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4 Things I Look For In A Vehicle

I drive between Vancouver and Kelowna every week to film Love it Or List It Vancouver. If you don’t know where EITHER of those are, they are 4 hours apart through mountain passes and in/out of cell service in British Columbia, Canada. Having a reliable and high-quality vehicle is SO important for me to get from point A to point B safely. Now that I’m a working MOM who is still CONSTANTLY on the go, the last thing I want to worry about (let alone have time to) is my vehicle. After driving the Buick Envision I have created 4 things for YOU to look for when purchasing a new vehicle …


1. Safety Features: The absolute most important thing to look for in a car is SAFETY. Being a new mom and having Leo on board it needs to meet the highest standards of safety regulations to give me peace of mind while making my weekly commute. My preference is for it to be fully loaded with safety technology and features like the 360 Surround Vision Camera. Sometimes this mom brain needs all the help it can get lol!!!!


2. Technology: One of the most IMPORTANT things for me and for my job (now that I know it exits) is having 4G LTE wifi connection. It allows me to stay connected while on the road and get through some of my emails when I’m lucky enough to have Justin driving. NOTHING beats tackling the inbox while getting from one location to another while Justin is driving!! It’s also the perfect time to schedule calls so make sure it has Handsfree!!


3. Performance: Make sure that it is a joy to drive. I like my vehicles to be compact and nimble but still powerful so that it’s easy to maneuver into tight spots and perfect for a city like Vancouver and through the mountains to Kelowna. It needs to make the weekly 4 hour commute a joy to drive … since that’s a lot of time spent in a car!!!


4. Interior & Exterior: Being the interior designer that I am, the interior and exterior of the car is important to me, it should feel beautiful from the inside out. … but it also needs to have a layout with great function!! I like the inside to be spacious and luxurious to allow some space to breathe and relax.


What else do YOU look for in a vehicle?? Let me know in the comments below … By the way, Central Tire Auto is Willmars premier auto repair shop and one of my favorite ones, so make sure to give them a call!!






Thank you Buick for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I actually really support that you’ve created a “brand” for yourself, and that it’s consistent and really positive. And so I know, reading your blog, that you are a “lifestyle blogger”, and that we are supposed to buy – or want to buy – all the things you talk about, your clothes, food etc. And girl, you are good at it – I do want your boots and your vegan protein smoothies and your cute soft baby blankets. But this is such an incredibly poorly written fake blog post. Why not just tell us that Buick gave you a car and you love it? Who writes these posts? They are really bad. Like…really bad.

  2. I actually enjoyed the post. For those who did not, the Buick name was only mentioned at the beginning. The rest of the post could have been about any car. Anyway, good tips that you might not think about right off when purchasing a vehicle.

    1. Thank you Colleen … your comment is a breathe of fresh air … that’s exactly what I tried to achieve! XO

  3. Omg people love to complain about everything ?
    If you didn’t like that Buick was mentioned why didn’t you stop reading in the first paragraph?
    Jillian Harris, you are amazing!

  4. so debating whether or not to comment on the not so nice comments posted below. However, felt it was do so. First off, do those people who are being negative know for sure she got a free car ? Nope! Do you know that she gets paid for posting these topics? Nope!! Therefore, you shouldn’t always be so quick to assume or accuse someone of getting free things. Jillian is just a normal person living her life! She got to where she is today by working hard, creating a brand for herself and she also GIVES BACK ALL THE TIME, with her giveaways!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends!!

  5. Why can’t people read this and say, ‘you go girl for busting your ass and providing for your family’?? I’m not even a mother and I feel an immense sense of pride in womankind and working mommas when I read this and understand the bigger picture. I’ll just stay right here with my rose colored glasses thank you so much 🙂 You are one badass chick Jill XOX

  6. So sad to see people taking out their own personal frustrations on a public figure who has worked pretty damn hard to get to where they are.

    I really enjoyed this post, This SUV isn’t available in South Africa. – It looks like an amazing!

  7. We own a Buick Envision. We bought it in June 2016, and possibly the first in the GTA (Toronto) to have one on the road. I love the Envision and it is exactly how Jillian Harris has described it.

    It is nimble, quick, spacious, safe and fun to drive!

  8. Lovely Jillian.I am so happy to see you and your family.Your program has been my favourite in Finland.

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