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5 Tips To The Perfect Bedroom

I get asked SO many bedroom questions …. hey! Not like that! get your mind out of the gutter! But honestly, it seems whenever I post a bedroom pic, I get asked all kinds of questions, about my mattress to my sheets, headboard & side tables!

Here is the thing about the bedroom, it truly is one of the most important rooms in the house. YOU TRULY HAVE TO LOVE IT.  It’s where you start your day, end your day, it’s where babies are made, love is made, books are read, sighs are had. It’s where you remember everything you didn’t do today and everything you have to do tomorrow. Its where you contemplate and unwind. I will tell you from experience that your state of mind when you wake up to a clean, tidy, uncluttered room is SO AMAZING versus the alliterative. You feel happier, more alert and ready to take on the day! (oh and plus it just looks awesome and its great for instagram photos lol)

in my bedroom3

Here are my top 5 MUSTS HAVES for your bedroom!

1. KEEP IT CLEAN IN THE BEDROOM: This is number one. And if I only had to pick one of these 5 things I would stick with this. No IFS ANDS OR BUTTS. I don’t care if you sweep the mess into another room, under a carpet or throw it all out. A messy and cluttered bedroom leads to cluttered thoughts in the morning, at night and NO one wants to look at dirty gonch and electricity bills when they are about to ‘get it on’ … so make it your mission this week, do a complete purge and declutter of your bedroom, and upgrade electrical panels so that there’s no waste. My bedroom has very little ‘things’ in it. I have a bed, headboard, two matching side tables, 2 matching lamps. MINIMAL decorative accessories on either side, an antique chaise (for nacho of course!) and 2 pieces of art. THAT’S it.


2. BE A TURN OFF: Well actually just turn off the tv. Infact take that damn thing out! I knowwwwww…. it feels SO good to crawl into bed, turn on Love it or List it Vancouver and unwind after a long day. But you know what else feels good? Eating pizza in bed, drinking champagne in bed, eating bacon in bed… it’s ALL fine and dandy until you realize the TV is getting your end of day energy, not the one you love. Chris Harrison belongs in the living room. Sorry folks.

3. INVEST WISELY:  You spend about 25% of your life IN BED. That’s CRAY!!!  So this is where you want to make the investment. Not in the side lamps and not in the throw pillows. Make your sleep count! I recently stayed at the James hotel in Saskatoon and had THE best sleep of my life, so what did I do? I ordered the mattress! Not every mattress will be good for everyone, you really have to take the time to test it out and make sure its a good fit for you. Most mattresses can be returned after 60 days so MAKE SURE you keep the right one! The one I ordered from the James Hotel is a BEAUTYREST BLACK, luxury Georgetown collection. It’s actually amazing.
4. DON’T SHEET THE BED:  I have a pretty firm stance on sheets. I think they should ALWAYS be white. I think they should always be quality. I’ve heard people don’t like white sheets because they ‘get dirty’ guess what, blue, black, green sheets… they get dirty too but you just don’t see it! EWWW! If I’m sleeping in next to nothing for 25 years of my life, I want that sleep to be CLEAN, and if it’s dirty I want to see it! It sucks because you really have to wash the bedding once a week (we pick sundays to strip everything down, throw it all in the wash and have fresh sheets for the rest of the week!) Also, even with washing weekly, the sheets only stay ‘white’ for about 1-2 years, and then sadly, yes they are replaced. I’ve tried quite a few sets of sheets, depending on your budget: Ikea actually has REALLY comfortable sheets for LOW price, that way when the white isn’t white anymore you can replace them easily without breaking the bank. Next level up is the amazing BrookLinen. BrookLinen actually sent me a set of sheets and I wondered, what is so different about these bad boys? a 10 hour sleep later? I found out why they are so amazing. And then even next level, is to call the James Hotel in Saskatoon and order the sheets from there.  I have never felt sheets like this before and bought them the second I checked out. It’s worth it, trust me!
5. DON’T BE SO INTENSE: In my opinion, a lot of color, doesn’t belong in the bedroom. I have a very muted palate of whites, light blues and light greys. If you MUST have color, try to keep it subdued, fresh and light. not intense! Studies say RED can make you feel tense, so steer away from red in the bedroom. Apparently GREEN is a symbol of fertility … so you decide what you want to do with that. Here is a color study if you want to do some research…read here!
photo credit: Janis Nicolay

in my bedroom2


Now….I’d LOVE to know what’s going on in YOUR bedroom!!!


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  1. Love this blog, Jillian!! All so true and so simple. My bedroom is my sanctuary and is half way to where I want it, but this is just inspiration to get it the rest of the way. When the rest of the house is chaotic and full, I can come “home” to it to find my peace. Thanks too for the tip on the IKEA sheets!

  2. Lovely blog Jillian. Thank you for the tips. I am currently redesigning our sanctuary of a bedroom. I can’t wait until my husband de-clutters and it can be peaceful.
    Love the look of your room.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Jill, What is the color paint on the walls and where did you get the headboard? Love it!

  4. You are the best for always letting us readers know where you get things! Love your style and your blog!

  5. Nothing better than a good mattress! The first time I stayed at your condo in Maui I tried ordering that mattress as it was the best sleep I had ever had … But, it wasn’t available in Canada 🙁 it was also that bed that turned me onto ikea linens!

  6. LOVE this post! Thanks for all the great trips! Where do you get the LOVE pillow from the first picture? I have been looking for something just like it. Thanks Jillian 🙂

  7. Love this post, thanks for all the great tips! Where did you get the LOVE throw pillow from the first picture? I’ve been looking for something just like it. Thanks Jillian 🙂

  8. Love the room. Can you share the paint colors? Maybe all the paint colors in your house?

  9. love the white antique couch with the palm pillows, where is this item from or what is this style of couch called?

  10. Hi Jillian, I am inlove your style and design! Is there any tips you could suggest to make a downstairs bedroom with two medium size windows feel airy and light spa like your bedroom you show here such as paint and furniture?

  11. Where did you get your headboard and what placed would you recomend or what style of headboard for a budget of $350

  12. Hello Jillian, I truly enjoyed reading your tips for the bedroom. My bedroom is my favorite room in the house if I had to make a clear choice. It is important to me that each room in my home be inviting in its own way. I need things around me that make me feel good, like pictures of my family on the walls. As the years pass by the simpler I like it. The way I see it the things that surround my family and I should improve the quality of our lives and lift us up. I really enjoyed the things you had to say. Your words gave me a calming and refreshing feel, and you are absolutely right, ending the day with the left overs does not lead to a good night or the beginning of a brand new day. I have a favorite pillow and 1500 thread count sheets that feel amazing and I just cannot sleep without. But, you have talked me into trying the sheets from the James Hotel and I am not talked into things easily. As a rule I do not post my thoughts either, so thank you for the inspiration. Karen

  13. Really on point tips! Agree on keeping the bedroom palette light and refreshing. What do you think of our sheet sets and duvet covers? We really try to curate the best pieces that serve as building blocks for the bedroom. Let us know what you think!

  14. I agree with this! I even think all towels should be white 🙂 It keeps everything fresh and simple! BUT I do have a question… where did you get that fabulous slate blue headboard? That slate blue and white are the colors in my master bedroom 🙂 If you would share your source, Id really appreciate it! THANK YOU!

  15. I love this blog and I’m always so impressed with the high quality of your posts (that you put out EVERY DAY. How do you do that and stay sane???). It’s always a treat to read your blog in the morning before I tackle my day as a stay at home mom of four young kiddos. Thanks for helping me stay sane! ☺️
    Aanya Linen

  16. I have been to India, the major exporter of the cotton worldwide, and came to know that there is no cotton with more than 600 Thread Count.
    Higher no of thread count is made by layering multiple number of cotton sheets one above the other, Thus making the sheets more heavy and less comfortable.
    Always go for natural low thread count to have the best of sheets and bedding accessories

    Aanya Linen

  17. This really looks amazing, I love the idea of having most of the walls painted in white. Makes the room look so much bigger! Never seen this in person but I am sure it looks great. Are the walls pained in eggshell, flat or semi-gloss?

    Ha, you just gave me a great new idea for my “new project” to do.

  18. What a fantastic article! Really glad I found this, so many excellent ideas and tips when renovating your bedroom. We spend so much time in our bedroom that it`s important we make it a relaxing and enjoyable room to be in.

  19. Hi Jillian, What a lovely and inviting bedroom. I really like the headboard and the green accents you have added. After 15 years I have decided to freshen up my bedroom so I decided to prime all the walls and start testing some warm off whites and I am not sure which to choose BM Dove Wing or BM Silver Satin? My furniture is black with shiny gold handles, which I have been getting a lot of compliments. I have a white textured duvet cover , and a grey and white pillow. I want to incorporate some greens, blues, deep corals in some wall art/painting. Any suggestion for wall color.? My room is in western exposure. Its sunny from noon until 5pm. I would like to create an inviting peaceful place , a small little sanctuary away from the business of life.
    Thank you for your inspiration..

  20. Furniture and other items in bedrooms vary greatly, depending on taste, local traditions and the socioeconomic status of an individual. An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality, as well as social class and socioeconomic status, and is unique to each person.

  21. Hi Jillian. I would love to know the name of the blue paint color you used in the master bedroom ?

  22. Nice post… All the tips are best to apply. But when we think of Bed, then the quality of the bed matters more, The bed is the major part of the bedroom. Your post is very helpful for making a perfect bedroom. For more designs of Wooden Beds, kindly visit to our website:

  23. Any chance you will share the color of your beautiful bedroom? Just found your blog on Pinterest!😍

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