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A Week In My Closet – Week 35

Morning loves! Holy moly, I had SUCH a busy but amazing week this week! I got lots of time in with Leo, had an awesome photo shoot with the team and SOOOO MUCH got done on our house … everything is really coming together there and things are changing drastically by the day! If you missed out on the progress I shared yesterday, make sure to check it out here!

Ok … on to the other good stuff … CLOTHES!! OMG if you followed along with my Instagram stories on Thursday you would have seen Leo sporting the cutest damn little outfit … he was looking pretty dapper if I do say so myself! AND the best part is … his WHOLE outfit was from Joe Fresh!! Gotta love that!!

Alright, top up your coffee and let’s get to this!! …

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-10

Dress | Heels | Clutch

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-2

Watch | Perfume | Frames | Jeans | Sweatshirt | Runners

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-3

Bodysuit | Pants | Sneakers | Blazer | Bow Tie

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-5

Jeans | Leo’s Onesie

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-7

Justin’s Sunglasses | Justin’s Hat | Justin’s Shirt | Leo’s Onesie

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-4

Sunglasses | Necklace | Dress

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-1

Sweatshirt | Watch | Jeans

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-9

Vegan Leather Jacket | Dress | Justin’s Shirt | Justin’s Vest

Jillian Harris - A Week In My Closet-6

Hat | Bib | Shirt | Pants

That’s it, that’s all my loves!! I hope you have an amazing weekend and take some time for so much needed R&R … I know I’m going to TRY to … lol …



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  1. Such a sweet little guy. All your beautiful clothes makes me wish I were young again
    Miss your show. Are you coming back?
    An old granny

    1. If you don’t like what content she is posting simply don’t follow it. No one is forcing you to click on her blog post and read through it so theres no need to write a whole essay with separated paragraphs with your issues. You don’t like it? congrats don’t follow it. She doesn’t need your negative energy she’s trying to help others who appreciate it. xoxo

    2. Thank you Olivia. Actually the post was for Jill.. Even though your reply is so typical in here, for any comment that is different from ‘amaziing, beautiful, lovee …’ etc.. Wow, great advice! If you don’t like, don’t follow? If every blogger would think and act like that, probably would end up without followers. And if you want to grow your business, and retain your followers, especially then, this could not be the best approach… Anyways, thank you for reading my essay, with paragraphs included 🙂 xo Have a lovely day.

  2. to be completely honest, I started following your blog and IG literally on a daily basis as I thought you had an amazing sense of style, fashion, home design… honestly, I thought your fashion is so pretty… just look back and check your posts from 2015. great!! great shoes, accessorize, night outfits etc … really rich content, every 2 weeks something new and original…
    I think that this is no longer the case.
    Your content is no longer attractive, but very repetitive. The dress listed in here, we actually saw at least 5 times on your blog, pink long one… the other one as well.. not only during this year, but the last one too! On IG almost all pics lately are from the past, like Nacho’s from the other day, and most of the outfits… And those sports outfits from the other day were also so simple.. waay too simple, nothing special.. you create a lot of sets, probably so you could link them somehow… but I can go on Polyvore and creat such sets in seconds, I don’t need anyone else to do that for me, 6x a month…
    I am starting to feel so disappointed and taken for granted as your fan.
    I can buy Pantene in any supermarket, and I already know if it’s good or not for me,
    there is nothing new or special about Pantene… normal shampoo, not a miracle maker.
    Regarding home decor, I can also see very little about that too… I started following you after seeing your amazing projects in LOLI, and for me, and many others I believe, you represent a role model -home designer… not a constructor… and still, here I am seeing heated floor, wirings, empty walls, construction zone… seriously, not a fan of that.
    I think your blog was amazing… was.
    Now it’s like a personal show of your everyday life + few links to click and make some $. It is absolutely ok that you want to earn something from all of this, and I will be the first one to click, If I could only see some better content…
    I truly hope you will think it over and learn something from this criticsm.

  3. Love love love! You have awesome style and I always look forward to seeing the weeks in your closet.

    The link to the bib should be though 🙂 It’s my friends company and she was so excited you featured her bib on your instagram!

    Good luck with the move and what not, look forward to seeing the new place!

    1. Oh! Thanks for sharing Lyndsay!

      I came here to see where I could get both those pants and that bib! Totally adorable! I figured she missed tagged, as the company she posted does not even carry bibs.

      I’ll have to check them out.
      How about the pants?


  4. Lola
    Honestly life is so short and your comments just are made to hurt someone you don’t even know. I don’t think you can appreciate the work that goes into creating let alone maintaining a blog. Women should support women and if you don’t have anything positive to say keep it to yourself while the rest of us get on with leading a supportive productive, positive life.

  5. Miss your love or list it show, Think you have a darling family. I hope you are spending lots of time with those precious guys in your life. Do you think the show will return!!! Keep us posted about your house
    I bet it will look awesome. As far as Kitchens go, I would have to have some Blue in mine.

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