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5 Tips To Perfect Easter Decor: Hoppy Decorating!

Can some bunny (see what I did there? Lol!) explain how Easter is already upon us?? Seriously, though, where is the time going?! Eeeepp!! Welp!

Even though I’m technically “homeless” this Easter, I certainly won’t be able to decorate my OWN place this year which is very strange for me!! LOL!! Especially when I find myself checking out all of the pretty pastel decor and literally daydreaming of what I would incorporate into my home and how I would decorate MY new place for Easter!! Le sigh … I was REALLY hoping (or should I say hopping?? Lol … ok, I’m done!) we would be in our new home by now but that’s okay … I’ll just get my Easter decor fix right here with you!

Jillian Harris - Easter Decorating-1 Jillian Harris - Easter Decorating-2 Jillian Harris - Easter Decorating-3

Alright, here we go! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest dang Easter decor below along with my top 5 tips when it comes to all things Easter decorating … so grab yourself a snack … preferably some chocolate eggs … and let’s get crackin!

Hoppy Decorating1. Bunny Figures | 2. Mirror | 3. Faux Fur Throw | 4. Bunny Plate | 5. Decorative Eggs | 6. Paper Straws | 7. Candle | 8. Pitcher | 9. Pillow | 10. Banner | 11. Bowls | 12. Bunny Basket | 13. Belly Basket | 14. Jars | 15. Crackers

1. Pastel Everything: Around this time of year, you will find pastel everything … from napkins to dishes to decorative eggs. You can’t go wrong when you incorporate pastel decor into your home when getting Easter ready!

2. Chocolate and Candy: It’s not just the kids who get excited over this stuff… trust me. I freakin LOVE my candy! This is your chance to bust out your cutest little dishes or pick up some easter baskets and fill ’em up with your favourite Easter treats … your guests will thank you! Unless you eat it all before they arrive … no judgment here.

3. Fresh Flowers: I love having fresh flowers in my home at all times so around this time of year you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find tulips (amongst other blooms) in my home. Tulips are the perfect flower to add to your Easter table decor, there are SO many cute planters out this time of year or you can get creative and transform cute pitchers, mugs, and various containers into vases! For example, how CUTE would tulips look in one of these??

4. Cozy it up: As I mentioned in my previous blog post (all about spring pillows) pillows, throws and area rugs are the EASIEST way to transform your home from winter to spring and also from holiday to holiday! For Easter decorating, you can incorporate pastel colours or if you’re more hardcore you can even buy dedicated Easter pillows … trust me, they’re out there!! LOL!!

5. Make it FUN: I came across so many cute party items for Easter that I HAD to share with you … like crackers and bunny ears, and even just super cute napkins and cards! It’s no secret I like to have a little fun and keep things lighthearted whenever I can … some may even call it Peter Pan syndrome … LOL!!

Well, there you have it! I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your Easter decorating this year! If you want to check out more decor suggestions, check out more of my favourites over in the Easter Shop Page on my website!!

So tell me, what are some of your favourite ways to decorate for Easter?? Make sure to comment below!!



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  1. Love it all! Especially the rabbit crackers, so cute. Great blog Jillian, thanks for sharing, I need to get out and do some shopping and transform my place from wmWinter to Spring ☺????

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