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Beachy Keen: My Swimsuit Faves

Lol … I know what you’re thinking … “It’s BARELY Spring and she’s talking about swimsuits?!” Yup … that’s right!! I am!! Maybe it’s because I’m dreaming of escaping summer tropical … or because I’m beyond excited about the thought of having a POOL in our yard this year!! Either way, I’ve got bathing suits on the brain and I’m taking you with me!! Can we just daydream for a moment??

Jillian Harris - Swimsuits-1

I pretty much love ALL bathing suits, whether they are a one piece or a bikini … as long as I like the style and print, I’m a happy camper!! I always find it fun to cruise some of my favourite sites and check out what’s hot this year (no pun intended … lol … still daydreaming here) style and print-wise … and the verdict?? Scalloped, ruffles, striped, plaid, embellished … chokers (yes, chokers) on bikini tops … am I the only one who thinks this would turn out to be a very WEIRD tan line?!?! ….

So with that being said, I mean it really comes down to YOUR preference in suits and what you feel most comfortable in (that’s the MOST important!!) but I’ve gone ahead and saved some of my favourite suits and wanted to share them with you … my ONLY issue … which one do I buy?!?! Eeeeepppp!!!

Beachy Keen1. Gingham Suit | 2. Straw Hat | 3. Lace-up Sandals | 4. Clutch | 5. Ruffle Shoulder One-Piece | 6. Bikini Top | 7. Swimsuit with Bow | 8. Tie-up Bikini Top | 9. Scalloped Bikini Bottoms | 10. Fringe Bikini | 11. Sunglasses | 12. Straw Bag | 13. Sandals | 14. Wildflower One-Piece


Jillian Harris - Bathing Suit-1jillian-harris-maui-part-1-3-1jillian-harris-fairmont-hawaii-5Jillian Harris - Bathing Suits-1Jillian Harris - Swimsuits-2jillian-harris-maui-recap-travelling-with-leo-8

Wish You Were Here Suit | White Scalloped Suit | Checkered SuitStriped Suit

Here are a bunch of other really fun suits that I came across … oh man … how is it even possible to decide on just ONE?!?!





So, tell me, are you a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit lover?? Comment below … I want to see which style comes out ahead!!



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    1. Thought I’d add- I always shop Rad swim (cute floral one pieces) and unique vintage! I love the striped one piece you’re wearing 🙂

    2. I seen you posted a while ago these bathing suits on a website but for way cheaper. Do you have the link? Sorry these ones are out of my price range 🙁 in need of a nice bathing suit for my first family vacation

  1. woahhh expensive for #10 (even for just the top). It’s cute though. I am however scared to click on anything else 😉

  2. Lovely collection! I have never seen such kind of swimsuit anywhere. These look awesome. I am so excited to try them all. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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