don’t let that stop you this summer! Overalls are by far one of my favourite items to wear in the summer… other than my breezy summer dresses, that is! Make sure to check out my dedicated shop page for all of my current favourite summer dresses and rompers of the season!

Below I’m sharing a few things to keep in mind when it comes to rocking overalls this summer!


I would suggest having a pair of classic denim overalls in your closet as these will quickly become your staple overalls. The great thing is, you don’t have to break the bank with denim overalls either, the ones pictured below are from Forever 21 and I think I paid around $40 for them!! These specific ones aren’t in stock anymore but they have a TON of other options in stock that are really cute! I’ve linked a few for you below!

Jillian Harris Summer Overalls
Jillian Harris in her bedroom wearing Summer Overalls

You’ll also want to score yourself a COMFY pair like these Romperalls from Smash + Tess! These romperalls look like cute overalls but have the comfort of a romper! You can’t go wrong with that! Psst… they also come in a shortie version too!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and go with a pair of white overalls, like these must-have Urban Outfitters for summertime, they’re such a classic staple! Or, shake things up and go for a pair of shortalls or an overall dress for a cooler outfit in the hot months!

Jillian Harris wearing green Summer Overalls


Overalls can be worn with a cute tank top, crop top, short-sleeved shirt, or bodysuit (like the insanely comfy white one pictured above from Smash + Tess) in the spring and summer months and can easily be transitioned to a fall outfit by swapping your top for a light long sleeve shirt or thin sweater!

Jillian Harris wearing white Summer Overalls
Jillian Harris in her room wearing white Summer Overalls


I love pairing my overalls with strappy sandals or slip on shoes but they also look ADORABLE with chucks!! Don’t be afraid to wear shoes that add a pop of colour or a fun print to level up your outfit!

Jillian Harris looking down wearing white denim Summer Overalls
Jillian Harris wearing light denim Summer Overalls and leopard print runners.

How much do YOU love overalls and what’s your favourite way to rock them?! Comment below!



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