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Leo’s Kelowna Nursery Reveal

I have been so excited to reveal Leo’s Kelowna Nursery (what I call a sanctuary) with you. When I was FIRST designing his nursery with the girls from The Cross Decor & Design (ok and Mark too lol) one of the MAIN things that we had to focus on was making it gender neutral. Justin and I weren’t finding out if it was a girl or boy and I of course wanted to have the nursery FULLY set up before “Leo’s” arrival. The space also needed to be calming for me as I knew I would be spending LOTS of time in there … so we went with neutral colours and natural textures to tie everything in together.

Before Leo was born, Justin and I would hang out in the nursery because the space was so relaxing and so cute. I wanted it to be a place that was perfect for everyone in the family but also functional. Even though I know what decor style and items I like … I shortly became VERY overwhelmed with the amount of options that were out there. I knew what type of layout I wanted but deciding on light fixtures, rugs, change tables and decor that MATCHED became tricky!!! I wanted it to feel clean, not cluttered while mixing together different design styles …. and I needed help with the final push and final decisions to make sure I was on the right track!!! With the help of The Cross Decor & Design we came up with this gorgeous nursery together and I am more than happy with the result.

If you weren’t already aware I am taking over The Cross Decor & Design’s Instagram today. Follow along with me over there for the day as I take you through some of my favourite items that are in store right now!!!

jill_0402 jill_0413 jill_0432 jill_0517 jill_0525 jill_0534 jill_0536jill_0565 jill_0542jill_0636 jill_0544 jill_0546 jill_0552jill_0616 jill_0576jill_0569 jill_0572 jill_0575 jill_0586 jill_0592 jill_0595 jill_0598 jill_0602 jill_0609 jill_0622 jill_0626 jill_0629 photo credit: the amazing Janis Nicolay 

Juju Hat | Dipped Belly Basket | Stump Side Table | Pouf | Change Table | Book Shelf | Area Rug | Rocker Pillow | Stuffed Animals | Nesting Dolls | Door Stop | Robot Clock | Overhead Pendant | Golden Wreath | Bunny Lamp | Bunny PrintCrib | Glider | Floor Lamp | Bonjour Sign

On top of revealing Leo’s Nursery with you today … The Cross Decor & Design and I are giving away a ‘Live Like Jilly’ starter pack!!! It includes all of my favourite items that I love and use in my house, and think that you should have too …


To enter in the giveaway you must follow The Cross Decor & Design on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. OH AAAND me on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. The more steps you do…the more entries you get!!!!


Good luck my loves!!! And don’t forget to follow along with The Cross Decor & Design on Instagram today for a house tour and some more surprises!!



Thank you The Cross Decor & Design for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Stunning nursery! I know what you mean by it being the calmest environment! I used to rock in my glider before my little one was born and I would feel such peace. Love following you on snapchat…so appreciate your realness in motherhood!! (my little lion was born in June!)

  2. LOVE love love. Can you tell me where you got the little drawer organizers in the changing dresser? PS – Leo is such a doll! Congrats again!

  3. I would love to know where the gold frame you used for your etsy bunny print please!! I’ve been looking for a similar one for awhile now and keep hoping you’ll have a link on where to get it 🙂

  4. Jill! What a clam, beautiful nursery for sweet Leo! So excited for the giveaway, I’ve been dreaming of a Juju Hat above my bed for years! Lots of love from Ontario! Jenna

  5. Your nursery Jillian is freakin adorable.. Holy cow you done good! I’m in love with the chandelier light fixture .. Wow wow wow

  6. I entered the contest .. Fingers crossed ? I cannot wait to see the flip on your new home in kelowna !!! Eeekkk so exciting … And Leo is just a little dolly … He’s so sweet❤️

  7. I entered The Contest!!!… Have my fingers crossed. Amazing give away, just redone my master bedroom all in white… Starting to look like a Jilly room…

  8. What a lucky little lion Leo is to have a fabulous designer mama that has thought of everything for his room! 🙂 Viewing the pics, following you on TV and your treasured pictures make me so happy and inspire me daily to do everything with care and love, even on those days that pose challenges are oh there are aplenty lol. As a momma of two little lovies of my own, the décor items in the giveway would be a welcome addition to the nurseries as I transition my son into toddler life and add to my daughter’s room. With my first, I was anxious and so excited to get the nursery up and running, with my second, I really took my time, and well girls have soooo much cute stuff that it was tricky to narrow it down so the room didn’t end up being too busy. I have been eyeing the Moroccan poufs since last year, those gorgeous pillows took the words right out of my mouth and I’m a huge fan of candles. Okay, I will stop gushing and just say thanks for thinking of your fans and the chance to win an ahhh-mazing giveaway@plumerea

  9. I love your designs. This is exactly the style that I have tried to slowly follow in my home, but on a tight budget. Winning an item from The Cross Design store would be amazing!

  10. Seriously obsessed with your blog, your style, design, career, and your adorable sweet, cuddly, little lion Leo! Couldn’t be happier for you and Justin! Thank you for this give-a-way! Love you Jilly!!! : )

  11. Leo’s nursery is AMAZING! Perfect gender neutral and perfect for him! I am LOVING that LOVE sign. I didn’t see it linked anywhere, would you mind sharing where you got it? Thank you!

  12. Your bunny lamp is different from the one linked. Is that design no longer available? I prefer the ears on yours going straight up. So cute!

  13. Your house is by far one of my favorites. Love how clean and organized. My dream. Will the new house be all white too. Can’t wait to follow along. Much love to your sweet little family.

  14. Absolutely love the nursery Jillian! You have
    impeccable taste! Im expecting my first in March, you’ve given me so much inspiration! ❤️

  15. Beautiful! PLEASE share how to fold onesies/baby clothes so perfectly! Our drawers always look so messy – every way I’ve tried to fold them!

  16. Personally, I am not a fan of the nursery. Things look a little messy and it’s very blah, it needs a pop of color, maybe some dark brown to bring some things out

    1. Messy?? Seriously. There are a few toys in a basket – other than that everything is super tidy. I don’t agree with you at all – it’s not blah. The look is clean, simple, and serene. Which has been done perfectly. The natural rug, wood side table, etc. add an organic feel to the room. Very gender neutral as well. I just love it. :0)

  17. Beautiful nursery for your sweet little man. Thank you for sharing so many of your special moments with us.

    Entered contest on all 6 sites. Our home could use a Jillian inspired refresh.

  18. I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere in your beautiful post, but what colour did you paint the walls and wainscoting? I’m obsessed!

  19. Hi Jillian,

    Just wanted to tell you congratulations on Baby Leo! He’s adorable! Been a fan of yours since the Bachelor! Yes, those days! lol So happy you found your happily ever after!

    Beautiful nursery! Are you planning to share your birth story?

    1. Hi Crissy, did you figure out what paint colors Jillian used? I really like it too and I am in a search of a paint color for the nursery right now 🙂

      1. Yes- did you find out what paint color she used for the walls?? I too am in search of something similar! And everything I pick seems to have too much peach in it :/

        1. I am also searching for what paint colours she used? Has anyone one found out the white and creme colour?

  20. Loved watching the nursery tour on the Cross insta. Can’t wait to see your new house and your design concepts! Keep doing you girl!

  21. Hi Jillian
    You are so talented and I think you are incredibly brave as you frequently share posts that are vulnerable and real. Refreshing in the social media world. And as your talent and work is so inspiring I appreciate your willingness to share these pics. Quick question — are these 8 foot ceilings in the nursery? I’m considering getting this light fixture from the cross myself (for my small living room in my flat) but I only have 8 foot ceilings . . .

  22. I’m desperately looking for nice baby/child-size hangers like the ones in the nursery! Any idea where these are from?? Thanks!

  23. I love this nursery. I am currently preparing nursery and I want it to be very much like yours 🙂 Love your style 🙂 Have a great day Lady 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle, Did you find out what paint colour is it for the walls? I just came back from the store with bunch of samples and cannot find the one I like 🙁

    1. Hi Brooke, Any luck with finding frame for the bunny print? What size are you printing? Thanks 🙂

  24. OK – I have to ask as I’m working on my baby’s nursery….
    1. What size is the bunny print?
    2. Where is the frame from?

    I know you’re super busy so thanks so much in advance if you’re able to answer 🙂

  25. Hey Jill!

    Can you please tell us what paint color you used for the walls?! I am in search of something similar- but I somehow keep choosing samples with too much peach! :/

    Help! I see there are a few other ladies asking the same thing 🙂

  26. I love this nursery! I’m an interior designer in a Texas and love these paint colors. Would you mind sharing! I know others would love to know as well! 🙂

        1. Hi Jillian,

          I read your paint blog and it was very helpful! I am just wondering if you would mind sharing the colour you used in Leo’s Kelowna nursery?

          Thanks so much!

  27. Can you tell me which glider you got at wayfair? I saw the wayfair link but it didn’t go to a direct page. I love that one. Thanks!!!

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