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5 Ways to Reuse Your Candle Vessels

Good morning loves!! Today on the blog I’m so excited to have Erin Sousa, Founder and Creative Director of Sparkle Media back with another awesome DIY post for you. This time it’s ALL about reusing one item that you may or may not have been gifted for Valentine’s Day, or you more than likely have in your home (or MULTIPLE of them!), so I won’t waste any more time, TAKE IT AWAY ERIN!!

Hey everyone! Erin here!! Part of the fun of a new candle is the little piece of décor it brings into your space! The candle itself is lovely, but sometimes, buying it just for the vessel is where my head is at, let’s be honest. I cannot bear to throw out my pretty vessels and jars, so I always reuse them, and I thought it would be fun to inspire you to do the same with a few new ideas – I’d love to hear what you use yours for after that final burn in the comments!

Oh, but wait! We need crystal clear candle jars to start with! To get them ready to reuse, you’ll want to get ‘em squeaky clean. Burn your candles down to their end, and then fill them with boiling water, allowing the wax to rise to the top and harden. You may need to do this a few times, and then if needed, use a butter knife to scrape out the water warmed wax. Once the wax is out, wash with hot soapy water, and you’re good to go!


1. Cocktail Time: Years ago, I attended a party, and the host was serving the house cocktail out of his Diptyque candle jars – obsessed! I was so inspired by this idea that I had to do it myself. I now collect my old vessels and keep them as party glasses, how fun!


2. Flower Vase: Candle jars are the perfect size for a little bundle of posies. Three blooming roses cut down to size are ideal. I like to keep them on my bedside, in the washroom, or on my vanity with my perfumes! Kind of an Instagram moment waiting to happen, aren’t they?


3. Bar Cart Essential: I’m always looking for little pockets for my décor accessories and this Vancouver Candle Co. vessel makes the perfect home for my fun paper straws. These gold ones are much too pretty to be shoved into a drawer, so displaying them on your bar cart or shelf is the way to go!


4. Plants: This one might be my absolute fave way to use my candle jars, especially for spring! A simple little plant, like this yet-to- bloom hyacinth is just perfect – a paper white would also be so sweet, too! I simply throw it into the jar without packing the soil too tight so water can evaporate easily; once the plant grows out of space, transfer it to a bigger pot and start fresh!


5. Makeup Brushes: I love how this simple little trick elevates a vanity area – throwing brushes, mascara tubes, and just about anything else into the candle vessel is basically the cutest thing ever. You could use them to hold cotton swabs or cotton balls, too!

There you have it! Until next time!



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  1. Great tips! Love the idea for planting spring bulbs.

    I actually throw my old candle containers into the freezer to get the wax out. Once the wax freezes it becomes brittle and I crack and pry out the bigger chunks of wax with a butter knife or a spoon, then wash the container with hot soapy water.

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