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5 of My Favourite Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home

It’s the first week back to reality for me! LOL!! I had SUCH an amazing couple of weeks off, hanging out with friends and family and soaking up all of the celebrations from Christmas to my birthday. Well, the party is over, everyone … LOL! It’s time to get back to the grind and finally get my house in order after all of the holiday fun!! If you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE organizing and getting our house all nice and tidy. When our house is clean and everything is in its proper place, I feel SO GOOD! I’m sure many of you can relate to this so today I thought I would share 5 of my favourite cleaning tips with you that will help refresh your home this year!

1. One Room at a Time

Cleaning can seem like a daunting task when you think you have to clean the ENTIRE house so you have to change your thoughts and maybe lower the bar a little! My mom always taught me to clean one room at a time. Just like you’re supposed to take life day by day, do the same thing when it comes to cleaning, room by room. If you only have one space to focus on it seems less intimidating. I find I do a wayyyy better job when I isolate my focus rather than running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get IT ALLLLLL DONE in one go!

2. Lift Everything off the Ground

The first thing I like to do when I start cleaning in one room is to lift EVERYTHING up off of the ground and get it out of the room. Generally, after the holiday’s I find that each and every room is cluttered and filled with items that don’t belong in that room. This is a quick and simple process if you bring three bins into the room with you. One bin is for garbage and recycling, one bin is for items that need to be moved to another room, and the last bin is for items that can either be donated or sold.

Once all of your bins are filled up, move them to the side and make sure all of your counters are clear so you can start cleaning!! Don’t forget to sort and clean out all three of your bins before proceeding to the next room!

3. Start High then Low

We all know that little dust bunnies like to accumulate everywhere so I like to start cleaning up high then go low so dust and dirt have a chance to fall on the ground before I clean the floors! If you clean high then low chances are you won’t be doubling up on work!

4. Do Your Floors Last

I have OCD when it comes to cleaning our floors! LOL! Before I leave one room I like to do a quick vacuum on the floors which includes getting into the corners and going along the baseboards. We use the Dyson V11 in our home and we’re obsessed with it. Not only is it cordless but it also has a canister that can be easily emptied when full (am I the only one who loves to inspect all of the dirt and hair my vacuum picKs up!? LOL!). The Dyson V11 also comes with a bunch of handy attachments that REALLY help you get down and dirty when cleaning!

Once I’m done my quick floor clean using Eco Mode in all of my rooms I like to go BACK into each room and do one final vacuum using the Auto mode for a deep clean before I wash all of the floors! This mode automatically adjusts suction power depending on your floor type and saves the battery, so I have more than enough to do my whole home TWICE!

Pssstttt … I have some really exciting news for you! Dyson has offered to give FIVE LUCKY WINNERS their very own Dyson V11!! All you have to do is enter via my Instagram post and follow all of the steps! We will randomly select and announce all five winners on my Instagram page on Tuesday, January 14th!

5. Have Fun

Let’s be honest, I can think of 10,000 other things I would prefer to do other than cleaning and organizing our house but it’s also something that has to be done sooooo why not have fun with it?! Crank up the music (I prefer 80’s tunes or Country!) and whip up a nice hot coffee … or, pour yourself a big glass of wine and get movin! Don’t forget to stop for a mini dance party in between dusting and vacuuming … or heck, dance with your Dyson like I do! LOL!


















Thank you Dyson for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this! Have always wanted a Dyson, it definitely isn’t easy to dance with my current vacuum! Feeling motivated to clean!

  2. Love how cleaning looks so fun here … and if you throw on enough music and some cute overalls/romper it really isn’t so bad. Thanks for the tips. Now … can we PLEASE talk about those PINK overalls?! We ALL need to find a pair like that! Tips please!

  3. Omg would love a dyson vacum cleaner. One day maybe. My husband always teases me about vacuumes. I just find the price a little to high.

  4. Jillian, oh I wished I could enter for the dyson, BUT I don’t have intragram .. is there another way to enter the contest

  5. Would love this, all I do is clean. Would be a fantastic addition to my household, this could be a hint to my little peeps that they can start helping their mama who works 5 days a week then comes home and us still working. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Jillian! Thank you for the tips! We have a family wedding coming up this July that we have offered our backyard as the venue not just for the wedding ceremony but also the night before the wedding henna party.!! It’s an Indian wedding so there will be family and friends staying with us for a week or so. As excited I am about this it is giving me immense anxiety. Your email is like a sign from the universe to get my ass in gear. It’s time!! We are a family of 6! 4 humans and two precious fur babies. Work, home, kids and recently returning to school at age 50 I find zero time to actually thoroughly clean my home. We have a built in vacuum system but I have been eyeing the Dyson for awhile now..again universe speaking to me to enter my name in this contest!!
    Side note. I follow you on insta. Thank you for sharing your Disney adventures! Watching your reaction when you realized your going to Disney made my daughter and I cry too!

    Keep Shining Your Bright Light!!

  7. Can I just say, you are absolutely adorable and your laundry room is exquisite, the colours and layout so YOU…and me and YOU….

    So yes would love to be included, could use a DYSON, then we would have at least that in common…wink..

  8. Great tips Jillian. Your Mom gave you good advice, I tell my daughter the same thing otherwise the task can be daunting. XO

  9. This would be awesome for my home. Looks light and easy to use. I have all hardwood floors and two school aged kids so a Dyson would be perfect. Loved your review and thanks for the chance
    IG @Jackie.Bob

  10. Thank you for the chance to win an amazing vacuum! I vacuum almost daily so this would be wonderful to have for its power in picking up all the crumbs, dust and anything else. Insta fan@plumerea

  11. Love these tips!!! I’m definitely adopting your one room at a time rule – I get overwhelmed and try to tackle too much! We just recently moved to a much bigger home so it means more places to put stuff, more areas collecting clutter – I also love the three bin organizing! We have a cordless Dyson as well but it’s and older version and the battery doesn’t last…thanks for the contest, definitely entering right now 😊

  12. Thanks Jillian! Love your attitude about cleaning. Always up beat and positive. Thanks again for the great tips. 😘

  13. Love your tips Jillian. I will try to do room by room … I usually go by task. All the de-cluttering, then vacuuming, dusting.. I would love to have the Dyson V11 to back and use the boost mode and get the deep cleaning at the end. Thank you for the chance! #dysonpartner @luckybgirl

  14. Great tips! Top to Bottom is so smart! Entered on IG (@justicesadie1) This is top of my wishlist! I might actually enjoy cleaning with this. Hair is my nemesis!

  15. Have I missed the winners being announced? If so I can’t find it. Your blog post says winners will be announced today……….I’m really really hoping i’m a winner and have been waiting all day! LOL!

  16. I love that you include to have fun in your post! Music always makes cleaning seen easier and more fun because you can sing and dance! I also prefer to listen to country!

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