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Spring is ALL about that spring cleaning, the home, our closets, the garage … especially this year considering we are in the process of moving!!! Eeeepp!! Even though I’m beyond excited to move into our new home, the to-do list is mildly overwhelming right now (and that’s an understatement!!) … lol!! We all know that when you feel stress in your body that it starts to show externally (ugh!!). Lately I noticed that my skin was breaking out easier and my eyes were looking tired … not to mention my darn skin is extra dry thanks to this LONG ass winter we had! So when Avalon Organics reached out to me to give their products a try I thought to myself that the timing really couldn’t have been better!

While I definitely have my trusty old faves when it comes to skin care, I’m always eager to try new products to see how they treat my skin. So, I started reading up on Avalon Organics right away and a few things about them that stood out to me. First off, their products are vegan and cruelty-free (that’s a “hell yes” in my eyes), and they’re certified organic (sometimes you NEVER know if a company really is certified to an organic standard so that that’s a “double hell yes”!!), plus there are no GMO’s or parabens and they don’t use any synthetic colours or fragrances! That was my green light to go ahead and say yes to trying this stuff out!

Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics

So what’s the FIRST thing I do when trying out a new product? (which I’m sure most of you can relate to!) … I SNIFF it!! I popped that lid off so fast and gave it a big ‘ol sniff!! And the verdict? They certainly do not use fragrances, these products have a super faint citrus smell, sort of like an orange peel smell! I’m by no means sensitive to smells so I almost wish there was MORE of a citrus hit but it’s great for those of you who are sensitive to fragrances … and you know what? The more I used it the more I liked the subtle orange scent.

The open jar you see in the photo below is the Renewal Cream (by the way, this is the Intense Defense line for those of you who are wondering!!), this cream is to be used at night to help with your collagen and elastin production. This cream is THICK and a tiny little bit goes a LONNNGG way, it absorbed quite nicely into my skin and didn’t leave it feeling greasy. I should also mention here that this line is actually super affordable. For example, the renewal cream is under $25!


Ok, so next up, I was eager to put the eye cream to the test (obviously … buh bye dark circles … muahaha!!) … again, a tiny, tiny, bit goes a long way, so don’t pump more than once! The cream felt nice and soft around my eyes and I have to admit, my eyes actually did look more refreshed and I think I could get on board with that! No rest for the wicked, right?!

Being that I live in the sunny Okanagan and LOVE my time spent on the lake, I was intrigued by their facial serum, it’s job over time is to target sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles! Who wouldn’t like the sound of that? Considering I JUST started using this product I obviously can’t let you know what difference I’ve noticed so far but I can tell you that the serum felt nice on my skin! It has a much thinner consistency compared to the other two, it spreads around super easily and absorbs very quickly.

Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics-3Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics-2Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics-7Jillian Harris - Avalon Organics-6Jillian Harria - Avalon Organics-1

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All in all, I think this skin care line is great for those of you who would like to begin taking better care of your skin with organic certified products but don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars doing so! I also like the fact that it doesn’t contain any crap that is bad for you OR for the environment!!

There you have it loves, what did you think?? I hope you found this information useful!! I always love to hear others opinions before trying out something new so I’m happy I could put this to the test for you!


Ps. Make sure to stay tuned for more Avalon Organics products as I’ll be putting more of them to the test including body lotion, shower gel, and some hair products!!









Thank you Avalon Organics for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have been using the but C gel cleanser for a while and really like it. It’s gently but thorough! I wouldn’t mind trying the serum – you made it sound quite nice ?

  2. Girl! You need to try Beauty From Bees!!! It’s handmade in Alberta! A line for you and a line for your little man!
    Take Care of Your Hive!
    Michelle ❤️

  3. I was excited to read this as I haven’t tried their skin care products yet – however I do enjoy their shampoo! Can’t wait to read the upcoming posts on Avalon Organics. 🙂

    1. I love Avalon skin products and have bought them at my Kroger in the Natural organic skincare section and I’ve also purchased the products at Sprouts.

  4. Juicing is becoming popular right now to those who wanted to be healthy. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that could help maintain your youthful looking skin. Experimenting through juicing is also helpful to provide different benefits for our skin to have a glowing experience that you’ve never had before.

  5. Keeping my skin healthy is a big priority for me. My wife makes fun of me sometimes, but I think it’s important! I didn’t know that I should be moisturizing twice a day, so thanks for the tip.

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