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NICK…SHOULD HE STAY? Or SHOULD HE GO? Find Out My Take Right Here…


Ok first and foremost I’m sorry about the abruptness of this blog and the lack of good grammar. THIS girl has got her hands FULL right now and I’ve had very little sleep the last few days. But hey I always say IMPERFECT action is better than PERFECT inACTION lol! If you didn’t follow me on the US WEEKLY TWITTER Monday night you might not have caught on to all my thoughts on Mondays episode!!  So as quickly as I can (I’m just about to head into the hairdressers to cover up all my grey!!! ahhh!!!) here are some thoughts about Monday nights episode!!!

1.  OK WTFFFFFFF is up with Clint and JJ. ARE THEY ACTUALLY GAY??? or just VERY emotional men?  I still actually am left with some questions here, it wasn’t very clear to me. I thought their little fight was actually SAD, how Clint raged at JJ and then JJ broke down and slapped himself??? As good as that is for TV and for drama, and as much as we can laugh or judge all we want, there is something not right there… and I sincerely worry for those two humans. Speaking from experience, I remember there were times on the show where I felt like I was going crazzzzzy and so for anyone who loses there SH!T like Clint and JJ did … I just feel bad, because I know being in that situation is NOT easy on the noggin.


2. Group dates generally bore me, and that rapping one was no different. Except Shawns abs. Those were entertaining. And I started to wrap a bit of a beat when I saw the abs. It goes something like this “Here is a little rap from me to you, can Shawn please show a flaw sometime soon” …  thats as far as I got but I would LOVE it if you guys can help me by FINISHING the rap that would be GREAT. Cause if Kaitlin and Shawn end up making it I think I might just rap at their wedding as my gift.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.33.51 PM

3. NICCCCKKKK. EVERYONE has been asking me WHAT I think about Nick. You know what I think? I think Kaitlin should do WHATEVER she wants. EVEN if we all disapprove. I have learned some HUGE lessons in the last little while… that you MUST trust YOUR OWN intuition and not listen to everyone (or anyone else) … my grandma once told me … that opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one and most of them stink. and so as much as you want to trust your friends, fans, family or even the other guys… you must ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF FIRST. They say loose lips sink ships but more so I think if you LISTEN to those ‘loose lips’ and not your intuition… that the consequences can be even worse.

I know the guys felt it was unfair and I could SEE how it would be frustrating and confusing but imagine if Kaitlin didn’t let Nick back on, and then she picked someone else… she MIGHT always wonder ‘what if’ … whether she picks him or not, EVERYONE including her, the guys AND Nick, have to trust the process of LOVE and see what happens. Simply not having him there doesn’t guarantee anything…. so you really have to risk it all and see what happens. Nick MIGHT not be the guy for Kaitlin, but there is clearly a connection and she MUST explore that to find out forsure, regardless of what we think, regardless of the ‘rules’ or regardless of the other guys.

kaitlyn-bristowe-nick-viall 139058_0377

I also have never had an issue with Nick, and so as a ‘Bachelorette Granny’ … for now, I approve.

And that is it from me this week! I love Kaitlin, I think she’s unique, and funny and different and I am SO excited to see how this unravels for her!!!



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  1. Continuing the rap…”His abs are perfect, his hair is too, he’s a downhome country boy who’s super smooth.”

  2. Ok… I knew I loved your grandma.. I tweeted Kaitlyn the exact same thing that your gma said about opinions. LMAO! I used to get so emotionally wrapped up in this show and shared “opinions” all of the time, not necessarily not. YOU called me out one day when I said something pretty mean to Ali.. It was at that moment that I recognized that this is not my life, it’s yours/theirs, and we all should be doing what we feel is right for us. Thank you Jilly, I am a much better person because of it.. Now, it’s purely entertainment for me with hope that everyone finds love. Please tell your gma she is a very wise woman.. 🙂

  3. First off…..I don’t get the whole Nick thing….can he not find a girlfriend in the real world? Red flag!!!! Second…Kaitlyn doesn’t seem genuine to me……I am trusting my own intuition here…..I am not liking this season at all which would be a first since I have watched religiously from the very beginning. It just seems forced and scripted with Kaitlyn. I personally don’t think she ends up with any of the guys at the end of it all. I did like her on Chris’s season but she did not do herself a favor by being the Bachorette because you are seeing a different side of her and I don’t think most people like it at all. I personnally will not continue to watch her season because I am just not enjoying it. Just my opinion…

    1. I think the red flag is the act of immaturity and rudeness that Nick perpetrated on Andi.. It was one of the worst cringe moments in bachelorette history. I find it hard to believe that Kaitlyn or anyone would want to be associated with this guy. But like you say Jillian, each to his/her own. Follow your heart. Sometimes we have to find out the hard way.

  4. Not fair …nick shouldn’t be there!!!!!!!!! He wasn’t part of the 25 guys in the beginning…..the guys that are remaining are great…what her problem????

  5. If this is about finding a husband, shouldnt she give everyone, including Nick a chance? Honestly,the problem is that these guys are all contestants….she knows how this show is played. They all have to pretend to want her. Who knows if Ben Z or Shawn are good guys in “reali life”. We assume so because they act properly on camera. With Nick, its clear he wants her and she knows his flaws up front. (Now, I personally think its the lure of the tv thats drawing him to Kaitlyn but in time, his true motivation will reveal itself). So I cant fault her for keeping Nick around. Better the Devil you know, right?

  6. Shawn rap continued:

    Hes tall, he’s slick, he says the right thing
    Just not sure he’s ready for a wedding ring

    🙂 Im always weary of guys from smaller towns/cities who find fame from this franchise. Its like a kid in a candy story. I guarantee that he might want to date Kaitlyn but marriage is a different beast all together. Would be surprised if a 28 yr old trainer, who eagerly shows off his photos with supermodels on Instagram, is ready for wife and kids.

  7. a Boom ada shum, She brought nick back, and should have known, it’d cause a heart attack, among all the guys, she had less respect, I mean how could she do it, after seeing Shawn’s pecs?
    It took all the rhythm, and threw her game, “cause now all the guys will never be the same.
    If steve is right, and he usually is, Kaitlyn is alone, so what was all this? I feel so bad, I love this show, but this season is a shame, as we all now know.

  8. So I just read someone decided that we simply need to take this as entertainment. Okay, That is a shame when I think Britt would have taken it more seriously. Britt is happy, so it’a all good.

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