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Happy 30th Birthday Justin!

Dear Justin,

By now, you are on a plane, bound for NYC for HOPEFULLY a weekend of a lifetime. It’s your 30th birthday today. I’ve been waiting for you to turn 30 since the day I found out you were only 24! Hahaha!! And nowI’mm 2 years away from being 40! WTH! LOL!! But holy how much you’ve experienced in your first 30 years.

From before I even met you, the amount you have achieved. From friendships, travel, sports, professional snowboarding,  goals and dreams. And how much has happened in the short 6 years we’ve been together is mind-blowing … from starting your own business, getting engaged, renovating our home, becoming a dog dad, a human dad (the best one in the world, too!) building our own house together, landing our own hit TV show about our life and most recently a spot on Love It Or List, building your own personal brand, succeeding in your career with Innocept as a Developer Representative / Project Manager ….  and becoming the BEST partner a girl could ask for. You’ve achieved a lot in your first 30 years, babe.

Your support for me and my career, and your love for me as a mom and as a woman blows my mind. I often look at you and think HOW LUCKY am I to have this stud of a man to live this life with me.

I hope your birthday week has been everything you’ve dreamed of, Leo, Nacho and I LOVE YOU MORE THAN you know and hope this is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!



Jillian Harris Happy 30th Birthday Justin Jillian Harris Happy 30th Birthday JustinJIllian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

From Leo


HAPPY birthday Dad.  I love you so much. I love bath time, when you chase me, when we go vroom vroom and when I can pick at your nipples when you’re sleeping.  I love to cheers you, make you laugh and I love when you read to me. I LOVE YOU DAD Happy birthday. DAD!

Jillian Harris Happy 30th Birthday JustinJillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each OtherJillian Harris The Best of 2017

From Nacho

Hi Dad. I am your first child don’t forget it. Even my farts smell bad and I dig up your grass. I am the first. I love you so much Dad, I love to snuggle you, wrestle with you, beg for treats, chase you on the lawn mower and kiss you in the morning. Happy Birthday Dad. xo 


Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday

From your Mom & Dad

30 Things we love about you, Our Son,

We loved you in the morning and in the afternoon, we loved you in the evening and underneath the moon!

And here’s why:

  1. You were always a smiling happy child
  2. You ran on your tippy toes before you could even walk
  3. Your “Hi Mom” each morning in your crib as you jumped up and down
  4. Your easy to please appetite including green olives and salami first thing in the morning
  5. Your smile and contagious laugh
  6. Your story-telling abilities
  7. Your appreciative nature for what others do for you and what you receive
  8. Your love and compassion for animals-you rescued a lot!
  9. The great job you (and Jill) have done bringing Nacho back to good health after being rescued from Mexico
  10. The love of the outdoors and camping desires
  11. Your organizational skills both in play and work
  12. The pride you take in your new home
  13. How approachable and likeable you are
  14. Your positive’ I can make it happen’ attitude
  15. Your long-standing friendships
  16. Your love of sports and your natural athletic ability especially in rugby and snowboarding
  17. Your excellent driving skills
  18. Your love of Country music, the Stampede, and Calgary
  19. Your transition plan from snowboarding to starting your own business – “Scrub Captain”
  20. How accommodating and supportive you are with everyone
  21. You are resilient, reliable and dependable
  22. Your gentlemanly manner and hosting abilities
  23. Your strong moral fiber and you give people the benefit of the doubt and presume goodwill
  24. The charity work and volunteering you have done to help others
  25. The confidence you exhume when meeting people
  26. The security and protection you provide your little family
  27. Your True Love for Jill, the way you look at her, tease her, your affection for her and how supportive you are of her hopes, wishes, and dreams
  28. Your love for Leo our little lion-whose roar has brought much joy and excitement to your life – (and that you taught him how to say “ thank-you” in Japanese)
  29. How your brother is your best friend, the unconditional love you have for your family and how proud you are to wear the family ring
  30. The importance of family time and that family ‘ALWAYS’ comes first!

Happy Birthday Justin

We’ll love you forever, we’ll like you for always, as long as we are living, our son you will be.

– Love Mom and Dad

From Nonie

Ciao my 1st grandson.  Lots of love & many wishes on your special day for the very best life can bring you.  Miss you always HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

– Nonie

JIllian Harris Happy Birthday JustinJillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday

From Matt Pasutto

Happy Birthday, J-Dog!!

I can’t believe we are adults! So stoked to have been your partner in crime for the last 30 (28) years and I’m so stoked to be there riding shotgun next to you for the next 30 years.

Love you so much, man. I am so grateful to you for always being there for me. You have always had my back no matter what, and even though we argue sometimes, we always end up back on the same team. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing how you are as a dad and where you have ended up. I have always looked up to you, and I think I do now more than ever. Seeing the family you have created with Jill and the zone you guys have created for your family is so amazing! You are such an amazing dad and you have truly found the perfect gal for you.

Also, your lawn is unreal. Nice Work Bro!

Happy Birthday, Bro!

Love you man,

– Love your little bro, Matt

Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

From Peggy & Glen

I remember vividly the first time I met Justin – it was at a family picnic out at Bear ? Creek campground. Later in the afternoon, we decided to take some family photos. Among the group were very close friends of ours, Sue & Jay Nayyar – Sue is very outspoken & motioned for Justin to get into the family photo – AWKWARD !! both for Justin & Jillian since that was after only one date!!! Well ……guess what !! Now Justin is in all the family photos – lol along with precious Leo & Jillian !! Happy Birthday, Justin !!!!

– Lots of love ? Peggy

From Big Jill’s Daddy-o-: A momentous occasion turning 30. I would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays. Continue making your life and my daughter’s life a happy one and bless you for our grandson. Keep up the good work.

– Glen

JIllian Harris Happy Birthday JustinJIllian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

From Tori, Charles, Charlie, & Max

Charles and I LOVED Justin from the moment we met him! He joined us at Charlie’s baby shower 6 years ago and beamed with confidence and kindness- a keeper from day 1. Fast forward 6 years and I couldn’t imagine not having him in our family. Charles and Justin are like best friends which makes me over-the-moon happy… so many great memories already and so many more to come! Justin, happy 30th bro, you’re such a solid human being and we are SO GRATEFUL you are in our lives, we love you!!!

– xo Tori, Charles, Charlie & Max

JIllian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

From Matt August

Yoooooo AL,

Tim here Happy Bday brother! Enjoy your trip to New York wish I could be there! 

1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
2. Insert “ picture “ of Tim And Al 

Thanks for all the adventures buddy it’s been memories we will never forget, sometimes well … actually I guess most of the time they don’t really turn out like we planned but then what story would we have to tell?? If I had to be stuck somewhere with someone it would be you, we have been training for it lol. I need someone to keep the tools organized and someone to make sure the gear is perfectly placed around camp lol. 

Pretty proud of you man I won’t tell any stories from the past but I will say you are now a kick-ass Dad and I admire you so much for that. Jill, Leo, and Nacho are lucky to have a Dad like you and I’m lucky to have a friend like you! 

Love you man, Happy Bday! 

Bad boys for life. 

– Matt August

Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin BirthdayJillian Harris Happy Birthday JustinJillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

From the Innocept Team

Happy Birthday Justin, Thanks for being such a great guy to work with!  All the best to you for an amazing birthday, From all your friends at the Innocept Calgary Office

– Matthew, Heather, Maureen & Nora

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Justin. You are a special guy and I it is great fun working with you and experiencing your love for the development business.  Have a wonderful Birthday. 

– Bob Guy

Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Birthday

From Warwick Andrews

Happy 30th Birthday JP! I am so proud of you, and the man that you have become. When I picture you in my head I still think of the high school version of you, doing hilarious things like ripping RC cars around Walmart … some of the wildest times I’ve had were with you as my copilot egging me on to drift my car. Like the time we completed a 360 on Bow Trail, or that time we ripped my front bumper off on the narrow Edworthy Park road, and of course that time we launched pizza across the entire interior hahaha. Now you’re a full blown family man with real responsibilities, but I couldn’t be more happy to see that this role is fitting you just perfectly. I miss all those amazing old times, but I can’t wait for the new ones to come. Love you buddy! 

– Warwick Andrews

Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin Jillian Harris Happy Birthday Justin

Happy happy birthday BABE!!



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  1. This post brought tears! Justin you are so loved by all your family , friends AND FOLLOWERS!! Happy Birthday ?

  2. Justin, statistics say those that have the most birthdays live the longest! I wish you many, many more birthdays and a wonderful long life with Jill, Leo and Nacho! Have the best time EVER in NYC , and enjoy it to the max!

  3. Happy birthday to you Justin. I hope you enjoy turning 30. It’s honestly not that bad (considering I’m 35). It has been great to me. Welcome to the club. I hope y’all have an amazing time in New York. God bless y’all. And Jillian your amazing for doing this for your man.

  4. Yes, I echo Kristine’s words: you’re loved by everyone, including all your followers!

    Your parents’ message was awesome. I learned so many new reasons to admire you!

    Happy, happy b-day!

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