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10 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

Latley I feel like there is a TON going on in this online world. There is bullying, politics, sadness, happy stories, and lots of guards up. Lots of people ONLY sharing the good and not too many people letting their guard down. I am one of them. I mean if you follow my Instagram stories you will know I’m not afraid to look like a hungover Billy Ray Cyrus on a Tuesday morning… but there’s more to me than my out of control bangs! I’m proud of who I am but there are things about me that I don’t always share because I’m afraid of judgment. There are some trolls out there, and lots of people that are quick to judge … but I realized the other day I can’t hold back just because of the fear of those people!! I was thinking of all the things my BFFs know … all the things the girls know, the things only my parents know … and the things that you DON’T know … because I’ve been scared to tell you!

Some of these things are close to my heart … some of them are just plain hilarious … but I thought it would a be a departure from all my blogs about ALL the things I do right … and all the things I LOVE and am proud of … what about the THINGS I’M NOT PROUD OF!?!?!

Ok… here they are!!!

Jillian Harris 10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell YouJillian Harris 10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

1. I Still Love Cheez Whiz

Yup. I haven’t been able to let this go. It’s the one dirty rotten animal product that’s STILL in my house and I can’t stop freakin’ buying it!!!! One day I’m going to have to cut myself off, cold turkey … I just haven’t been able to yet and I honestly don’t know why!! It’s not like I have it everyday … I would say once every two weeks, but when I have it I love it. Ahhhhh!!!!

2. I Crashed a Golf Cart

This is one of those wake up the next day in a panic and immediately think to yourself “THAT DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN, DID IT?!” moments. Welp. In this case, IT DID … and the best part … it was ALL caught on camera. You can check it out here. But before you watch it … remember what I said about no judgment??

3. I Haven’t Started Planning Our Wedding

Frankly, I just have NO IDEA where to start … sooooo … more to come on this at a later date! LOL!

4. I Don’t Enjoy Showering

I LOVE the feeling of being CLEAN but I hate the whole process of getting in the shower, washing my hair, shaving my armpits and my legs, etc. I would wayyyy rather just not have to deal with my leg hair and be slightly stinky … sorry, Justin, I know it’s not your favourite part about me. Good thing there so many other good things … LOL!

5. I Swear … A LOT

I can’t f*cking help it. WHOOPS, SH!t sorry …

6. I Walk Around Naked

I honestly walk around naked ALL. THE. TIME. The girls have seen me naked more times then they can count on their fingers and toes … I like to think it’s part of the job … I mean, I have to change outfits quickly and in weird places sometimes … ??‍♀️ Sorry girls. And passersby …  or, you’re welcome?? LOL!

7. I Love Talking About Poop

The things that most people find uncomfortable to talk about is what I FEED OFF OF … this includes poop, farts, sex, you name it, I want to talk about it!!! I’m actually quite offside, to be honest … I think this has something to do with my Northern Alberta upbringing. Dirty topics are hilarious and sometimes I find it funny to get people riled up!!

8. I Still Crave The Taste of Meat

Yup. I actually love the taste of meat. Ugh. I hate that I even had to write that, but it’s true. I grew up on meat and it was a taste I grew to love. Every time I drive by a KFC, McDonald’s or an Arby’s it LITERALLY takes EVERYTHING I HAVE not to stop and grab a burger or a bucket of “DIRTY BIRD”… If we’re being REALLY honest here, about once a month I would stop in and get a burger and just sit in my car, alone, and take tiny bites and just savour a greasy burger and I wouldn’t tell ANYONE. I’m happy to say that I don’t do this once a month anymore but MAYBE three times a year now at the most. It’s a hard one to admit because I’m so proud of my plant-based lifestyle and it’s been my biggest accomplishment and sacrifice to date … but I’m still a recovering meat-a-holic.

9. It’s Hard to Let Go

I’m a BIT of a control freak (the first step is admitting it, right?!) … I mean, I’m a great delegator but I find certain things hard to “let go of” such as sleeping in and letting Justin take over morning duties … I KNOW he can do it and Leo would be fine but I prefer how I do the morning routine sooooo I just do it myself and begrudgingly wake up and take over… Justin is always less than thrilled and confused why I just can’t go back to sleep.

10. I Crave the Acceptance of Others

This is one of those things that people always tell you NOT to worry about … and I’ve tried, trust me. However, I find that I’m soooo addicted to the feeling of acceptance from others, I love the positive reinforcement. I think it’s because I’m so sensitive the thoughts and feelings of my followers … I wish I cared less, but I can’t help it!! I’m most embarrassed by this one because I want to say I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK … but I do … lol, most of you, which is obviously unhealthy and IMPOSSIBLE to please. Maybe one day my old age will teach me better!

Ok … I think I’ve told you enough for now so I’m going to wrap this up but before I do … I want to hear YOUR dirty little secrets!! If you’re brave enough to share them … comment below and fess up!! ?

Jillian Harris 10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell YouJillian Harris Things I'm afraid to Tell You

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  1. I seriously cannot believe #4, 5, 7, 9, and 10. Literally thought I was the only girl left on the planet who fit that criteria. Nevertheless, I will continue to own it. #ProudTypeA #LegHairDontCare

    1. I think you are my soul mate, my younger twin or something. I can’t believe how many times I think she is just like me and now more than ever. I am totally those same 10 things ?

  2. Fist of all thank you for sharing the most secret parts of you. I love watching your insta stories and seeing the life that you have/live. I also know it must not be easy to juggle.

    My deepest secret is that I am envious /jealous of the success of people around me, I see what they have and I want the same for me.

    In the last year & a half I have gotten married & had a wonderful little 9 month old boy who is my world. I love being a mom and I would not change that for the world; however I have see all of the accomplishments they they have and it looks so easy looking in on their world & I want that for me too. Also if I am truly being honest I see your posts and I want that for me as well, so I am envious of you Jill. You totally look like you have your s*it together and I love that.

    Thank you for being completely honest and that is one of the many things I like about you. Keep doing what you are doing and the haters are still going to hate but you have a village surrounding you that love & adore you. I hope that this at least made you smile.

    All the best,
    Nicole ~ Mississauga Ontario

  3. All of these things make you so relatable Jillian and that’s why I love you and your insta stories! Thank you for showing us girls that you can be pretty and put together but that it’s not humanly possible to be that way 24/7.

  4. You are so real. Love you❤️
    My husband loves that chemical whiz stuff too!!! And the poop talk. Omg, my cousins are the worst for talking about ?too funny. Keep on being you.
    You’re wonderful ❤️

  5. Love this!! I can relate with so many of these, especially the dislike of showering ! If only someone could do it for me!?

  6. Well here’s a secret? At least I think my mom knows!! You and I are one day apart (minus a few years) we have a lot of similarities and your influence inspired me to start a wedding planning business! So if you’re wondering, we’re twins and you have a Mississippi girl trying to be just like you (like legitimately JUST like you) there’s some acceptance for you!!!

  7. Lol. These are just endearing to be honest. And I think it’s even better for anyone who follows you and admire what you do to know that you’re far from perfect so they’re not piling up the pressure on themselves to achieve something impossible. As much as your life is part of what you do and is very public, it is so wonderful to know that you’re happy being yourself. Thank you for sharing your dirty little secrets. They made me laugh and, more importantly, connect with something much more real. So much love and respect for you❤.

  8. LOVE THIS JILL! Omg I literally died watching the TMZ vid. This is why I love you!

    My dirty little secret- I tweet you more times than a “fan” really should!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this Jillian! Such a great read, and glad to know you’re just as crazy as the rest of us! xoxo

  10. Jillian,
    That was seriously the best blog post I have ever read! Good for you to be able to laugh at yourself. I am a VERY serious attorney however; what people do not know is that I have been in three car accidents – in my driveway. Yup. Once I tried to back into the garage and instead of backing in I backed into the garage wall. Twice I hit parked cars as I was pulling out of the driveway. My husband was not impressed at any point. I am not a cheez whiz girl but every day I sneak a Justin’s Peanut Butter cup at 2:00 when no one is looking. Glad to get that off my chest – LOL. Thanks for making my day today, that post and the accompanying video were hilarious.

  11. This was awesome and to be honest a lot of those same things I like or do myself. LOL. You own it and I love it!!

  12. LOVE this post!! It’s so refreshing to see the “not perfect” side of you… however by sharing it you just made your self more perfect! Haha. Sometimes instead of washing dirty old lunch containers I will just throw them out and buy new ones. My husband would be furious lol ?

  13. I think it’s so cool of you to share your “not so perfect side”. I think that makes you even more perfect! I too hate showering, swear way too much, and love talking about poop 😉 it’s part of the job when you’re the Mama of a toddler anyways!

  14. People tell me ALL THE TIME … “u and Jillian Harris are SO similar”!! And u writing this post makes me see more and more why people tell me this! Im a Radio and Television personality so I can relate to you on so many levels. One of the things I pride myself on is authenticity. It takes time for a lot of people to accept or even understand it BUT it’s what I end up receiving the most compliments on! And I fully agree poop convos are great IMO 🙂 xo

  15. Jillian, for me, one of the most charming and likeable things about you is that you DO have flaws and are so open to admitting them. Every video of you in sweats, no makeup and wild hair warms my heart. I can’t imagine the pressure you must feel to always look a certain way and do the right/perfect thing, or else face the wrath of the online cronies. My confessions: (1) I am also a very reluctant leg-shaver and confess to having zero qualms about my hairy stems pretty much allllllll winter (much to my husband’s dismay)! (2) I, too, am working on being more ‘whole food plant-based’ in my eating, and I also occasionally have a secret burger in my car. You don’t know how relieved I am to hear it’s not just me!!! And while I’m not a giant fan of cheese whiz, I am 100% addicted to the cheddar flavoured smartfood popcorn. It’s my guiltiest pleasure and my deepest shame. LOL!

  16. I remember the first time you ‘liked’ one of my comments, I felt like I had won the lotto. The more I follow you the more I LOVE you. Yes you’re beautiful, but it’s your down to earth-ness I love the most. Most celebrity types like to remain untouchable. You are so fabulous!!!???

  17. That’s why I like you…you are a real person!! And gee I thought I was the only one who doesn’t enjoy showering!! Maybe if I didn’t have to get out…

  18. Oh my gawd! The golf cart one was HILARIOUS! Cracking a beer that pops out of the water at the end of it all. PRICLESS!

    I feel the same way about #10. I wish i didnt care what people thought but i do! I constantly think people are judging me. They prob dont even care enough to do that. Its all in our heads. Though,you have alot of followers and probably get alot of criticism from people for no reason. Id take it personally too.

    As for your wedding, you will get there. Its alot of work! I have a really cool idea for you,but you would have to msg me to find out. Lol.

    I love your spunk! Keep doing you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Omg…I’m just like you. I’m a health nut, the cheese whiz thing I know..the shower thing is so much work hair and make up before going to town. Also worry what others think, letting my husband do stuff doesn’t get done the way I want. The dirty bird is hilarious thou lmao!!!
    And I swear alot too sounds bad…oh well.
    My girls are spoiled and I love them to peices❤️❤️.
    I’m always watching your love it or list it, getting ideas to renovate. Your clothes give me fashion ideas, now I habe a pair poppie barley brown boots and love them. We live on a farm outside of Vegreville, ab and we grain farm…so I so get it why people eat organic. Grain farmers all around us except a handfull desicate their crops just before cutting them for harvest but we don’t. My hisband and my dad are the only ones that don’t…crops are sundried. And we get top grade when we sell..the best. No one else does this. I wish I could meet you your so cool Jillian..Love you

  20. Are we twins? Except I love to shower! Today I had to talk myself out of not going to MCdondalds multiple times . I wasn’t even driving . I legit was going to put my one year old in the car and go get a burger because i saw a commercial. Instead i stayed home and made avocado toast. The day isn’t over yet. I loveee how honest you are. Keep it up. We need more people like you. I’m sure you’ll get negative comments. Don’t even pay ONE peice of mind!

  21. You are amazing person very true honest and I admire and respect ??.I look forward to reading your blogs love them ❤so much fun

  22. Honestly, I feel like this is everyone. Everyone has things they aren’t proud about and funny “isms.” About half of these apply to me as well. I have said this time and time again, you truly are perfect. While no one can actually be perfect, you being able to share your darkest fears just proves how real and perfect you are. It’s nice when people in your position are able to show their true selves and not just what you want us to see. Keep being real, and in my opinion keep procrastinating on the wedding planning! From one control freak to another, nothing is worse than planning a wedding and trying to control every little aspect of it. My biggest issue is giving up control, and letting other people do things for me.

    My biggest dirty secret is that I still don’t know what to do with my life. I spend four years at university, earned my degree and got engaged a month later. I thought I wanted to be a realtor and changed my mind halfway through that. I’m jealous of others that know what they want out of life and are going after their dreams. Earlier this month you talked about how you were taking the girls on a vacation and you guys hadn’t figured out what your goals were for 2018, you said that you didn’t have the same motivation that everyone else had at the beginning of a new year and that, that was okay. This helped me more than you will ever know. Thanks for sharing your dirtiest secrets and for the advice you continue to give your fans!

  23. Hahaha I love these confessions! Since I started following you 2 years ago I have been trying so hard to educate myself and started a plant based journey! Your cheese wise confession is hilarious! I have missed it so much and been craving it on toast for so long! Nice to know if I give in one day, I’m not the only one :))

  24. Thank you for sharing this Jillian. I can relate to 4,5,7,9 & 10. Comforting to know we’re not alone. Hoping one day I too, will be care free of other people’s opinion of me :/ keep being you, because you are fabulous xo

  25. Lol None of your confessions really surprised me about you! My dirty secret is sometimes I hate being a Mom. ? I love my kids and don’t regret them at all, but damn it’s hard sometimes!!!

  26. I haven’t eaten there in years, but I looooveedd KFC, more specifically their Big Crunch Combo with fries and gravy. That’s all I would order and one time I drank the gravy it was so good! PS – I also hate the act of showering, but actually love being in there once I’m in it. Ha

  27. I also HATE showering and doing my hair, I use the whole mom excuse now, but if I’m being honest I washed my hair max 3 times every 10 days even before I was a mom….

    Thanks for being so relatable!

  28. Haha this might be one of my favourite posts ever! Love the honesty and the normalness (prob not a word). I drive my kids crazy cause I’m naked way more than they would like and poop/fart/sex talks are the thing that brings me some of the most joy ?. I think we would get along devinely!

  29. I swear all the time too! My girls thankfully know better than to repeat what comes out of my mouth. I’m ending my marriage and have been miserable for years but selfishly I prefer to be a happy solo parent even if it means living on a budget. I have a massive shopping problem and am currently reading books on how to end that shopping/spending addiction. Oh and I also hate showering everyday as well lol I’d prefer a book and a bath.

  30. Thank you Jillian for sharing your deepest and darkest. You are an inspiration, your honest and relatable. I love reading your blogs and I love when your honest about life.

  31. Girrrrrrrl – I am so with you. I love talking about poop, farts, all those slightly gross/hilarious things. A guy friend and I have a running joke where we snap each other while we’re pooping – I even passed a note under the door once while he was in there – illustrations and all. LOL! And I grew up just north of Grande Prairie sooo maybe it IS the northern Alberta upbringing. 😉

  32. thank you for this!!! Makes me feel normal lol And it makes me think you’re even cooler than I originally thought! Awww the perfection of imperfection! xx

  33. Ha ha! I love swearing and hate washing my hair! As to the wedding, start with the cake. Crowd source the rest on social media.

  34. I love cheeze Whiz too!!! My husband thinks it Gross but I grew up eating it as a child…comfort food. I also walk around the house naked all the time ??‍♀️ Thank you for sharing a few of your secrets ❤️

  35. Thank you for sharing! How real and imperfect (not in a bad way) you are is part of the reason why I love following you! Your IG stories are the best and show you in real life which I love. It’s nice to see how someone as successful as you is not perfect and does not try to be!

    #4,7,9&10 are all me!

  36. Love this post❤️ I’m sensitive too, even when I know something someone says is not logical/fair and probably about something they are going through, I waaaay overthink things. I get better at dealing as I get older but it’s part of who I am.

    Not the biggest fan of “poop talk”, but had breakfast with g/f today and one shared this video. I think you will like it! Lol.

    Keep loving, laughing, crying and sharing!

  37. How liberating to share your deepest darkest details of yourself! Good for you. And no judgement here. I swear more than you do, I’m sure of it. Things I don’t admit to people, first, while I don’t like Cheez Whiz, I’m obsessed with Taco Bell’s nacho cheese sauce and get extra sides of it every single time I’m there. They other thing is I’m super nosey. Kendra On Top is my guilty pleasure and I follow Kendra and Hanks relationship because I’m nosey (and totally rooting for them)… even watched Marriage Boot Camp with them. And it doesn’t stop there. I follow Shawn and Kaitlyn from the Bachelorette on social media because I’m just nosey (totally rooting for them in life too)… I’ve only watched a few select seasons of that show but I’m just all up in their business. Lol. And I think Kaitlyn is as obsessed with wine as I am so I literally can’t get enough…. gee, I confess and now I feel like a stalker. ?.

  38. I love and admire your honesty! You’re brave girl! One of my secrets, that may not be as secretive as I think, is that I also crave acceptance of others. I always encourage people to not care what others think but I am constantly trying to impress others.. and when I don’t I’m extremely discouraged. I also love talking about bowel movements and other inappropriate things. ?

  39. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! AMAZING!!! As a northern Alberta girl myself, I have to say, this was so refreshing to read! I’ve been a fan of yours for years but always felt like there had to be a little bit more to what we see on Insta and read on your blog. My husband and I owned a snowboard shop in Peace River for 10 years and we’ve met lots of people who knew you so I knew there had to be a bit of a redneck, trucker mouthed, day drinking golfer in you! Lol. Too funny lady – you’re awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Your just so awesome and real. Like I’d say 5 of these are totally me …. live your genuine real life , who cares what ANYONE thinks … your a rock star Jillian Harris … keep on rockin sista

  41. I feel we are exactly the same!
    Everything you fessed up to I can relate!
    I love your real.. honest nature!

    I love cleaning! I enjoy the feeling of a clean tidy house, doing the washing from start to finish is my most favourite part! Strange I know, I feel oddly satisfied every single time!

  42. Okay Tori and Sam make that video lmfao!!!
    “Samantha this thing is done” bahaha.
    Oh and the cracking of the floating beer ?

  43. You make me smile Jill. We share quite a few traits plus some (many!)others. The fact that you can smile, swear, talk about poop and be a control freak and your still be such a sweetie is pretty freakin’ awesome!

  44. I love cheese whiz too!!! ? It’s my hangover food. I’ll eat like 4 pieces of toast with it (helloooooo carbs).

  45. #5-9 300%! I am all type A and a big science and number nerd, my brain sees numbers and automatically starts doing different things with them. Sooo I don’t tell people that I have their phone number and license plate number memorized upon the first time seeing them because let’s be honest, it sounds super creepy but that’s just how my brain works!

  46. It’s hard not to let the troll world take over! You’re a true gem, Ms. Harris. Your insta stories alone make you seem like the rest of us. Mostly together and still not afraid of what we look like before getting ready! Lol. Thank you for being you because your wonderful!

  47. Ahhhhhh I love cheese whiz too! And also I hate showering. I’m a completely pulled together person but I’d way rather not shower, shave or wash my hair. Haha. My husband isn’t a fan of this for obviously reasons ?

  48. I’m a procrastinator……. I hate that about me and it stresses me out. But yet I love planning and checklist tell me how that seems to go together.
    I love milk….. like got to have it and drink a gallon in two days Love.
    I also crave acceptance of others……
    I love check list…… like I’ll put got out of bed just to put a check mark (weird I know).
    I watch The Real (a talk show) every morning. If I miss it I watch it recorded cause I record every episode.

  49. So i can SOOO relate to #1, #3 (oh god dont get me started on number 3), #4 #5, #7, #9, and #10.

    You seriously took the words right out of my mouth!

    Another deep secret of mine is that I never think im good enough at things. And I constantly think people dont like me. So I try extra hard to make them like me, which probably ends up doing the exact opposite. Its a vicious cycle.

    Ps. Your Leo and my Remy were born on the same day and year so I always show Remy your insta stories with him and I pretend that Leo is his friend. LOL

  50. Omg, that golf cart video is life! So funny! No judgement here.

    I hate to admit that I LOVE fast food and eat it way too often. I need to stop!

    I also HATE showering but love to feel clean. My husband also dislikes that quality, lol.

    I drank way too much wine last night and felt sick all today a work (I never do this).

    I also love to talk about gross things, over the top things… I have no shame or comfort zone.

    I never started drinking coffee until a couple months ago and I’m 28.

  51. Ok, I have to start of by saying never realized there were more of me when it comes to these items 10,9,7 & 4. I feel like 10 is my biggest struggle and 4 is my husbands.. haha
    I love how you were so real with these and thank you!

  52. I love your honesty !! I think one time or another we all can check off quite a few of your same same things we’re afraid to tell.. you’re adorable..

  53. Literally you are me! Or I am you…lol I’ve learned so much about plant based diet from you and I’m so thankful! I’m not as good as you, we still live 50/50 but I try hard when I can!

  54. With you on #4!!! I hate showering. I’ve left it so long that I forget the last time I’ve showered and my boyfriend just shakes his head at me lol. The thing is I don’t smell, I’m not a sweaty person and I don’t exercise so I totally have no need to shower until my hair starts to get greasy – usually every 4 days. In the winter I don’t shave for months!

  55. Awww…Jillian, I look so forward to your daily IG stories and I love you to pieces. You have a stellar personality flaws & all. We ALL have them. You’re so real and that’s what I love about you so much. To me you’re perfect. Your expressions on IG make me feel good all over. I am very much like you and my biggest downfall is worrying about acceptance from others. We live so close and one day I hope to meet you and your precious baby Leo! My girlfriend owns a cabin in Kelowna and I plan to come their soon. Although she hasn’t ran into you, when I come, I pray I will. You give me that warm fuzzy feeling I desperately miss from real girlfriends! Keep that beautiful smile going. There are so many people that LOVE you! Kiss little Leo. He is so precious! Toni in Marysville, Washington

    1. OMG!!! Jilly!!!!! You actually are a human being!?!. Thank you for sharing. I love watching and reading all of your posts. Always make my day. I love how real they are and this post just sums up the fact that we all have some skeletons in the closet. We are all perfectly imperfect in our own special way. Continue doing EXACTLY what YOU are doing. Its awesome. You have a beautiful family.

    2. Your instastories are hilarious, I can’t get enough of your crazy bangs or Little Leo, your rants and your recipes. You seem like a genuine chick with a lot of love in her heart, your man, babe, and friends and family are lucky to have such a wonderful human in their lives!

      My dirty secrets-
      1.I’m on mat leave with my 7 month old son, I take a morning nap with him most mornings. I think I need it more than him and am terrified of when he will stop taking it-will I be able to function?!
      2.Some days on walks with the dog and baby, I will spark up conversations with strangers to have another adult to talk to for a few minutes. The days are long as a stay at home mom..
      3.I am an online shopping item-in-cart junky- I love to pick items I want to buy but then panick when I get to checkout that I’ve picked wrong colours, styles, or just get distracted, etc, and then abandon my items. My inbox is full of emails from places letting me know my items in shopping cart are waiting for me..

  56. I f***king cuss like a sailor too ?? omg even worse than my husband ? I love Bacon and the SHIT out of Coronas ! I grew up in the south and my mama always put cheese whiz in our grits ! I absolute love your insta stories and watched your season of the bachelorette ! You rock

  57. Just get married with family & friends. Your life is BIG so do it and don’t fret over huge. You love each other. You’ve established a family just marry him! No matter how simple it’ll still be amazing and elegant.

  58. 4,5,7&9 – all fit me to a T!!! I’m a mom of 4 (3 boys and 1 princess) so POOP is just a way of life around here! Showering is such a chore because I usually have to bring the one year in the shower with me! So without a doubt shaving is completely out of the question! God gave me the mouth of a sailor ? Unfortunately my three was given the same mouth ??‍♀️ #MommyFail but it’s kinda funny when he tells his bother he’s going to kick him in the arse! #BadMom lol We’re all scared to be judged, whether it’s by our family, friends or complete strangers. But we shouldn’t judge each other but expect that we’re all different and just trying to make through the day, one step at a time. Be kind!
    As for Jillian I think your killing it. You will never get any judgment from me for eating a greasy burger with hairy legs.

  59. I’m definitely with you about the craving acceptance. I try not to care as much as I get older but I just can’t do it. I care what people and am extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings. I try to please everyone which is so challenging ?

  60. Girl …. my best friend and I talk about poops all the damn time. We 100% understand that people think we’re nasty but hey – it’s natural LOL and I feel like good friends should care if their friends aren’t regular.

  61. I absolutely love you & watching you throughout the day! I check Insta just to see if you’ve posted to your story. Lol!
    I have a baby girl Leo’s age, so it’s nice to see what you guys do!
    I’ve never been to BC.. but I swear your house & Insta stories make me want to move!!
    Keep being you! ?

  62. Jillian I loved, reading your things you’re afraid to tell. As a Cariboo girl myself (grew up in Williams lake) i totally hear you.

    When you fessed up on the poop, swearing and sex talk I felt like yay I’m not the only one ? me and my old work girlfriend worked in a call center for years together and believe my working in a call center you need an outlet.

    Sooo at lunch we would sit in the cafeteria and
    swear like truck drivers, comiserate over fucked up calls and every conversation would lead to poop! See I have terrible IBS and for some reason it fascinates people and is the butt of all jokes ?. We had a great laugh when we seen a story on the news about feacle transplants. All at my expense.

    Another thing I would not confess is that I’m terrified of what people think as well. I come across as strong willed, opinionated and sometimes abrasive but it’s all a front. I’m morbidly obese and struggle with it everyday. I use the loud part of my personality to hide how insecure I really am.

    Thank you for opening yourself up I find Insta stories a breath of fresh air, love Love it or List it. Leo is a doll Nacho is the best and I can’t wait till you start you plan your wedding so I can steal ideas ?

    You see my hunny proposed to me in 2009, my ex husband and I got married on Aug 14th 1999, he left me with 2 babies 6 months and 19 months old and destroyed me. My fiance now knew when we got together in 2005 I wasn’t going to marry again, but thatvif we made it to 5 years I wanted a ring.

    Finally at 7 years I got the ring and a proposal, still am not divorced 19 years later and our boys are grown up.

    The point I was trying to get to was that you’ll know when the time is right to set the date. We’ve finally after 9 years set the year we will get married 2020 either in Hawaii or at Green Lake just outside of 100 Mile House at sunset on the beach.

    Again Jillian thank you for sharing your life your fears and your triumphs with your fans. You are a bright light in a sometimes dark world. I don’t known if you will actually read this and wish you and yours all the best.

    Trisha Seltenrich

  63. I am so with ya on the not liking showering or wanting to wear clothes lol, also I am a manager now but my whole life I have been a control freak, and wanting others acceptance!

  64. This is the BEST blog post I have ever read in my liiiiife!!!!!!!
    I have been feeling so overwhelmed by all of the internet craziness and scary things happening in the world lately. Most of all, there is this demanding expectation of perfection in life that is implied silently in all corners of social media. As a result, I’ve had to take many social media vacations. Each time I’ve logged back in, I’ve gone with the mindset of “people only post the good, never the bad”, but slowly I forget that way of thinking and become overwhelmed again. It’s a never ending cycle.
    Reading your truths is more refreshing than I can possibly express!! Posting something like this takes so much courage but makes you even more relatable than I already think you are. Thank you for your precious time you dedicate to insta stories everyday….it is always a part of my day that I look forward to the most!!

    Yours truly,
    A fellow shower hater ?

  65. Thank
    You for sharing! #4- by far the same! However I do enjoy a long soak in the tub. Maybe it’s just the idea of relaxing and not rushing to get out that is calming; but hate having a shower! It’s a daily “task” that I too hate. And I love mornings! Would be up before the sun everyday and have all the daily stuff done by 10 if I didn’t go to work everyday this would be my life!

    Ashley- Kingston, ON ??

  66. Hey Jill!

    I know you’ve been wanting to try different brands of deodorant and I use one and it’s amazing! It’s called Routine and it’s amazing!

  67. It seems Justin wants to spoil you by letting you sleep in ! You should milk it and take advantage ? thanks for sharing these ! You are so relatable !

  68. 4,5 6, 7 and 10 is so me! I am also a control freak, but after 4 kids i dont give a dam. My husband can do whatever he wants! ? I go around naked in the house, but i’m really shy beiing naked with friends or like in A public bath.
    I swear to much also. Not good when you have kids… But they think they got it from theire father that never swears! ??
    I also think it’s so boring to take a shower.
    But the most embarrasing thing i have to tell you is that i had A dream about you and your friend and family last night! I had travelt all the way from Norway to visit you for one day…? And i was so impressed. With your house, you, youre friends, everything. And youre house was giant! And with the Ocean right outside the window and whales were seiling there! Like right outside! ?? And there was so much more in the dream… I finally got back to Norway!!??? Have A nice day. It’s night here! Hope you understand my english! ?

  69. I was dealing hoping you were finally gonna come out that ya’ll we’re swingers. But once again, I was let down ? swingers love to be naked. Maybe one day you will confess that.

  70. Dirty secret I hate to shower too!!!! I hate when my hair is already done and dry and I have to wash it AGAIN. So. Much. Work.
    Thank you for being SO real. All of the things you’re afraid to tell are things we all secretly or openly do!!!
    And because you crave the acceptance of others 😉 I just want to say THANK YOU for being your real-self, it makes being inspired by you easier because everything is relatable!! Xoxox

  71. Oh boy!! Seriously been talking so much lately about how much I wished that I just cared less…
    Life changing book – “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*#%”!
    Please let me know the wonderful effects it has on point #10!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  72. I was sooooooo the same way when it came to planning our wedding. And then a florist told me to call To La Lune and then my life changed!!!! If you need a bomb ass wedding planner, Christy will make magic and take all your worries away. She is like a real life unicorn!!!

  73. Not sure if it was possible to love you more BUT turns out it is possible. Thank you for sharing your life, I kinda feel like you’re my big sis❤️❤️ I look up to you in so many ways. All the love xx

  74. Yup showering is not my jam either. I mean, i like being clean and all , but it just takes so long and I have soooo many other things I need to be doing! Thanks for making me feel better about this! I thought I was the only (slightly stinky) weirdo!

  75. Your human don’t forget that. All the work you do in putting together your insta life for us all (and the work outside it)(I’m sure you have a lot) wait where was I going with this… anyways you rock and my mom , sister and I all chat about your insta stories that day. I carry the same feeling of caring what others think. They call us people pleasers and that’s fine. Wait input song .. ‘call it what you wanna call it .. I’m a fucking alcoholic ‘. But instead of alcoholic it’s people pleasing. (Alcoholic also fits… lessssbeeehonest). I may have taken this too far My point is keep being you and you’ll be happy. Theirs only one you in the world so be your best self. Keep at it girl.

  76. Seeing this on IG inspired me to read your blog- which I’ve never done. I’m just always too busy to stop and read the blog. It was fantastic. I laughed out loud , for real. You are so great. Funny, honest, your messy bangs kill me. This post made you even more likable. So funny.
    I’ll admit – I like to crack other people toes. My kids mock me, and then I crack their toes and we laugh.

  77. Lol all about #4, #5 and #9!! What I love most about being fifty is I don’t give a sh*t! My filter is disappearing and I’m fine with it ?.

    I do have to constantly work on letting go and not trying to control every situation, but it’s a work in progress ?

    Life is short… get on with it ??

  78. # 4, 9, 10 is me as well and i’m crazy obsessed with you and think you’re some kind of wonderful. Even after watching the W network series I still think you’re perfect and so is you family. I love the last picture, you look gorgeous and love when you do more personal posts. You’re amazing keep being yourself ❤️

  79. Oh my goodness, so many of yours are mine! I too HATE to shower. Obviously, not showering isn’t an option but if there was a way to be clean and never have to shower for the rest of my life, I would totally be in for it!

    I also don’t allow my husband to do the morning routine solo with our 16 month old and for similar reasons! He offers to get up one day on the weekend and let me sleep in and I’VE TRIED. Good Lord I have tried because who doesn’t want more sleep?! But all I do is lie there and wonder if he’s making her milk the right way and will he remember to do this and that. After 15-20 minutes of that, I might as well get up LOL.

    I think my number one that you didn’t mention is that I pick my nose…a lot. I’m actually worried my daughter will pick her nose all the time because she sees me do it so much. I just CAN’T STAND the feeling of having something in there and also can’t stand the people who constantly have tissue in their hands. So, I pick and wash my hands or wipe them with a paper towel :).

  80. I follow you because you’re so real and honest. Not one of your secrets would make me judge you It just makes me appreciate you more. I’m an Alberta girl too ??? and a huge fan! I also squeal a little bit when you like one of my comments ? Thank you for entertaining me every day

  81. Hope you don’t mind if I made a suggestion! Try waxing your armpits! I have dark hair, like you, and started waxing my armpits in my 20’s, I can go for months now, without waxing, because there is hardly any hair. It’s hard at first and super painfull, but now it super easy and there is zero oain.

  82. Oh my gosh….seriously…we are so much alike except I still eat meat everyday…both of my grandparents had farms with chickens and cows and so yep…I eat it all! But so many things you just wrote about are things I would write about myself…I hate the whole shower thing but have to do it…my husband showers twice a day?I talk about poop…I say sh*t a lot and dam*it…I would like to let my husband take on some of the things I do but if he loads the dishwasher I feel the need to redo it so I might as well just do it?Thanks for sharing and one thing about me I really want to exercise but some how most days I just never find the time and also I’m addicted to Jillian Harris and her team and family!!!!

  83. I can totally agree with number 10, in the sense that I try to please everyone. I have really been trying to work on myself, mentally, these past couple months and I’ve noticed this about myself. The reason I think I do this is because I want that acceptance all the time. I’m trying to teach myself that it’s not possible to make everyone happy and there will always be people who don’t like, appreciate or agree with what I do/want. It eventually wears down on me and I end up feeling defeated. I am trying to learn to put my own needs and desires before others, not in a selfish way, but in a way that I can find happiness and be content with my own actions and choices.

  84. Give me all the dirty talk – poop, sex, you name it I love to talk about it! Sometimes I don’t know what else my and my bestie would have to talk about if it weren’t those things!

  85. Too great! When you start planning that wedding I have a great place for invites and paper goods:!

    Love following along with your adventures. My mom and I always recap your insta stories!

  86. Oh my goodness Jill! This made me love you even more!! And….I can totally relate!
    I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on the bachelor for Jason and I look forward to your IG stories every day! I feel like I’ve known you forever! Lol ? I love how real you are ❤ You are such an inspiration to me. A few years ago, I won a wreath from one of your Christmas giveaways and every year we pull it out of storage, when we’re decorating and I think of how special it is because I got it from YOU! Anyhow, keep being you, flaws and all, because you are awesome!

  87. You are so relatable and that’s why we love you! Love seeing the “imperfect” side while also seeing how successful you are and what you’re accomplishing! My favourite person to follow by far!

  88. lol me and you can talk about dirty jokes all the time! I’m so happy you are into that talk haha. Most shy away from that but I don’t! Me and my mom have fart competitions some nights! xD I mean like whenever we eat something it has us going and we try to see who can do the next one bigger same with burps xD

  89. LOL I will say it time and time again, we would be besties if we ever cross paths, and this post just confirmed it! On second thought, maybe we would butt heads because I feel like we are the same person – too much of a good thing? I killed myself laughing at your golf cart incident (thanks TMZ for the narrative -LOL). My confession: Being a Sasky girl, you’d think I would enjoy a nice cold beer but my past experiences of funnelling ‘Big Bears’ every weekend at a very young age might have ruined me forever! If you don’t know what a Big Bear is, google it! Here’s a hint: you can afford one with all the change at the bottom of your cup holder, and it should only be consumed in one big ‘gulp’!

    Like you, I do too seek affirmation from others and I do agree with you, I do care what other think. Here’s the thing, caring makes you human! Who wouldn’t want to get along and see eye to eye with more people – it’s what makes you likeable. I’ve always found people who say “I don’t care what others think” maybe don’t care enough and sometimes come off insensitive? Don’t beat yourself up about it, we all love you for you and the trolls can F off! Momma said, “If you don’t have anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” #womenempoweringwomen

  90. I love, love, love reading your blogs and insta stories!! It gets me thru my day sometimes! Makes me smile. I adore little Leo, too. Thank you for being a friend on Instagram! Your stories are a breath of fresh air!

  91. Those weren’t very dirty Jil!!! Come on, I’m from small town Alberta too, we girls have LOTS of secrets…LOL?

  92. Thank you for sharing Jillian!! I also hate showering, but obviously love when the whole “routine” is done. I wish I could wave a magical wand and I would be clean, shaved, makeup done and hair perfect… if only. Also I secretly eat cheese burgers from the drive through alone in my car once in a while…also I don’t tell anyone lol

  93. These make me love you even more, if that’s possible! I also love to talk about poop and gross things and am way more open about it all than I probably should be!

    Never apologize for being who you are! You’re friggin’ awesome, and if someone doesn’t like you they can go elsewhere! I’ve been a fan of yours since the Bachelorette, and you inspire me in so many ways! Xo

  94. I think I just fell even more in love with you!! I can relate to most of these… even the golf cart… I may have crashed one into a memorial bench… The entire bench fell apart! But the golf cart surprisingly was fine ?‍♀️

  95. The golf cart was hilarious ? ??
    Especially going back to get stuff – that’s so me!!
    I’d have to jump in after my stuff!!

    I have OCD and my stuff is so important to me
    I was robbed a few Tim when I was single and I still haven’t gotten over loose my stuff!

    I am not a vegan and I eat bad stuff and I don’t care so you wanting meat is understandable
    Go for it – your not doing it all that much so I don’t see it hurting anyone (except the animals ?) lol ?

    Dr. Oz says you should look at your ?
    It can tell you if your healthy
    And he talks about it all the time
    So go for it!!

    I swear a lot too!! I drop the F bombsll day long

  96. I love how real you are Jillian it’s why I watch your Instagram stories every day lol .. my boyfriend makes fun of me , he’s like you don’t know her , she’s not your friend and I’m like well I kinda do know her lol I see her everyday so f&$k off ??

  97. Northern Alberta girl… Whitecourt to be exact, and these 10 things spoke right to my soul!
    I think I just fell in friend love with you 500 times more!


  98. For craving the taste of meat, when you want it go for something farm raised vs McDonalds!
    You live in a beautiful place with plenty of farms, there are yummier options out there 🙂

  99. Awesomeness! I think all of us can relate to every single one of these! lol I love the fact that you hide in your car and eat a burger. I may also do that on occasion! I wish I could savor it however I inhale it like someone’s trying to steal it! I also constantly look around as I pull up to the drive thru like I’m committing a crime and don’t want anyone to catch me ?

  100. I hate taking showers and brushing my teeth. Ugh! I noticed lately I’m really lazy at home and that bothers me. Sometimes I don’t even get dressed and I will walk to my son’s bus stop in pajamas that I’ve had on for 3 days lol

  101. Haha that’s awesome Jillian! You just made my night girl! Hmm my secrets eh.. where should I begin?!

    I’m with you on the no shower thing, my husband is not pleased with that one haha

    I love swallowing gum! I almost always take 2 pieces so I can swallow the first one then enjoy the 2nd one. It’s bizarre, I know.

    I am a major control freak! I can see myself doing things, but most of the time I can’t stop myself.. Even if I know I’m being a control freak.

    And lastly, my biggest secret is.. *drum roll peeps!*..

    I hate that I don’t ever go for what I want, even if I won’t succeed at it. I always look at others and see their success in their careers, and I’m always so hesitant to be true self because I feel others are already doing those things. So I can’t succeed in my business. I am a creative person, a lover of organizing and reorganizing (yep, it’s a thing!), an amazing event planner!, a music lover, and a designer!

    Phewf! I said it. Wow that feels good! For someone who takes pride is being so honest, that was tough to be honest! I feel like this is some kind of anonymous confession meeting.. but not so anonymous haha!

    Thanks for the laughs Jillian!

  102. I love this! Lol and can tooootally relate to not wanting to go through the work of showering, but I love clean hair ha ! I think one thing I hate talking to people about because I always feel judged is the car accidents I’ve been in. A lot of people just ass-ume you’re a bad driver ?

  103. You are the most real and relatable woman I know and I love you for that! I crave learning from you that my husband is actually jealous of the time I spend following you.

  104. I love your vulnerability and honesty! I think we all could easily have a 10 things you don’t know about me list that we just don’t ever talk about haha but maybe we should! You are so refreshing and easy to relate too! You haven’t let your success go to your head or change truly who you are deep down as a person! We all have our oh if we could take that back moments but it doesn’t define us just gets us to the next place in life, learning through it.
    Your a wonderful mama, fiancé, friend and friend to the social world! Thanks for being so awesomely you girl!

  105. Jillian, you are so amazing! I follow your Instagram stories EVERYDAY. These 10 things were so great to read and validates the amazing GENUINE REAL gal that you are. I sure hope to be the kind of mom you are when I have kids, just to be a fraction of the type of woman you truly are. I also was/am hooked to love it or list it, best show on HGTV! #goals #jillianjustinleonachofan
    Becky Grosso

  106. I love honesty! Thanks for sharing ❤️! Little Leo is just so adorable. You are a great mom! I catch myself watching your insta stories 2 Times a day sometimes ? ! I go sometimes 3 days without shaving my legs but I shave under my arms every day! It’s just something I have to do .

  107. Control freak ✔(actually just obsessive)!!! Hate the routine of showering and hair removal as well….it just seems endless and I’m too tired these days for any of it to pay off;)
    I get far too much enjoyment when my baby poops, when she toots….we laugh!!!

  108. 4,7 and 10 are totally me too!! I hate showers and shaving!! And I’m a Psych nurse….poop and bodily fluids are part of my job (and I like it!!).

    Caring what other people think is really hard for me too. I try so hard not care and not need people’s acceptance….but I can’t stop caring.

    Thank you for sharing these and all of your life with us. It’s amazing how open and honest you are. I’m a huge fan and respect you a lot. Thank you.

  109. Don’t worry jillian i share the same i can’t help but seek positive reinforcement and sometimes its more of me time just staying in bed than spending hours in the bathroom .
    Thank you for sharing makes me feel we are not weird that way.

  110. Oh man, I’m all about the poop/ dirty talk!!! A good fart is the funniest thing in my household.. I’m a tom boy at heart and grew up with the old saying “it’s better out than in” xo

  111. The best part of all this is your honesty – that is why I follow your insta stories. As a mama of a 15 month old, I love seeing all of your updates! It encourages me to be a mom and also remember what track I am on professionally… if any. Also I have also had the battle with natural deodorant, apparently it reacts sensitively with your hormones. So if one isn’t working, give up! I use Native (from the US unfortunately) and I love it. Oh and don’t even get me started on the control thing. I feel the EXACT same way ?

  112. Jillian Harris I think I love you more. When I read that I was thinking “that’s me!” Especially #7. For better for worse I have almost no filter. No topic is off limits to me. Well, you have to know your audience, but I’m with you: let’s talk about the stuff that makes people a bit uncomfortable. PS I love your IG stories and Leo. PPS I feel like you really need to stop being so hard on yourself for not being “vegan enough.” Xx

  113. Thanks for sharing Jillian!

    Every time my boyfriend farts,it turns me on. LOL

    I get “jealous” about people’s financial life style.

  114. Close Behind you !! And the F#@$ing swearing?? ,I believe its part of My Peace Country up brining aswell ???

  115. Jill, you’re basically my spirit animal. Except the part about the showering. Not judging but I love me a good shower! But otherwise… have my baby. JK that would be weird. ? Keep your awesome stories and posts coming please!!! xo

  116. I LOVE it! You’re amazing!
    My hubby swears I want to be exactly like you, every time I come up with an idea he says “let me guess… Jillian Harris does this?” LOL. I mean, I do want to be exactly like you, but he calls me out on all my shit 24 frickin’ 7!!

    Keep keepin’ it real, me and so many others love you for it!

  117. ?????????? cracking open the beer is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Basically because that’s what I would do!! ??? and I never knew you were on the Bachelor!!!

  118. I’m vegetarian for the past year and recently went plant based. I crave fried spam with mustard! It was my favourite! And cheese whiz on toast….

  119. I watch your story every day! My sister and I love watching your story and imitating how you say Leeeoooeee, he he. It’s cute and we like your Canadian accent.
    Yes you have one but so do Americans in many ways lol!
    One thing I’m afraid to tellyou is if I don’t always listen to all your stories and sometimes tap through them but 80% of the time I
    Watch it all!
    Leo is so cute and you’re an amazing Mother!!!

  120. Love this-thank you for candidly sharing-be proud of you!!! To many of us you are on tv-to us you like a superstar and perfect…I love how you share yourself with your family, with little Leo, how candid you are, no makeup, hair undone just doing you…life…it reassures me that it’s ok not to succumb to all the pressures…getting dressed up, dolled up all the time!
    My 10 secrets
    1 I’m not perfect I know in my head that I am not and nobody is and it’s ok …but I fret every time I have to go out…go for a nice dinner…even to the grocery store…in case someone I know sees me…and of course you will bump into that long time someone looking at your worst?
    2 I honestly hate washing my hair-dreed it all the time..the whole process of drying styling… just to get beautiful full hair…mousse, root lifter, hairspray, hairdryer, backcombing just to get full once a week, yup true story… once a week I succumb to washing my hair… thank goodness for the messy bun and the knot!!!
    3 I shave my legs armpits at best once a month
    4 But when I do, all those things wash my hair, shave all in one blissful “me” moment , it feel like heaven when I can crawl into a bed with fresh clean sheets…always the best sleep ever!
    5 I love clean fresh sheets… I’m going to make it one of my resolution… oh I only have three sets of sheets…will have to adjust back to once a week clean sheets…clean hair…shave ?
    6 love a bed that’s always made
    7 I hate clutter…but I’m a pack rat… I constantly struggle to get rid of things even from my childhood, even things that I have been gifted…that I don’t like …but want to put in a place so when they-the gifters-come over they know we still have it and feel appreciated
    8 I can’t stand my office , i disliked the shag carpets when we moved in our house, they are still in two rooms, one of which is my office…so I tried to decorate it with things I love art, vintage items but over the years it’s been the catch all for all my collections maybe to cover the shag carpet but I can still see it….and Hate it!!!
    9 I just love the 2am-5am sound of our dog heaving about to throw up…how come I awake so quickly…and my hubby is still sleeping
    10 I love all pretty vintage things especially if it’s anything baking related or from my childhood- I adore pillows and cozy throws- I love thrifting searching for treasures…only to hide them in my office with the blue shag carpet that’s the pups have thrown up on a gazillion times ?

  121. I thought I was the only one who hated #4! It’s so much upkeep being a girl ? and the older I get the more I swear and don’t give a shit. You still have lots of fucks left to give. I have no fucks left, lol. Did you grow up eating cheese whiz on celery like I did? And #10, they say what other people think of you is none of your business. It’s their problem, not yours! I’m trying to teach my 18 yr old daughter that. She’s also very sensitive to what others think of her. I love your candor and honesty. Your videos in the morning with no makeup and crazy hair is why we love you. You don’t just portray the perfect moments, you show them all.

  122. What a great post Jill! Thank you for sharing.

    Below are a few of my own:

    1: Sippin’ on…. Pickle Juice?!
    I sip on pickle juice. Yup, I do! I literally do this once in a blue moon and when I do, I have a massive craving for it. Typically it’s after a night of drinking. This girl never pours the brine down the drain once all the pickles are gone.

    2: I can’t stand small talk.
    If someone could start off by saying something brilliant then I’m typically okay with it, but if not I have no problem shutting down the conversation pretty quickly.

    3: Wedding day fail
    I secretly hated everything about my wedding day other then the ceremony part where I married the love of my life. If I could do it over again…. backyard wedding, 50 guests MAX, appies/cocktails and my playlists on my Mac. lol. Not kidding!

    4: Love it Comando
    As soon as I walk over the threshold of my home I pop off my bra, change into comfy’s and go underwear free. Some people may think its gross but I love it!

    5: I eat a lot!
    This one may get me in big trouble in the near future if I don’t turn this bad habit around. My portion sizes are out of control! I eat pretty healthy but the portions are next level for sure! Disgusting!

  123. Love this post!! So refreshing and nice to relate to others in another level! I totally hate showering too!! Lol so glad I’m not alone on that! ☺
    I also care too much about what people think and want acceptance from peers and always try to tell myself it doesn’t matter what they think. But it’s true, it’s just so hard! But we just need to know that we are doing our best and that has to be good enough for everyone!
    Love ya Jill!! Xox

  124. I went down a blogger instastories rabbit hole yesterday and I have to say I re-evaluated who I follow and why…there’s such a buzz right now about showing picture perfect curated lives and the effects on your mental health, peoples over judgements and if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, simply click unfollow.
    You, this list, your everyday instastories are EXACTLY why I follow along everyday.. the bangs, Leo’s couch artwork, the extra belly roll in a bikini, the messy kitchen and the swearing.. it’s all very real life. From one potty mouth, shower/shaving hater, unplanned wedding (9month engaged) fiancé/mom to another… Thank you.. xx

  125. Eewww. Cheese Whiz, gross. How could you? Ok, fine, here’s mine: during both of my pregnancies I CRAVED Filet-o-Fish sandwiches McDs like a demon. If I wanted one, my husband (and sometimes coworkers) needed to produce one STAT or expect a shortened life.
    Whew, felt good to get that off my chest. Thank you for showing us the way!

  126. I totally get all them. I swear, but am kinda proud that I am a working professional surrounded by men who curse all day that I don’t do it MORE!
    I too walk around naked, and live with my sister and fiancé ??. Oh well. It’s when I feel
    Most relaxed. As much as I love fashion, I love my body lol!
    Good for You Jill!!!!!!!

  127. I loved this all and can relate to it all! It so refreshing for people on social media to share the good and the bad. Anyone that judges others needs to take a deeper look at their own life.
    I mean who hasn’t crashed a golf cart, swearing is my 3rd language,
    I’m planning my wedding and wish I could afford a wedding planner cause it’s not my thing. I’m all about it being a party with my family and friends!
    Anyways, you are fabulous! Don’t let anyone tell you, or make you feel less than. ?

    #RockOnWithYourBadSelf #BillyBangs #HateShowers #YouSeeControlFreakISeeSomeoneWhoGetsShitDone #SwearingMakesMeHappy
    #F***All TheJudgeymaggies

  128. These are hilariously relatable…. Pretty sure i’m with you on all these with the exception of the showering i’m the awful human being who will happily stand in the shower do literally an hour if I could even though I know that’s not saving water. Another thing I constantly do all fall, winter and spring is leave the windows in my place open and run the electric fireplaces constantly in the living room and bedroom… I know again wasting electricity yikes! Anyways this is what I wanted to tell you the last one…. invest some energy into exploring the idea of MBCT mindfullness Training i’m Telling you it changed my life in terms of worrying about what others think… best thing ever! Cuz life’s full of so many things and having to worry and please others can get exhausting… that was me the first 30 years of my life and now over the past 3 years i’m all about relying on decision making for myself! Good luck xo

  129. I love your honesty! now I don’t feel embarrassed saying, when it comes to getting in the shower I get so lazy…its like torture! Lol I want to go out and then I think to myself, aaaahhhhh now I have to have a shower….maybe I can just wash my face, put my hair up and still look like I spent 2 hrs getting ready? ya! no that won’t work aaarrrrrggggg….
    My other dirty little secret,,,I want the life everyone else has they make it look so much better than my life. don’t get me wrong I love my husband, my kids and the life we share but their lives look so easy! We can’t afford to travel like most of our friends. YUP I am jealous! And I crave people liking me! wow I can’t believe I just wrote this!! but there you go I’m not perfect!

  130. Keep being you! the haters are gonna hate. Shake it off ! You have one life. live it how you want ! Everybody has Corky shit they do. I love that you swear! ?

  131. Thanks for your honesty. I am also new to plant based. I’ll be 6 months next month. However, I struggle sometimes. Not with meat but with dairy and eggs. Not alone but in baked goods. I have a huge sweet tooth and yes I do bake my own vegan goodies and yes I know I can’t find a lot of vegan goodies on the market but sometimes you just want the bad stuff off the shelves! It’s a work in progress. So as for your rare slip up, oh well. All we can do is try and do the best we can. No ones is prefect.
    Ps-I freakin HATE showering!! HATE! You are not alone.

  132. I love you Gillian! I think you are amazing with all your quirks and big heart. Don’t stop being you!
    I too found it hard to give in an let the hubby take over when it came to the kids and routine etc. my way just worked – and I was the one home with them on maternity leave, not him, so I knew what worked and what didn’t. That was hard to let go.
    Keep going- do you!
    From another Canadian Momma

  133. Don’t be embarrassed by these, I also deal with and love 4,6,7,8,9 & 10! These make you who you’re and some of those you can be proud of! Sure who doesn’t have a cheat meal every once in awhile. I love the taste of meat and find it very hard to go to a BBQ or potluck and have steak or ribs in front of me and not taste just one but I know my body no longer likes it. Poop, farts and sex will always be funny topics to me, love talking about them and making people blush. I always struggle with trying not to care what people think and I feel I’m getting better but there are certain people that still get to me, I always remind myself to be proud of who I am and eventually the feeling subsides. Thanks for opening up with us, I appreciate you always being so open! ❤️

  134. Awe, Jilly (thanks for letting us call you that and pretend your our BFF too) we just love you. Can’t wait to grow old together. ☺️

  135. Absolutely loved this post! I have been following you for years because you’re SO REAL. We love your honesty and we can all relate to at least one (if not all 10) if these! Everyone has their quirks and there’s no need to be embarrassed about having a personality that isnt plain yogurt.

  136. This is probably the best blog post I have ever read. So real. So honest. I have a long list of little secrets, but I am probably the most guilty of being a people pleaser. I really care what other people think. It makes things hard to just be me.

  137. #5 & 7 are definitely my dirty secret as well. Laughed when I read #7!!! Must be an Alberta thing, we have no boundaries!!!

  138. I feel ya on the showering. I love it when I’m in there. I just hate how long it takes and the whole process. My legs barely get shaved from Nov-Mar. I’m not even sorry for my husband, I deal with his hair, he can deal with mine. Also 100% with you on the poop lol. I don’t get why it’s so taboo to talk about. Everybody does it!

    1. I love watching your intstagram stories, your real and i will just live vicariously thru you. I first saw you on love it or list it vancouver love that show
      Ty for sharing your true self. I still eat cheeze whiz and to get a wee bit personal i only shave my legs like once a year and i dont grow armpit hair i think its the native in me
      Things that i dont tell people:
      1. I hate the way i look i dont think im pretty at all
      2. You dont want to be in my head lots of negativity but im working on it
      3. I wish i got my shit together sooner, and then maybe i would have a career by now
      I could go on but anyhow thats me
      Coast Salish

  139. Just keep doing what you’re doing Jillian, nothing can take away from your sweetness and honesty. You rock!

  140. Jill
    1- You are the only person I have notifications on ig set for…not even my hubby or my kids! lol
    2- I am an ex smoker who hid it from everyone for years and still hides the fact that I even smoked instead of being proud of quitting
    3-I have never watched an episode of the bachelor or bachelorette in my life. I didn’t even know you were on until I started to follow you, and as much as I love you I still have never watched.
    4-I hit a car in a parking lot once and drove away.. no note nothing.. My excuse ….booty call!!!

    Thanks for this its been liberating!
    🙂 Still signing putting my name ie #2 🙂

  141. I would looooove to help you plan your wedding (Yes that’s what I do for a living ;))
    You are such an inspiration to girl/mom bosses like myself.
    PS- Starting is the hardest part of the whole process.

  142. Hey Jillian,
    My dirty little secrets not many people know are that I hate taking showers,as it takes so long for my thick long hair to dry(2 hours) but I like to feel clean, I always want everyone’s approval, I’m too caring,I keep things even when there usefulness is gone, I procrastinate a lot,I love meat. I hate change(why can’t things always stay the way they are?) I have a hard time if letting items go. I know everyone has dirty little secrets that they rather not let anyone know, but it’s part of being who you are! Thanks Jillian for sharing❤️

  143. Jilly.. first Thanks for being real and sharing!! Second.. Thanks for the laugh!! I can’t stop laughing after the TMZ video.. being an ex golf course mktg mgr here in the Okanagan I have seen some golf cart mishaps but omg that was freaking funny..

    I thought it was me getting older with the shower thing.. feels good once we finally do it but getting the energy to do it.. sheesh.. like scheduling a root canal..

    Cheese Whiz.. I’m with ya.. after beating cancer this past year I’m trying to cut out meat but I hear ya!! Some days that red meat craving.. could eat a cow lol.. and car snarfing is normal.. no?? I think they deliberately filter a smell outside so when you drive by you have to stop for that greasy burger!!.

    I could go on but I would need my own blog lol.. stay real like you are Jill.. that’s why we love you. You inspired me to take the initiative and commit to my Interior Design degree and you continue to inspire me with creativity and ideas they all these years. So glad LIOLI is back and that you’ll be filming here at home in Kelowna too.. can’t wait.

    I look forward to your daily stories. Thanks for sharing Leo.. Nacho and Justin of course. ❤❤ you guys!!

  144. 4,5,7 yes! Add talking about periods. No shame.
    What about laser hair removal to fix the inconvenience of leg hairs? As for showering, i too cannot explain why the resistance! We even have a nice modern spa like bathroom. You are not alone girl. ??????

  145. Oh my god this made me love who you are even more lol!!!
    I’ve gone six months without cheese whiz and I’m dying for it!! I like it on a very seedy type Bavarian bread.

    Weened off deodorant last year took a while but it was a great decision!!

    I want to loose wait but I’m to lazy to work out and I’m addicted to pickle chips!! There you have it….HONESTY

    Since last year I only speak my truth….I only want real people around me that make me feel good…. I dwell on how short life here on earth really is. So we don’t have time to waste on crappy people.

    I’m not vegan but we do buy organic meats and know where it comes from and it’s cruelty free.

    My husband thinks I’m weird because I love watching your insta stories and Tori’s.

    Take care and keep being real!!! ❤️

  146. Freakin love this post! From one northern alberta girl to another I laughed hysterically at the golf cart crash and can totally relate to the cheese whiz and showering thing!!!
    I’m also a control freak and try to let that go, but i hear yah, it’s hard.
    Love your instastories and watch them everyday.
    I’ve been using natural deodorant for a very long time…and the best one out there, is rocky mountain soap roll on! Watch that it’s not your clothes that actually are making you stink, especially polyester will hold that bacteria until you wear it, even after washing. Soak the shirt in vinegar water and it should take it out.
    Still sad I missed out seeing you at jasper last spring, and hopefully you come up again!
    Thanks for all your posts, love “our” morning no makeup chats;)

  147. I LOVE that your golf cart incident made TMZ. So funny – beat part was that you cracked a beer at the end. Sticking true to your Alberta roots! You’re the best.

  148. You know, you’re pretty cool in my eyes.
    All you’ve confessed to is a ok by me, except for the cheez whizz, that shite is fucking horrible. Oh by the way, love the word fuck, can’t help it, I’m italian, and we love to express our feelings verbally ?

  149. I’m one of those people who just love talking. About lots of things to many people. I hate that many people use the headphones on public transport. I’m forrced to be quiet ?. Lol
    I hate showering also, love being clean though. I’m going to have to admit that I’m disabled and taking a shower makes me so tired I must relax for about 1//2 hr. I need to plan this into my schedule now o w I’ll be late.
    I hate being late. I used to be on time every single event; now not so much. I do however call & tell people that I’ll be another _____ minutes.
    I hate people arriving late w no real excuse. I don’t feel respected & feel mad if they don’t apologize for their tardiness.
    I love talking about my dog Cyrus, and to him. He’s a darling ?? I love how he tilts his head to the side as if he knows what I’ve said. He does know my needs & helps me if he can. A great companion. I don’t think I’m alone with this admission.
    I love taking photos & would love to be a professional photographer. Ive been paid for some of my photos, and won some contests. What I’m really looking forward to is being able to purchase (bah-haha, not on a disability pension!!) the new camera w lenses that come w wifi & Bluetooth. It would greatly improve my ability to take the photographs I plan to take. Having a tripod would help also, as I shake aa lot on ssomme days. I really don’t want to admit this, I’m totally envious or jelly of the people w the camera I want to use!! I must stop here, I’ve revealed way more than I wanted to. If I type more I won’t hit the “Done” button & delete this entry. To donate money ? you can do so at ….. lol.

  150. Oh . my . gosh. Jill!!! I am addicted to cheese whiz too ?? It must be an Alberta girl thing hahaha! I love your openness and honesty so much. You are an amazing person and an amazing mother, I just adore you!? Keep being you, because all of these crazy, awesome things that you do or that you have done, are what makes you, YOU.

  151. First that tmz video is so funny and I love it. The beer at the end was perfect, felt very Canadian. You should read five love languages. Ive been plant based for 6 months (we still have honey in the house) it takes everything in me to not buy KD..omg I miss kraft dinner. Also the no showering thing hit me post first baby, way too much effort.

  152. You are so wonderful. SO relatable and real. I absolutely love it. 4,5,8 & 10 are so me as well. And number 9, not that I like to admit it either. Thank you for sharing. Your Instagram stories are one of my favourite things to wake up to. Thank you for sharing your life with us, it’s so so inspiring and just plain AWESOME! 🙂

  153. So you are human! The cart episode is just hilarious. The best part, you find a beer and crack it open, atta girl. I can’t stop laughing.

    You can’t please everyone but what you do is informative, helpful and fun to watch.

    Thanks for sharing?

  154. My friend has an amazing vegan cheese wiz recipe made with cashews and tons of nutritional yeast – I’m not a cheese wiz lover but this recipe is AMAZING, it’s so creamy and delicious and feels totally guilty but is the very opposite!

  155. Totally relate to the Cheez Whiz thing! I took Cheez Whiz and pickle sandwiches for lunch almost every day throughout high school! I loved it then and I would love it now, but stopped buying it long ago – but I have decades on you!!! And yes, age will help you with the need for approval! Because now, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…” And I find showering a pain too!

  156. I LOVE that fact that you share your imperfections. God knows we all have them!!!! Personally I laughed a lot when I watched the video of the golf cart. What would life be if we always did the right thing all the time…no fun in that!
    I am a 48 yr old mother of 2, both now in their 20’s.
    I have to say that my not so proud moment was quite a few years back. I was at a wedding and got totally trashed. I was dancing (thinking I was way better than I really was) and went up on top of the table. If that’s not bad enough, in the middle of my dance I burped! Yep…belched, quite loud actually. I do remember hearing my husbands voice saying, “Oh I’m proud, really proud!” And yes….I was a mother at the time!!!! Not a stellar moment but however, a memorable one!
    And….almost forgot, the next day was Easter. I was so hung over my out of town guests and husband had to play Easter Bunny while I was in bed the entire day! Sorry Kids!!!!!

  157. I love cheese whiz… and nutella! If I buy a jar… I eat the whole thing ina week! Seriously! Life is short… buy the shoes, drink the wine… eat the cheese whiz!

  158. Oh my gosh, those were not bad AT ALL, I feel they were normal and made you that much more relatable!!
    And p.s I LOVE talking about poop….you’re not alone! Lol

    Ashley ~ Chatham, ON

  159. Do you even know how grateful I am that I am not the only one who still loves Cheez Whiz?? I don’t buy it (maybe once every two years and it’s ahhmazing) and if you ever repeat this confession I will deny it ?

  160. LOL. I share 1,4,5 and 9 with you, Jillian. Thanks for your honesty and providing some giggles to begin the day.

  161. First of all, I think you’re hilarious! I love how open you are about most things. Keep that sh*t up haha! (Positive reinforcement 😉 )
    I love love it or list it. You and Todd have great chemistry for television. I love your Instagram pics and stories! Oh and your house is fabulous!!
    Secondly Leo is absolutely adorable! And I don’t think you’re alone on the wanting to take charge of morning routines. I’m not a mom, but I’m very specific about things also. So don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m sure Justin doesn’t mind sleeping in!
    Thirdly you do you! Worry about you and your loved ones not what strangers think. You can’t please anyone… yes anyone! You have more supporters than haters!

    Sending lots of love to you, and your adorable family ❤️

    Ashley ??

  162. U hit the nail on the head, I love the feeling of being clean, hate hate the process of SHOWERING!! I do it but not bc I love it! Lol

    I am also gifted intuitively but not a lot of people know it! I do share tids and bits with my family and close friends but I am sure I would be disowned by many if they really knew what I know!?

    Have a good one!

  163. Hi Jillian,
    I too hate to shave and shower but lazoring my underarms has been one of the best things I have ever done. I plan to do my lower legs next. Picture permanent smooth hairless underarms with no shadow or stubble! Amazing!

  164. I’m so with you on the shower thing!!!! Have to admit a bit of a potty mouth too! Maybe that’s an Alberta thing. No such thing as perfection lol!!!!

  165. I meant to comment on this other day when I saw it. But have to say I appreciate so much how relatable you are and sharing your stories bc you make us feel normal and comfortable with who we are. #ownit
    I am totally #4, 5, 9 & 10! Thank you for this…so honest and entertaining!
    And love your Insta stories a ton…brings so much realness, honesty & positivity! ??

  166. Loved getting to know you! I, as well, love to talk about farts and poop! Ha!

    Here’s a couple things about me….

    I’m very much an introvert. It takes a lot out of me when I’ve had a lot of social time. So I spend most of my weekend alone and in the quiet.

    I want to be invited out but don’t necessarily want to go.

  167. I think I used to be a Meercat in a previous life because I hate showering too! Swear like a sailor and control is my middle name.

  168. Gosh I so adore following you! You appear so real and down to earth and funny! I love seeing what food products you buy and how you interact with your son. I am a mom of 2 amazing kids. Not everyone will admit it but deep down we all want acceptance from others. My dirty secrets..hmm. 1. I adore cheeze whiz, nutella and chocolate milk!! Gahh! 2. I also HATE the process of showering since my hair is long and thick..i rarely ever blow dry. Plus i HATE hair so i shave alllll the time.. annoying. Im ocd with it. 3. Im a nurse and have been for 9 years, i still dont know if thats what i want to do…. 4. If i had no kids i would probably be a stripper or porn star lol.. but i also dream of being a surgeon. 5. I am successful in my career and many other aspects of my life..but i find myself searching for my “niche”. Friends around me have a little side business. Im still on the hunt for mine. 🙁 p.s i. Watch ur insta stories daily!!:) mwah!

  169. I planned my wedding within like 2 weeks and now I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the big day! Although I do work in the wedding industry and I dream of being a wedding planner so I had it easy!

    First things we did:

    – Pick a date
    – Booked a photographer (I suggest booking a year in advance to get your first pick).
    – Wrote out a guest list to have an idea of what size of venue we needed

    After those three things, everything else just flowed for me!

    I also highly suggest talking to your photographer about your timeline BEFORE picking a ceremony time and sending out invitations!

  170. I loved you before and always thought you seemed like someone who I could totally hang with at any time (minus the plant based stuff-good on ya but this Sasky farmer’s daughter won’t be going all organic or giving up the beef -sorry) anyway, after reading this I love you even more!! You are f@ckin awesome!

  171. Lol…it must be an Alberta / Saskatchewan thing(s). Never fails every family occasion/meal the topic always turns to poop!? And yes everything is up for discussion…racy, dirty & sex. And the same goes for cheez whiz — I get cravings for it in toast or celery! Great list!

  172. First off, I think you are lovely. I too care about what people say, even though we are told not too, however at 43 I have gotten so much better at it. I care a little less than I used to and hopefully one day I can stop caring, But you know what, I think that is part of who I am and I like me.
    We have three kids and a rottie so we talk about poop, cant run from that. I am also a 911 dispatcher and consequently, I have learned that a good f!@ck you is good for the soul.
    Lawreen ox

  173. You are hilarious! Do not change a thing! We all have our little idiosyncrasies and I will share a few of mine. I LOVE staying in bed to watch TV that I have PVR’d, late at night or even first thing in the morning. What a waste of time but it is a guilty pleasure. I am semi retired.
    I commit to things, really commit,. I have too many volunteer positions and cannot seem to let any of them go. What is my problem? I want my ideas to be heard and acted upon. I end up with days where I spend hours writing reports, or filling out grant applications, or in meetings. My husband says I have a problem.
    Lastly, I pick at my nails until they have a little irregularity to peel back. I wish I had long beautiful nails but I always have them short. Thank god they will grow!
    Now you can see how weird the rest of us are, well, me.

  174. Jillian, you’re adorable and we have more than half of this list in common. Thanks for keeping it real here. One thing I don’t handle well is criticism. I am already my own harshest critic, so I’m super-defensive when other people point out flaws. Believe me: I’m already painfully aware. And I also fully understand that a mature adult would be able to use criticism constructively.

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