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4 Must-Try Holiday Cocktails

Good morning loves!! I hope you’re enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season … and if you’re not, WELP, I have a few of my favourite holiday cocktail recipes to share with you that should help take the edge off! LOL!! I mean, we all know that wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards and relaxing after a long day of shopping is always better with a boozy cocktail in hand!! Am I right??

These are some of my all-time favourite holiday cocktails recipes that I have shared with you over the years and I’m excited to bring them back into your world today!! So, let’s get right to it!!

1. Glühwein with a Twist

When I came home from my trip to Austria(details to come!), I definitely had a hankerin’ for some good ‘ol Glühwein, so much so that I decided to whip my own up … I like to call it Glühwein with a Twist!!

Jillian Harris Gluehwein with a Twist Recipe

2. Vegan Eggnog

I’m sure that a few rum and eggnogs will be drank this holiday season … but why not try a healthier option if you can??

Jillian Harris Vegan Egg Nog

3. Blood Orange Champagne Floats

Need I say more?? This is the perfect cocktail/dessert on Christmas day or to wow your guests at your NYE party!

Jillian Harris Blood Orange Champagne Floats

4. Cherry Christmas

These are too good and TOO cute not to share!! AND what better time then right before your Christmas festivities when you’re hanging out with friends, having dinner parties or even just lounging around!! If you’ve never heard of moonshine cherries well now you have…they are one of my FAVORITE things in the ENTIRE world…maybe even the key to my heart!!!!

Jillian Harris Cherry Christmas

What are some of your favourite cocktails to indulge in this season?? Share them with us below!



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  1. YUMM! Glühwein is a tradition in our family as my mom is from Germany! She adds a little twist of her own instead of the rum!

    Mimosas are also a Christmas morning tradition in our house (we like cocktails :))! May have to switch it up and try blood orange instead this year!

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