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New House Progress Update

It’s been a while since my last post on our fixer-upper project (if you missed my other blogs, check out our first blog here and our design inspo blog here!), so today I thought I would give you an update on our progress and provide you with a little behind the scenes glimpse into some of the decisions we’ve been faced with so far! Most of you will probably be aware of some of these if you’ve been following along with me and my little family on my insta stories … but IF NOT here we go!!! ….

When we bought the house last summer it seemed as though this project was going to take FOREVER … since then, it has been a total whirlwind for us and just like THAT we’re at the point where everything is drywalled, the wainscotting is up, the Nuheat is installed and most of the TILE is in (we went with some wonderful crackly tiles from Fireclay Tile and cement tile from the Cement Tile Shop as well as some beautiful, natural stone and porcelain tile Olympia Tile + Stone  and a majority of our countertops from Caeserstone)!!! OMG!! I can’t believe my eyes, not to mention, we are moving out of our current home at the end of this month!! HOLY CRAP!!
Jillian Harris - Tiles-1

Atlas 1 from the Cement Tile Shop, this tile is in our Laundry Room an Pantry!

JIllian Harris - Tiles-2

Bouquet II from the Cement Tile Shop, this is in our guest bathroom!


Ogee Drop by Fireclay Tile, this is the tile in Leo’s bathtub!!

Jillian Harris - Tile-6

Hexagon Tile from Olympia Tile and Stone is on our shower walls!

Jillian Harris Tile-7

Tri Weave Tile from Olympia Tile and Stone is on Leo’s bathroom floor!

I have a bit of habit of stopping by the site to see the progress as often as I can (do you blame me?! Lol!) and I can’t help but feel so proud and excited that we have come so far without killing each other … LOL!!

It certainly hasn’t been rainbows and sunshine the whole way, we’ve faced lots of ups and downs throughout this reno! As I said in my previous blog, this project ended up being WAY bigger than we initially thought. While it was pretty much a new build, we have come across some restrictions based on the existing footprint and budget and I’ve quickly learned that renovations don’t always go as planned … one would think I should know that by now! Talk about living my own Love It Or List It nightmare (again) LOL!!!!

jillian-harris-home-renovation-updateJillian Harris - New House Update-2

One of the things we’ve struggled with is my obsession for all WHITE (surprise, surprise … LOL). Believe it or not, I shifted away from all white in the interior with light grey and different shades of blue cabinetry. I’m even thinking of doing a PINK headboard from The Cross Decor & Design! The interior will still be fairly light and neutral but I’m proud of myself for integrating some colour!

However, I couldn’t escape the white when it came to the exterior. I was set on having everything white, the exterior, the windows, the trim, the siding, the fascia, the railing … Justin expressed his concerns with the exterior of the house being too light with all of the white finishings and even though I thought I had confidently sold him on this all white exterior dream … I’m secretly shitting myself thinking that he MIGHT be right … is white on white a mistake?!?! I don’t know if it will be too much or how it will turn out and that’s scary for me! Duh duh duh…. I guess we will see when it all comes together! WHELP!

Well, I guess the roof won’t be white. We’ve gone with a light warm grey metal roof thanks to the professional roofing contractor that recommend us to do it this way and we’ve also decided on the exterior paint which is “Oxford White” by Benjamin Moore … has anyone seen a house painted this colour?? I would love to see what it looks like! PLEASE … SOS help a sister out and send me some pics!

Jillian Harris - New House Update-5KITCHEN-DESIGN-FOR-JILLS-NEW-HOME

Another really important part of this reno for me was the millwork. Millwork can MAKE a home not only aesthetically, but practically as well. I wanted every drawer, cabinet, and shelf to have a purpose. I measured cereal boxes, shoes, cans of beans. I considered where I would put my paper straw collection, where Leo’s bottles would go, where Nacho’s treats would go. I wanted the millwork in this house to be beautiful but also make my life easier and more organized. I would HIGHLY recommend using a millwork company that has a designer that can work with you on these decisions. Locally we use Clarice Maidment with Home Image Interiors who’s been designing all of the millwork for Kelowna Innovative Cabinet Company. Clarice has been so patient with me and I feel as though all of these little details in my home are JUST as important to her as they are to me which gives me peace of mind!

jj side of house reno update front of house jj reno update side of house jj reno update back of house jj reno

Okay, I feel like I have SO much more to tell you but that could get boring so, let’s talk about what I’m excited for along with a few things I’m a little nervous about …. PLUS a few things I’ve learned (so far) along the way …


1. Foyer: Whoever designed our current home overlooked our foyer and it drives me absolutely NUTSO! There’s no room to store shoes and jackets, especially when we have guests over! If I see one pair of shoes in front of the door at the new house I’m throwing them in the toilet! So, it’s no surprise that I can’t begin to express my excitement for our new foyer, it’s going to be so functional with dedicated space to store shoes and jackets bags and purses for visitors. The arch entry is going to be stunning so this is a perfect example of form and function!

2. Leo’s Bathroom: Yes, Leo is going to have his own dedicated bathroom and I’m over the moon about this! It’s going to be a funky design and YES … it will have colour! One of the main reasons we wanted a new home was for the benefit of having a nice spot to bathe Leo as our current home doesn’t really have this, at the moment we have an ensuite bathroom plus two powder rooms.

3. Outdoor Storage ( I know this might sound boring but OH MY GOD I can’t wait until I have a place to put things. I LOVE LOVE our existing house but this house is for an empty nest couple for sure. I am looking forward to Justin having a closet, I’m looking forward to a place to put extra sugar and flour. I’m looking forward to a place to hang our jackets! If you watch Love It Or List It Vancouver you know that I love built in storage… so this house is going to have a ton of it! I tried to do wall to wall floor to ceiling storage wherever I could. I mentioned it above but I spent so much time thinking of the way we live over and over. Where would we drop the keys? Where would we throw our laundry? Which side of the closet would be best for me? How tall should the cabinets go? I have never put so much thought and detail into something, I just can’t WAIT!!! In addition to using Kelowna Innovative Cabinets, we also started working with Stor-X Organizing Systems for the garage, closets and Leo’s playroom! I can’t emphasize enough just HOW much time we’ve spent on storage in this house!!

4. In Floor Heating: Even though we’re doing a forced air heating system throughout the home, we are using Nuheat for all of our floors with TILE! We have it in our ensuite in our current house and we absolutely love waking up and stepping onto a heated floor. I’m so excited to have this installed in our laundry rooms and ALL of the bathrooms!

5. Little Luxuries: Yup. There are a couple of “little luxuries” that I’m really looking forward to in our new home, and they are a built-in coffee machine … I NEVER would have dreamed that this would be so important to me but our last house came with one and we absolutely LOVE it and couldn’t live without it, I would give up my stove before giving this up! Lol! The next little luxury would be our steam shower. Need I say more?? Bye Leo and Justin… Mama will be back in an hour…. ahhhhh…going to the steam shower with my latte … LOL!
Jillian Harris - Nuheat-1Jillian Harris - Nuheat-3Jillian Harris - Nuheat-12arch jj reno update


1. All White Exterior: Yes, I’ll admit, for once this is making me nervous as I’m not sure how it will look … but I’m excited!

2. Back Deck: Even though Justin and I agree on MOST things, this is something we’ve been disagreeing on, Justin wanted concrete for the back deck and I wasn’t certain but DID end up deciding on a concrete deck from SK Form & Finish, it actually got poured this week and it looks amazing!! Good call Justin!

3. Layout of the Basement: We kept the pre-existing foundation in the basement which meant that the layout and the window placements stayed the same, at the time I thought this made sense but I’ve come to realize that the layout is really bizarre, the only place to put a couch is right next to the patio door which leads out to the pool, it seems strange and I’m not super happy with the flow, and there isn’t much I can do about it. I hope I can make some sense of it after we move in!!! *Update my OCD tendencies couldn’t handle it and we ended up moving the patio doors (lol!) so hopefully after all of this the furniture will fit better and the flow is improved!

4. Pre-existing Staircase: We kept the stairs where they were originally and by doing so has restricted how wide our kitchen could be … so it’s a little bit tighter than anticipated but we will work with it!

Jillian Harris - New House Update-4Jillian Harris - New House Update-1living roomdoors x jj reno update


1. You can’t tile a wall with a pocket door: Who knew?! From our bedroom to the ensuite I always envisioned the wall in my bathroom to be tiled but you can’t do that when there is a pocket door because when the door goes back and forth it’ll make the tiles loose! I was really disappointed when I found out we couldn’t do this as I had it all planned out but thankfully while cruising Pinterest I came across a really cool idea where they put panel molding behind the tub and I loved the look of it, so we’re going to do that instead!

2. Changes Happen: I’ve changed the entrance to the walk-in closet THREE times now MAINLY so that it’s more functional and has the best layout for us … I’m also trying to make sure that it’s better for pictures as well!!

3. Pay attention to the stairs: This is something to pay close attention to … it’ll impact the rest of your house so you have to take the time to think this one through … whether to keep them in the same spot or change them!

4. It won’t be perfect: Even though I’ve seen hundreds of houses and been a part of multiple renovations it’s still not possible to think of EVERYTHING! No matter how hard you try, there will always be something you’re not entirely happy with and wish you would have done it differently … and that’s OKAY!

5. You won’t always meet your deadline: One would think since I am “Jillian Harris from Love It Or List It” I would be able to meet my OWN deadlines … I thought for sure our home would be ready in under 6 months but we are now at 9 months and we’re STILL a month away from moving in! Things have taken much longer due to my own indecisiveness, product not being in stock, the weather, etc! I’ve come to learn that all you can do here is to take a deep breath and forge onwards! If ANYONE has built a house and met their deadline … you are my HERO!!

6. Write EVERYTHING down: No offence to contractors, suppliers, or tradesmen here, mistakes are made and sometimes people don’t really listen … or maybe they hear something different than what you said so I would suggest writing everything down because at the end of the day you don’t want your warranties to be misplaced or have the wrong tub size show up or the wrong depth of fridge, etc. Throughout our reno there have been some hiccups and I just wished there were times when I would have wrote something down but I didn’t because I was too busy or forgot and if you don’t do this it just costs you more time and money along the way!

reno update doors

There you have it!! Sorry this blog is crazy long and it took me SO LONG to get out to you, needless to say … things have been a little hectic around here! LOL!! Stay tuned as our next blog should be about us moving in and then after that, I might be silent for a little while as we get everything organized. We ended up selling all of our furniture with our current home and ordered all new pieces for our new home so it’s going to take me some time to get it all just right! We are planning on doing a series of reveal bogs in the fall … so in the meantime make sure to tune into my Instagram stories to see the progress unfold in real time OR check back here for more inspo updates and to see what I’ve been ordering so far!!








Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. I’m so excited for you!! We just built and did make our deadline! Lol. I loved picking everything myself. Of course few regrets but everyone has at least one I’m told! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful layout! Love your home! Are you putting hardwood in? If so what kind? and who do you recommend for installation?

    1. We painted our exterior Oxford White! We love it! We just did a remodel/addition on a 1940s home. We have black windows and love love the contrast. I don’t know how to attach photos but I would be happy to send some photos! My first and last name at gmail dot com. 🙂

  3. Looks amazing! I would love to know all the ways a project like this can be funded. What types of loans are available? Or just how do you go about financing a home remodel. Thank you!

  4. I’ve never seen oxford white on exterior but our old house was all oxford white inside and it was a great cool white. Good luck! Can’t wait to see finished product

  5. Congratulations! I am so excited to see the finished product. Can you tell me about the marble subway tike you have pictured. I am in the process of a master bath remodel myself and overwhelmed with all of the tile choices. I love following along with you, thank you for sharing.

  6. It’s funny that you are saying you are struggling to get away from white. I’m trying to get my husband into whites and because of you and your style he is coming around. Your style is amazing! Go with your gutt!

  7. Wow!!Great update,Jilly.I can see that project is very big and you ,as well all the people that are working on the house, are putting a lot of effort.I am sure the result will be great, plus the fact of having a woman thinking about storage and all the important things in house is essential,specially if we are referring to an expert like you :-).xx

  8. I love Benjamin Moore Oxford White! Definitely my favourite of all the whites! We used it in our house this year, & I love it! I’m sure it’ll look great!

    I’m so excited to see all the storage. I love storage! My husband was just like, if I knew a few ikea boxes to organize supplies in our cupboards would make you this happy, I’d have bought them ages ago. haha.

    & timelines with renovations are so crazy! My mom is an interior designer & she says it all the time, but I think people are still so surprised. Nothing ever finishes when you think it should!

    1. Try out platinum plate from cloverdale paint. We honestly tried 9 shades of grey that really looked grey on the colour wheel….we bought the tester cans for every one of them and threw them on the walls to be sure sure! Platinum plate looked GREY day and night. The other 8 all looked of some other colour too, at some point in the day.

      1. Hey Lana, a really great one is Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore. We just did our house using this colour and it turned out beautiful. It was the only one I could find that has no undertones of other colours in it. Good luck!

  9. I would love to know your go to grey coloured paint. I’m going crazy with that decision and find it so hard to find one withou too much blue, green or brown undertones
    I’m building a house in summerland but live in Vancouver so I can’t just stop by to test paint swatches. Help!!!!

    1. Try out platinum plate from cloverdale paint. We honestly tried 9 shades of grey that really looked grey on the colour wheel….we bought the tester cans for every one of them and threw them on the walls to be sure sure! Platinum plate looked GREY day and night. The other 8 all looked of some other colour too, at some point in the day

  10. Hi Jillian! Congrats on your new home it’s coming along nicely. I am also in the process of building my very own home. I was wondering where did you find those arabesque designs from that are made of foam I believe? I’ve been looking for those everywhere. I hear you can buy them already cut up and ready to put on the wall.

    Also I need your opinion. What should I do with my fireplace? I have a high ceiling 18 feet high. Do you think I should do panel moulding and put a picture or something or put tiles or stones there?

    Thanks & look forward to hearing from you.


  11. Put a littlest urinal in Leo’s room. They make really nice, modern ones for homes now. You, or your house cleaner will thank me….I ended up with three boys. When we built our house, I thought a urinal in the boys bathroom seemed silly or extravagant. Sooo wish I would have!!!! You will NOT regret it.

  12. Hi Jill, I love the white in your current home and new home. I am getting ready to build a new house myself and am starting to have an obsession with white. Could you offer any tips or do a blog post on recommemdations and tips on keeping the interior looking clean and fresh with so much white?

  13. Ho

    Hi Jill. We built our dream ranch last year and were in 2 weeks before Christmas, ahead of schedule by 2 weeks. I had a binder where I wrote everything down from every meeting. It was very organized and we had an amazing custom builder. I want to do it again it was so fun. I wish I woukd have seen some of your time selections at that time ?. And that foyer…….wow, I should have done more inspos. Everything looks amazing. Congrats from Ontario. And my son and his wife and baby are living in your “home town ” in Berta. P.R. xoxo thank you for letting us in❤❤ Tracie

  14. While not on the outside, the entire inside of our house is Oxford white and Revere pewter… I’m obsessed with how it turned out! I’m sure it will look fabulous on the outside too!

  15. Jillian, we have a tiled wall at the end of our tub which has a pocket door behind it. Not sure why you can’t do that but your idea sounds way nicer.
    Nuheat is so pricey but SO worth it in the long run. We have 3 bathrooms with warm floors – one being in the basement. Luxury!
    As far as an entirely White House – sounds cool to me. If it’s not what you imagined, isn’t that the easiest to fix? Our house needs a painting every few years. Changed colors three times.
    Your attitude about taking a deep breath and moving forward is spot on! Don’t lose sight of what is important. I’ve been thru breast cancer, lost my mom, my husband had major heart surgery and I’m currently overseeing the care of my 96 year old dad who has early dememtia. (This all inside of 4 years) We are starting a reno in our west end (Van) high rise condo. Our secondary residence. It’s 22 years old and UGLY. I’m taking those deep breaths and just choosing “nice” stuff – easy peasy. Right?
    Give a kiss to Leo and Justin ( and Nacho) – I can’t wait to see the new digs.

  16. Loving all the details you’re adding… Can’t wait to see more. Renovating is so great yet stressful at the same time… Let’s just say the guys working on the house were as happy as I was when it was done. Lol 😉

  17. My husband is a home builder here in Austin, Texas and he always tells his homeowners that HGTV isn’t real life and you never see the oops and the delays, so to be realistic that the home will probably take a month longer than expected! 🙂 He also emails EVERYTHING…all changes, delays, etc…I call it blackmail; He calls it covering everyone’s own ass.
    Also, I love the all white exterior! You will have so much foliage and gardens with color that will make it all come together.

    1. We painted our exterior Oxford White! We love it! We just did a remodel/addition on a 1940s home. I don’t know how to attach photos but I would be happy to send some photos!

  18. Sorry… did not mean to post this comment three times! Every time I would hit enter it replied on someone else’s comment, so finally figured it out. We just painted our 1940s remodel/addition Oxford White. We love it! We have black windows and a really, really dark wood front door and love the contrast. Happy to share photos. First and last name at gmail. 🙂

    1. Your home is going to be gorgeous and most importantly full of love! Blessings to you as you make the final decisions and move in!

  19. If you need a good concrete finisher then Pires Bros is your man! It’s my dads company and he’s the best in Kelowna! Good luck with the new house it already looks gorgeous!

  20. Thank you for this! I just e-mailed our tile guy because we have tile on the pocket door wall in our ensuite on the new house we’re building and now I’m panicking. Better now than later though.

  21. Hi!! I know you’ve mentioned it a million times in your Instagram stories and I should have written it down, but what was the light gray color you finally found for the kitchen cabinets?? I tried for weeks and ended up painting my entire downstairs a light “gray” that truly looks light blue now that it’s covering so much area.

    Please share 🙂

    Thank you!!

      1. Will you be giving us a complete resource list when you are finished? This has been so fun to watch, and makes making choices for ourselves so much easier when we see everything put together! Great job on everything!

  22. Hi….earlier today you posted an insta story of your new foyer. I was just wondering where you got the chandelier light fixture from?

  23. Can you list the final paint colors that you chose for the kitchen walls, kitchen cabinets, and living room Thanks so much!

  24. I LOVE it all. You recently posted a picture on Instagram of your arch and chandelier. What colour is the wall of the arch?

      1. Where can I find a bath tub caddy like yours from your insta-story today? I love the combination of wood and metal.

  25. Hi Jillian! I love seeing the progress of your new home. It’s lovely…so happy for you! Could you tell me what color you chose for your front door? It’s stunning and so inviting. Makes me want to sneak away to the beach 😉 happy renovating!

  26. I’ve gotten some samples from Cement tile shop and I live them. Although my husband is unsure about the cement. I’ve seen the same tiles in the UK but they are porcelain or ceramic. Wondering if you know of any Canadian suppliers who carry them. The exchange rate and customs is making me second guess ordering from cement tile shop. Your house is looking beautiful. Thanks!

  27. Hi Jillian!! I love love your style!! Can u share what wood flooring is in your home?? I’m building soon and would love these floors!!! Thanks so much beautiful!!

  28. We are building a house, i was just wondering what your wall color was for the interior of your house and the wood floors?? I would really appreciate the info. You both did a beautiful job on your new home. Hope ours turns out as good!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Gabby!! I’ll be sharing ALL of the details with you in the next coming months! Working on the reveal!! XOXO

  29. Thank you for sharing so much of your new home with us. I follow you on instagram and i love your wood floors. Would you be able to share where you got them and what the name is? We are building in Vancouver and your floors are exactly what i have been searching for. Thank you.

      1. Hi Jillian! How are your floors holding up with Nacho ( and Leo too !)? We are building a new home and I absolutely love them but with three big dogs, a baby, and pre schooler, im not sure how sound they would be!

  30. Hi Jilly
    I live in West Kelowna and have a contemporary all white HOUSE!!! I’d l love to show you our problems so you can make an informed decision! Don’t make my mistake please.
    Love your blog and family………… precious.

    1. Jillian! We’re working on our own renovation. I’m stuck on hardwood flooring, but love the choice you made in the house. Can you tell us details on the stain, size, wood type? Thanks so much! Ps. Loving each episode of Jillian & Justin!

  31. We are just starting our renovation and are doing the same flooring from PurParket – Cinder – and love it! Our old kitchen went out the door yesterday and we are living in a mess! Trying to make lunch for our 6 year old in a bathroom isn’t great. We have a few months to go and my husband is doing all the work. All worth it in the end, but man oh man it’s hard not to fight over the dust and tools everywhere. Glad you are nearing the end of your renovation and can entertain in your amazing space 🙂

  32. We have two bathrooms with pocket doors. 25 years ago we had floor to ceiling tiles installed. Since that time, not one tile or any grout has loosened or cracked due to the doors. I think our installer had a lot to do with that!

  33. i love your style. could you share the names of the paint chips you have shown in your pictures, or perhaps take and share a closer picture so that the names are readable.

    Also, im renovatin my main floor and thinking of doing a wood looking tile…perhaps white wash colour, good idea or bad idea???..i have a small child so i fear hardwood, especially in the kitchen.


  34. hi Jill, what did you decide on your kitchen cabinets. I know from Instagram you had changed them as they were too dark, was nimbus the final colour?

  35. Did you use the oxford white on your interior walls as well? Wondering what your wall color / trim colors are?? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jillian!

      Love your new home and the detail you put into it! Just in the process of gutting and renovating a new home with my husband hoping that it will be done before our first baby comes! Fingers crossed!
      You mentioned that you spent a lot of time on millwork for the cabinets around the house. Could you possible share your recommended width and height for the kitchen bottom drawers and upper cabinets, the pantry, and linen closet? Thanks

    2. Jillian, I LOVE your style!!! I’m dying to know what interior paint colours you used for this house!! Please share 🙂

  36. Hi Guys! My husband and I are currently building our home, and it’s time to decide our paint colours. We’re painting all the walls white, and have a similar floor to yours. Which white did you use in your home?

    1. Hi Jenny!! I’ll be sharing all of the details of our home in some upcoming blog posts!! Stay tuned!! xoxoxo

      1. Hi Jillian, please let me know the name of the hardwood floors that you installed in your new house. thank you.

  37. What brand/color of white paint did you use in your new home? I see the name for the exterior, but wasn’t sure if something different was used in the foyer/living room inside. Thanks so much!!

  38. Hi Jillian,

    We just bought our first house and are painting everything next weekend. I LOVE the all white look with accents of grey. We have a sunroom with huge windows that overlooks our deck and pool, wondering what your favorite whites are and what wall finish you would chose? Any list of favorites would be great as I know every white looks different depending on the home, lighting, etc but will help us pull some samples!

  39. Jillian i am loving ?ur flooring in main living space . Can u pls share make , color and company ehere u purchased from.

    Cyndi Lou Who

  40. What color of white should I do my kitchen cabinets? I am thinking of Chantilly Lace however I know a lot of people choose cloud white. Also we are doing a bathroom in white and grey with a claw foot air tub and I want it to be elegant , I was looking at polished marble but I find it too fancy as I have more simple taste, what would you recommend, It is a big bathroom with a beautiful arched window and chandelier with Martha Stewart nimbus cloud.

  41. Jillian! I am so in love with your home and design ideas! I always creep on your insta stories just to see your decor and home layout. My husband and I are getting ready to start a home build. Would love to see more details of your home if you’re willing to share – organization in the master bath and kitchen, do you have a half bath/is it useful, what is overrated/underrated, do you have a basement, how can I best utilize space there, etc. If you have any book or website suggestions I would love those too! Thanks for always keeping it real and for the constant inspiration!

  42. Hello!

    I’ve been searching for the kitchen countertop colour name. Is it the same as the laundry room?
    Please share!! Thanks

  43. How do you paint a house all white which is what i want to do but still make it feel warm ?? Do you paint it 2 tones

  44. Hi Jillian! I was wondering what the name of that special window you have in your kitchen above your sink is called? The one you said you could hand drinks out to Leo and his friends. Such a wonderful idea. Also what kind of doors/windows did you get for your living room the ones that open up when the nice weather comes in. Thanks in advance!

  45. Hi Jillian, my husband and I have an older home and are looking to hire someone to give us ideas of what we might be able to do with it and give a budget and go- we are in the okangan and would be great if you would love to take on our project? If not, if you can recommend someone who is similar to your style.

  46. Hi Jillian!
    Your process is looking good so far!
    We are about to start with a home renovation. I think your tips can be very helpful! I have struggled with the decision about our roof color. Yours looks really nice, maybe I should choose some light grey as well!
    Good luck with the rest of the project!

  47. Loved reading your blog! I wanted to give you a bit of my experience with a white house. Our house is white, and front faces west… That means the back is facing east. We found that being in the back meant being blinded by the house, at least until about 4pm. We added a deck on the back of our house and would’ve loved to have at least a pergola type structure with Roman type folding cover above when desired. Our budget only allowed for some nice patio umbrellas, that were moved and adjusted at different times of the day if we were using the deck. We also painted the walkout basement bricklook portion of the back a stone color, a nod to the gray stone accents on the front of the home… The grey helped to decrease the bright reflectance of the house. If the front of our house had faced East, I don’t think we would have had the problem, as we don’t ‘hang out’ in the front as much as the back. But we liked this house because the back was shaded in evenings… When we planned to use the deck the most.
    But I sure do use it alot during the day – as it is a great place to hang out and watch the kids on the playset and visit with Mom friends during playdates. ? With umbrellas?

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