5 Ways to Make Your Girl’s Easter Brunch Memorable

Easter isn’t just for the kids, it’s also a great time to reconnect with family and old friends and a great excuse to host a brunch for your favourite group of girls! There’s no denying that I love to entertain and I love making my friends and family feel special and I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve as to how I go about doing that along with a couple of ways to make your Easter brunch a memorable one! Here’s how!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

1. Handmade Name Cards

Think about it for a second, no matter what the brunch looks like, if you sit down at a set table and you have a name card at your seat, you’re going to feel special. There’s something about someone handwriting your name that instantly makes you feel like a VIP … and the best part is, they don’t have to be professionally made. In fact, you could even have one of your kids print everyone’s name on cardstock and it would be adorable and so special!!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

2. Make a Special “Treat” for the Table

It’s always nice to have something unique and special for the occasion, sometimes it’s fun to have a personalized cocktail or a creative dessert, but this time around we went for a “Vegan Strawberry Butter” to top our waffles … it’s something most people have never tried and not only is it delicious but it also adds a fun element to the spread! Ps. I know some of you are going to ask for this recipe so I’m already planning on sharing it with you soon in a separate blog post!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

3. Simple Tablescape

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to creating your brunch tablescape. In fact, you can make it look so adorable with a few easy tricks! If you have a cute basket (like this white picket fence basket!!) fill it with your napkins and cutlery! Set your fun napkins for the brunch, preferably ones with a pop of colour, like these pink and yellow fringe napkins (you can have them monogrammed to feel extra special!) from Mark & Graham. Add layers to your table by using dishware, cake stands and bowls that are different heights and sizes. Fresh flowers in bud vases and/or milk containers are always a win! Ps. How cute is the dipped ceramic pitcher below?? You can use this for your mimosa juice, or as a vase!!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

4. Pop the Bubbly

What would a girl’s Easter brunch be without a little champagne?? Mimosa’s are a fun way to up your brunch game, but instead of going with the typical orange juice, switch it up and go for pink grapefruit juice! It’s all about presentation too, if you have a nice bucket or a wine bowl, fill it with ice and place a few bottles of champagne in there to chill for your lovely ladies! How amazing is this Celebration Wine Bowl by the way?? It’s from Mark & Graham and it comes in white, copper, and silver and you can have it monogrammed with your initials!! This would actually make the PERFECT wedding gift, you can have it initialed with the bride and grooms initials AND it comes delivered pre-wrapped in gorgeous white paper and a navy blue ribbon … hello, gifting hack!!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

5. Monogrammed Gifts

If you’re REALLY wanting to spoil your guests, gift them a monogrammed keepsake to take home with them! I personally love these pink stemless wine glasses, they’re made from Tritan which means they’re difficult to break (which is great when you’re feeling a bit tipsy yourself! LOL!), so they’ll last a long time! I’m really looking forward to using mine poolside this year!! Or, these adorable Mint Julep cups!

5 Ways to Make Your Girls Easter Brunch Memorable

There you have it, the only thing left for you to decide on now is your brunch spread but it can be as simple as waffles, croissants, cupcakes and cookies! It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to host the cutest and MOST memorable girls Easter brunch yet!









Thank you Mark & Graham for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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