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What Leo and I Get up to on the Weekends

I’ve always LOVED my mornings with Leo but now, especially since I have gone back to work, I live for my weekend mornings with him! I can say that this whole “going back to work” process has been a lot easier than I had originally imagined it would be but I honestly miss our mornings together so much! When I’m filming during the week I miss out on our morning routines and it’s a countdown for the weekend!

Our routine has changed so many times over the last little while (even though we went through sleep training) as the older he gets his wants and desires are constantly changing so we’ve actually started putting him to bed later so he sleeps in a bit later and I’ve also been putting him down for his nap around 12-12:30 and he usually sleeps for about a couple of hours! Anyway,  here’s a little glimpse into what our weekends look like!

Jillian Harris What Leo and I Get Up To On The Weekend

Time to Get Up

These days, Leo is sleeping in until about 7-730 (WHOOOO!!!) … (to bed around 7-7:30)! Originally when he used to wake up, I would bring him to bed and we would have a little cuddle, but now things are a bit different … I sleep in until I hear his little voice, then Nacho and I go get him! As soon as Nacho and I walk win Leo is so excited to see Nacho and he immediately grabs his stuffed rabbit and shoves it between the bars of his crib for Nacho to grab and play with right away … it’s the cutest thing EVER!

But First, Food (and Coffee!)

Now that he is a bit older (and growing like a weed!), Leo tends to want to eat breakfast as soon as he wakes so we make our way into the kitchen and I get him a banana and some oatmeal and make myself a coffee to get the day started!

Read or Watch TV

After Leo is nice and full and depending on how he is feeling, we like to spend a little time reading a book and watching “Little Baby Bum” on Netflix (this is his absolute FAVOURITE and you can find it on YouTube as well!). Actually, remember that time when I was being totally judgemental over on my Instagram stories regarding kids and screen time?? Welp, my views on this have obviously changed and things are a little different at 5:45 in the morning!! I’ll be the first one to admit that it comes in handy from time to time! Sometimes Leo isn’t into reading or watching Little Baby Bum and prefers to sit at his table and chairs in the dining room and colour in the morning (we actually got this set from My 1st Years and the chairs and engraved with his name and Nacho’s name!) so if he’s into doing that then that means mama gets to watch the news!!

Jillian Harris What Leo and I Get Up To On The WeekendJillian Harris What Leo and I Get Up To On The WeekendJillian Harris What Leo and I Get Up To On The Weekend

Time to Brush our Teeth

Leo is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth so once we are done doing a little reading or watching his fave cartoon we make our way back to our bedroom to wake up Justin and Nacho and spend a few minutes giving our teeth a good brush! For those that might want to know, we use the Welda Children’s Tooth Gel!

Learn Words and Play Instruments

After we’ve brushed our teeth we like to cozy up, we were recently gifted these robes from My 1st Years and they’re going to be an adorable accessory to our mornings! Actually, when I first got pregnant I remember being so excited to wear matching clothes with my little one but when I found out I was having a boy I thought this would be more difficult to do but there are ways around that like these mama and me robes!! They are so freakin cute and you can get them personalized as well … listen up guys, this is a GREAT Mother’s Day gift idea!!!

Generally, we bring in a few of Leo’s books in bed with us and work on learning some new words, right now he can say ice, nana, auntie, mom, dad, google, cookie and a few other words! (yup, we have a Google Home … can you tell?? LOL!!) but he can’t say Nacho quite yet … we’re working on that one!! Leo is also infatuated with instruments, he has a piano that he loves to play (but we don’t normally bring that into bed … lol!) and he also has an adorable little wood guitar from My 1st Years that is so cute and portable and it actually sounds really nice too! He loves to strum away on that thing and it puts the biggest smile on his face when I start singing along!

Get Outside

We used to go on our little walks right after we would read and play instruments but I am officially SO SICK of winter that I refuse to go outside for a walk until spring officially arrives!! I cannot wait until the grass is green and the mornings are warm so I can sit out on the deck and drink my coffee, or sit by the pool or do a little gardening while Leo roams around the yard adventuring!

I know there are a lot of mamas out there reading this so I want to know what YOUR weekend morning routines look like with your little ones!










Thank you My 1st Years for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my gosh my 16 months old daughter is also OBSESSED with brushing her teeth, and we use the Weleda as well……Wonder what they put in there to make them love it so much aha!! She has a fit when it’s time to put the toothbrush away!

  2. I love this topic! My little boy will be 2 in May and our morning routine is so similar. But we BAKE on Saturday mornings (after breakfast/cuddles and before our outside time at 10:30). I only read one book while pregnant — “Bringing Up Bebe” about French parenting. It talks about how most French children bake every weekend, starting at a very young age. I knew that was something I wanted to do. And I love that my little guy is finally getting to the age, where he really enjoys it!

  3. Love this post, Jillian! My son is the same age as Leo and they sound SO similar in their little personalities and likes/dislikes. I’m so glad you mentioned Little Baby Bum – we just checked it out on Netflix and my son was literally jumping up and down with excitement at every song, ha! Mom might go crazy but at least he’s happy!

    Best wishes to you guys 🙂

  4. So cute! Being back at work I agree weekend mornings are the BEST, our little Frankie is 22 months now and I love reading your posts about Leo as they are so close in age. Seeing the changes and adventures through another mom’s eyes have been great 🙂

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