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5 Things I Love Most About Our Smart Home

Good morning everyone!! Since I get asked so many questions on our home, including everything appliance related, I thought I would give you a little tour and a glimpse into our everyday life to show you how we use our smart home and WHY I love it so much!! It’s pretty crazy how far technology has come … I think back to our kitchen when I was growing up and the appliances and products we had don’t even compare to what’s available today. It’s kind of freaky hey?! But, a GOOD freaky … I keep waiting for the day when Rosie from The Jetsons will just magically appear on my doorstep and take over … I wouldn’t be mad about it!! LOL!! Anyone have a connection? LOL!

When we decided to renovate our new home we wanted to include as many items as we could that would help us in our day to day life, we wanted appliances that would save us space and make us more efficient! I mean, we’re not asking for much, right?! LOL!! Thankfully with the help of the awesome team at Best Buy Canada, they were able to help guide us through their huge selection and help get our house suited up with some pretty awesome smart home technology … and let’s just say, we’ve had a FEW visits from their Geek Squad Agents (basically a team of superheroes who come in and help with your technology issues … we’re still learning, ok?? LOL!). So far we’ve been loving the features of our smart home, such as voice assistants, smart lighting, home surveillance and even gardening abilities from our phones (hey, I have to make it fun somehow so Justin is excited to do it!). It’s pretty crazy to think that most of the devices in our home can be controlled from our phones, it helps our little family save some time so we can spend MORE of it together!

Ok, let’s dig into a few reasons why I love our smart home … but first, if you want to see a full list of the products we have in our home along with photos and additional info, click here! Oh, and don’t forget to watch the video below for a glimpse inside what a busy day in our household looks like!!

Jillian Harris Why I love My Smart Home
Jillian Harris Why I love My Smart Home

1. Keep An Eye on Leo

I’ve talked about our Nest Cams before and I’m fairly certain I’ve also told you just how much I love them but I’m here to tell you again! LOL! Not only are our nest cams our home security cameras but they also double as our baby monitor!! We have one set up in Leo’s room so we can keep an eye on him while he’s napping. One of the reasons why I love this so much in Leo’s room is for the fact that when I’m away travelling I can pull up the video on my phone and wish him a goodnight even from afar!

2. Save Space & Waste

If you watched the video above, you’ll notice that we don’t have a microwave in our house! Welp, that’s because it’s built into our Miele range!! I freakin LOVE this as I’m not a fan of bulky appliances and clutter so the fact that we have one less appliance to put somewhere makes me REALLY HAPPY! Our LG Steam Washer also has a mini washer (aka sidekick washer!) on the bottom so I can use this to wash delicates or Leo’s clothes which also helps to reduce the amount of water used if you only have a small wash to do!! Also, I can’t get enough of our built-in coffee machine, not only does this save me money by preventing me from grabbing coffee on the go, but it also helps with my 2018 goal to reduce the waste coming in and out of our home as we only use ceramic mugs and reusable to-go mugs for our morning java!!

3. No Compromise on Decor

Originally I didn’t want a TV in our living room as I didn’t like the way it would look above the mantle, let’s face it, TV’s aren’t the prettiest decor … but then we were introduced to the Samsung Frame TV and it was a game changer!! This TV actually allows you to set an image on the screen (complete with a border!) when the TV isn’t in use and it actually looks like a piece of art. Pure genius. Why didn’t I think of this?!

4. Everything is at Your Fingertips

My phone is pretty much an extension of my body, I always have it on me as I’m always checking emails and responding to messages throughout the day, so the fact that I can check in on Leo while he naps and turn up the music on our Sonos sound system on my phone makes me one happy (and productive) mama!!

5. Justin Has Fun With It

What guy doesn’t love technology?? The fact that Justin can get up, ask Google Home what the weather is like, turn on some music while he showers and set the sprinklers with the touch of a screen is enough to leave any man with a smirk across his face. Am I right?! LOL!

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Best Buy Canada
Jillian Harris Why I love My Smart Home
Jillian Harris Why I love My Smart Home
Jillian Harris Why I love My Smart Home

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What smart home technology would you find the most helpful in your household?? Comment below!!



Thank you Best Buy Canada for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. OK, I think I need that TV in my living room. We have an open concept home and I HATE the tv but risk a mutiny if I ban it. This is win win!

  2. Oh my god – totally laughing out loud. Every time that either you or Justin said “ok google”, it triggered mine at home! Told me the weather, dimmed my lights and told me I could ask it any other question but that it doesn’t serve dinner!!!

  3. Love the glimpse into your smart life! Thanks for sharing Jillian — TV that doubles as artwork is such a brilliant idea. Definitely going to have to look into getting one of those.

  4. Oh my gosh, LOVE the Jetson’s reference above!! My least favourite part of my daily routine is blow drying my hair. Everything problem. But 30 minutes to dry my hair? No thanks!

    So I keep telling my boyfriend – remember the Jetson’s? How your bed just plopped you onto a conveyer belt and it bathed you, blow dried your hair AND clothed you?? Yeah, why hasn’t that been invented yet? LOL

    Anyway, love these smart appliances! I am going on the hunt for the Samsung frame TV – would be great in our bedroom without looking like a huge TV on the fall! Thanks Jillian!

  5. Loved the video. Thank you for sharing your wee family with us every day. Looking forward to more adventures and the cookbook

  6. That makes everything look so easy!! I loooove so many of your appliances and your house is just gorgeous Jillian!
    Much love from Niagara Falls, Ontario!

  7. I loved the video! You are so natural it didn’t come off fake or awkward! Nacho, Leo and Justin were all cutie pies!

  8. But you don’t seem to have a smart home. You have a network connected home. All you’ve really done is move your switches and controls from the walls to your phone (maybe an ai assistant – Alexa, Google assistant, Siri… ). You still have to turn your lights on and off manually. A smart house is reactive, tracks where the occupants are and is able to predict what their lighting/heating/cooling needs are from moment to moment and adjust accordingly.

    Now, I could be wrong, as this is the only article I’ve seen about your home.

  9. I need that washing machine and that TV is on wish list! I think everyone wants a Leo too! He is adorable.

  10. My husband said Justin has an easy life all he has to do is get up and turn the sprinklers on ? You guys are too cute!

  11. Oh my gosh!
    As much as I support a girl maken that money. I am not a fan of adds. But this my dear is excellent. It wasn’t over the top. Very informative and had me smiling from start to finish. Great job!! Xoxo

  12. Your home is crazy beautiful! Loved this insight and can defiantly see about getting some tech like this down the road when financially ready! Glad this works out for you and Justin, can only imagine how crazy your schedules are haha. Thank you for sharing this!

  13. As much as I loved this video, I’m disappointed in your styled hair for the early morning wake-up with Leo. ??? I know this was for promotion and aesthetic sake but one of my favorite parts of your Instagram stories are how relatable your bedhead is to my own hair every morning. You are truly such a refreshing face to watch every day, and I genuinely enjoy every bit of content you and your team produce. I love the honesty and hard work and just the feeling of talking to a true friend I get from your videos. Much love and lots of laughs at crazy mom morning hair.
    Meagan ?‍?‍?‍?

  14. Control4 home system. Everything is remote controlled, including lighting, TV, garage doors, entertainment systems. It’s compatible with any type of electronics. We got ours installed and serviced by Campus Computers. Let me know if you want more information. There are couple of apartments in West Vancouver (I.e Evelyn) have this control system installed.

  15. You look amazing! How did you lose the baby weight? I have a 16 th month old and struggling to lose all the baby weight.

  16. Love that you can make the TV look like art and not take away from the space by having a big dark tv taking up the focal point of the fireplace!

    Side note- I noticed your kitchen drawer pulls before and just saw them again. Any chance you know the details on them? I love them!

  17. I just showed this to my hubby and he loves your home – ❤️ huge front porch And appliances!
    Now he knows why I’m on Instagram a lot
    Because I love watching your Instagram stories!

  18. Hi Jillian
    Love your new home. We recently bought in Osoyoos. Can you tell me the make and model of the stove with the integrated microwave shown in your Best Buy instagram post. I too am vertically challenged and over the range microwaves are my pet peeve.

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