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Shop My Previously Loved Clothing and Give Back to Our Local and Surrounding Communities!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Lately, I’ve been trying to rack my brain on how I can continue reinvesting into our local and surrounding communities through channels other than Cameo, which got me thinking… I have a lot of clothing that I donate to consignment stores, and there must be something I can do with those pieces to raise money for various non-profit organizations! So, Team Jilly and I set out on a mission to find the perfect consignment shop to help us sell my gently worn pieces, all while raising money to reinvest back in our communities.

Today, I am so excited to share all of the details on which consignment shop we’ve partnered with to help us facilitate this and how you can get your hands on my previously loved pieces!

A few months ago, when we were in the planning phases of this amazing project, we had so many of you recommend some amazing local consignment shops we could collaborate with. In the end, we decided to partner up with drum roll, please… Daisy + Jane Clothiers!!! Daisy + Jane is a local consignment shop located right here in Vernon, BC; in fact, this family business is owned by Marley’s (the Operations Manager at Locality’s) sisters and mom! It was such a special connection, and they do such an amazing job with their photography, marketing, and selling second-hand clothes that I knew this project was in the right hands! Now, I’ll let Rain from Daisy + Jane take it away to share a little more about their business and how and when you can get your hands on my clothing!

Daisy + Jane Clothiers and Jillian Harris Clothing

About Daisy + Jane

We are a mom-and-daughter trio who have always had a passion for sustainable fashion as it has been a part of our life. At first, our passion turned into a little fun activity where we would come home and share our thrifting finds with one another. Which then quickly turned into collecting specific pieces and selling them to family and friends. Our business became so successful with too many clothes to store on our own, which is when we reached out to Locality to see if we could use their storefront in their warehouse to store and sell our pieces!

How We Met Jillian

When we were looking for a place to sell our finds, we reached out to our good friends Kate and Julia from Locality (aka Marley’s bosses!) to see if we could use their storefront at their warehouse. As you may or may not know, Locality fulfills the Jilly Box subscription boxes, so one day, when we were at the store, we had the opportunity to meet Jillian. She ended up chatting with us for a while and supported our small business by purchasing some clothing from us.

How to Buy Jillian’s Pieces

You can actually purchase a handful of Jillian’s clothes right now on our website, here, or in-store at 2713 44 Avenue, Vernon, BC! Every time we receive a new clothing drop-off from Jillian, we will announce it on our Instagram stories 1 week prior to the drop, so you can set your alarms and get your hands on her unique items.

Where We Ship and Shipping Fees

The shipping fees are really dependent on the weight of the parcels but typically start at $15. We ship within Canada and The United States; you can find more information here on our shipping policy and fees.

Daisy + Jane Clothiers and Jillian Harris Clothing


We cannot accept exchanges or returns for any purchases. All sales are considered final. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].


A portion of the proceeds will be going to Jillian’s Social Impact Fund; these will be distributed and reinvested to various organizations! To read more about Jillian’s Social Impact, click here!

Location and Hours of Operation

As mentioned above, we are located in Locality’s Storefront, which is at 2713 44 Avenue in Vernon, BC. We are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM, but are closed on long weekends and holidays!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are so excited for this new opportunity with Jillian and to give back to our local and surrounding communities!


Daisy + Jane – Rain, Tijana and Aida

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