What To Get Dad For Father’s Day?

I know you’re all probably thinking I’m crazy already making a Father’s Day gift guide but…it’s less than TWO WEEKS away!!!! AHH…wasn’t it just Mother’s Day?!? Well I’m here to help because I know how tough it is to shop for dad. If he’s anything like my dad, he’s much too humble to even HINT at what he would like for a special gift. So that always seems to leave me aimlessly wandering around and buying the usual screw drivers or tool set.

Here’s what I’m thinking for my dad….and maybe one of these gift ideas will lead to the perfect gift for YOUR dad too! If none of these things will excite him, you can’t go wrong with cooking him up his favorite meal! Or maybe just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a good ol beer!!! Oh and happy early Father’s Day to all you dads out there!!!



Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Scrub Captain Gift Certificate | 2. Cocktail Shaker | 3. Rope Coasters | 4. BBQ Apron | 5. Sunglasses | 6. Swim Trunks | 7. Framed Picture | 8. Waterproof Speaker | 9. BBQ Tool Set | 10. Sea Salt Soap | 11. Watch


What will you do with your dad for Father’s Day?!




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