5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

Yesterday I shared 60+ Gift Ideas for Her (feel free to send this link to your lover to drop a little hint ?). So, today I thought I would share 5 simple ways to decorate YOUR home this Valentine’s Day! These are quick and easy ways to incorporate the DAY OF LOVE into your home without going overboard and coming across as “too cheesy”.

Let’s take a look!

Jillian Harris Valentines Day Gift IdeasJillian Harris Valentines Day Decor

1. Sign | 2. Love Pillow | 3. Tumbler | 4. Book | 5. Heart Cocette | 6. Heart Prayer Beads | 7. Tiny Heart Tray | 8. Candle Snuffer | 9. Blanket | 10. Bath Mat | 11. Candle | 12. Throw | 13. Mug | 14. Accent Pillow | 15. Cake Stand | 16. Banner

1. Pops of Pink, Red, White & Cream

Pink, red, white, and cream is certainly the most recognized colour palette for Valentine’s Day! There are so many ways to feature this palette in your home such as pulling out all of your dishes, decor, pillows, blankets, candles, etc. that match this colour scheme and placing them around your home for a cozy, cupid-like, feel.

Jillian Harris 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

2. Feature Hearts

Besides the obvious color palette, hearts SCREAM the day of love! There are so many things that come in the shape of hearts (or feature a heart print!) such as pillows, pots, towels, and even waffle makers!!

Jillian Harris 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

3. Gold Accents

Gold accents are PERFECT for ANY occasion!! They bring such a simple elegance to any tablescape! I have gold cutlery and gold-rimmed cocktail glasses that I decorate the table with for every holiday! They are certainly worth the investment!

Jillian Harris 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

4. Use Banners or Printables

I love hanging a banner in our home that reflects the season / holiday. Last year the girls and I made a DIY Valentine’s Day banner (find it here!) which was so easy to make and it turned out so cute!!

Ps. A little INSIDER TIP for you … you may want to hold off to purchase a Valentine’s Day printable as I just MIGHT have one in store for you next week!! Details to come next WEDNESDAY!

Jillian Harris 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

5. Don’t Forget the Bubbly & Flowers

When all else fails, just have a bottle of bubbly on hand and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, like these stunning pink roses from Landeau and you’ll be SET!

Jillian Harris 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day




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  1. Hey, Team Jille – if you are suggesting a great decorating idea for Valentines are those heart-shaped candies with words on them perhaps you haven’t heard that they will NOT be sold this year – I heard it on CTV’s “The Social’ yesterday (Jan 24th). Apparently the company that makes them sold to another company and that company has issued a statement saying that they haven’t had time to get this product up and running for Valentines this year but promised they would be out for 2020! Boo hoo heh?

  2. I had purchased the mini heart waffle maker after seeing it on your page and made the most adorable waffles for my Fiancé this Valentine’s Day morning! I never would have imagined a grown man would be so excited over heart wafflles! Lol! We are excited to continue using it in the future especially when we have little ones of our own to make them for! Thank you for sharing the item, it has easily become one of my favourite purchases! The waffle maker was of great quality and even though it only makes one at a time it was super fast! I just want to say thank you for bringing it to my attention! I no longer have social media but I am a big fan who loves and appreciates all that you and your team do to keep this website going and me up to date on the latest and greatest!
    Thanks Jilly and team! ?

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