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5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

Good morning loves! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just around the bend! This past weekend we had our Thanksgiving photoshoot for the cookbook at the house and it really got us into the Thanksgiving decorating mindset! So, today I thought I would share 5 easy decorating ideas for Thanksgiving with you! These are super simple elements that you can incorporate quickly and easily into your home.

Ps. Make sure to pop by my Thanksgiving/Halloween shop pages, it’s loaded with the cutest decor!!!

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving DecoratingJillian Harris Thanksgiving DecoratingJillian Harris Thanksgiving Decorating

Wreaths | Door Mat


By now everyone should know my extreme addiction for pillows but they really are one of the easiest ways to change up the look of your home to match the holiday. I know that some pillows can be a little pricey but they are one of those things that you buy and then keep for a really long time! Especially the pillows that are for certain holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas, for example, you pull them out once a year then store them for the next year … they last forever!

Pro Tip: Buy pillow inserts and then all you have to do is swap out the covers for the holidays!!


I always have candles burning in my home, not only do they smell delish, but they certainly set the mood and immediately make you (and your guests) feel comfortable and cozy. Also … if you have a fireplace … turn that baby on, whether it’s wood burning or electric, there’s nothing quite like a fireplace crackling away inside!


Pumpkins are perfect for Thanksgiving AND Halloween decorating! You can pop by a local market and pick up some real pumpkins (I LOVE ghost pumpkins … I know, shocking … lol) and some gourds and literally use them on your Thanksgiving table as cute decor or place a few on your coffee table, or outside your entrance. There is also some ridiculously cute pumpkin decor out there too … like some of the items below … some even double as serving dishes!

Pro Tip: Apples, pears, flowers, and leaves from trees around your yard work well for decor as well!!


I absolutely LOVE wreaths for every occasion, I have two Fall wreaths hanging on each door to our front entrance right now ( you can find the ones I have, here!). Wreaths are another one of those items that you can buy once, store, and re-use. Your front door is the first thing your guests will see so wreaths are an easy way to set your decor tone … is that a thing? LOL. It is now.

Cute Decor

There are so many cute signs and banners and table runners out there that make Thanksgiving decorating a breeze! Note to mention, cute Thanksgiving-themed plates out there … I mean, check out those pumpkin plates in the photo below! Adorable!

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Decor

1. Pumpkin Bowls | 2. Napkins | 3. Table Runner | 4. Wreath | 5. Cutlery | 6. Gravy Boat | 7. Thankful Sign | 8. Wine Glasses | 9. Pumpkin Plates | 10. Wire Basket | 11. Lumbar Accent Pillow | 12. Candle | 13. Metallic Pumpkin | 14. Pillow

There you have it!! Easy peasy right?! Oh … and you, of course, can’t forget those cute rubber boots when out collecting your decor … am I right?!?! ?

illian Harris Thanksgiving Decorating

Rubber Boots

Happy decorating!



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  1. Where did you get the topiary trees on your front porch?? They are beautiful! Just love your decorating ideas, love the wreaths on your front door as well. I just wish they would ship them to Canada.

  2. Hi Jillian, So I just saw that you are going on a trip to Europe. When my son was 6mths I took him to England. My son’s dad and I had different last names (as we were not married – Just got married sept 16 after 20 yrs – now I am hyphenated!) so on the small wallet size birth cert it did not show my last name and this caused issues as it didn’t show us(my son) having the same name or being related. We had to get the long form birth certificate to show the birth mum and the birth father. This was the only way we could get a passport for my son. So be sure to order the long form birth cert as well as wallet size. I was also informed I should carry a notarized letter from the birth father stating I had his permission to take our son out of the country. I carried this letter with long birth certificate, notarized letter and a picture of us three. I was never asked to provide this info at any of the airports but it was peace of mind knowing I had it with me. Also good in case child should become ill and need medical attention.
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  3. Love your article! Your Thanksgiving decoration ideas are awesome. Thanksgiving is a time to remember. I also like your stuff for decorating thanksgiving table. Thank you so much!!

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